Is Vaati an EVIL Sheikah Member in The Minish Cap? (Zelda Theory)

A day that was supposed to be filled with
joy and bliss to the people of Hyrule. A day of celebration in honour of the Picori,
a day that you just couldn’t script. The day of the long running Picori Festival
was a rather eventful one this time round. The winner of an annual sword competition
would have the honor of touching the sacred Picori Blade. A relic left by the near legend of a race
known as the Minish or Piconri the Hylians. Long story short, the winner of the competition
was an evil sorcerer known as Vaati and he got a little bit too handsy with the sword. Vaati shattered the Picori Blade hoping to
find the Light Force within the chest the blade is impaled within but this ended up
resulting in the Bound Chest bursting open and releasing unheard of evils into the kingdom. Then Vaati turned princess Zelda to stone
and vanished. Now for a Legend of Zelda game this isn’t
too out of the ordinary but there is one stand out thing about the opening on The Minish
Cap, Vaati. He may seem like your average Zelda antagonist
at first but he by far has one of the ut most interesting and also mysterious backstories. We know he wasn’t always stained with evil
as he used to be the apprentice of our companion in the game, Ezlo. This means that at one stage of his life,
he was but a mere Picori, but unfortunately over time Vaati became interested in evil. That interest turned into a love for evil
and then developed into a passion and lifestyle for evil and wanting power. He then went on to steal a gift Ezlo made
for Hylains and used it to turn Ezlo into a magical cap and with that, Vaati fled off
to Hyrule to seek out the Picori Blade and the Light Force, as that acquiring the relic
of a blade and powers of the Light Force would fill his hunger for power and evil. That’s the backstory and information on
Vaati that we are told but this bandit looking sorcerer hides one huge secret. His connection to the Sheikah and today we
are going to explore into and theorise on the possibility of the scourer and wind mage
Vaati being connected to the Sheikah. To begin this theory, let’s take a long
hard look at Vaati himself. The man has so many traits that only the shadow
folk, the sheikah would have been known to posse. He has the ability to teleport and vanish
whenever he likes, he wears the two main colours that represent the sheikah, red and purple. He is an expert in the craft of magic just
like the sheikah, his final boss forms highly resizable the sheikah eye and one of the most
notable details about him, his eyes and facial features create a simplistic sheikah eye logo
and his eyes are red. A body feature of non other than the sheikah. It’s clear that he must have some sort of
connection the mysterious shadow folk. It’s very unlikely that the developers just
thought sheikah designs would look cool on the main antagonist of the game. Granted the developers of The Minish Cap were
capcom it’s still very unlikely, as Nintendo were supervising them making the game so the
chances of Nintendo allowing that to pass as just a design choice isn’t too likely. So why did this design pass and just what
is Vaati’s connection the sheikah? Well firstly, the fact that Vaati has red
eyes must mean there is some form of sheikah in his blood. This can only tie back to his parents. [Darker the screen and use light bulb out
sound effect] Two individuals we don’t know anything about but we can safely assume someone
in his bloodline had or has some sheikah in them. Unless this is some sort of impossible coincidence
but we will go with the first suggestion. So say one of his parents were of sheikah
blood, how is that possible? We know the sheikah were relatively new to
the kingdom of hyrule around this time as in Skyward Sword, the chronically first game
in the timeline we see the early shadow folk. Impa being our best example and it’s very
much possible that within those early years of the Kingdom of Hyrule the sheikah ventured
the lands and expanded their tribe, [If you know what I’m saying] Yeah. If you ask me, it’s the only way these circumstances
would have occurred but whilst we can’t guarantee it we’ll roll with it for now. So say this is the case, does it have some
sort of tie into his evil desires? Well I believe. For one, the Picori are a peaceful race, they
are practically the embodiment of good. For one only well behaved children actually
have the ability to see them, any child who isn’t pure if you will, does not have the
ability to see the Picori. The Picori are also responsible for the rupees
and hearts we find within the grass across almost all the games within the Zelda series. They also make kinestones, a way of bringing
people together almost. The point is they are the goody two shoes
of Hyrule but clearly there has been some sort of breech into their immaculate way of
life. We know Vaati became interested in evil and
that interest must have come from some sort of external source with the potential source
being his connection to the sheikah but even that doesn’t make much sense as the sheikah
people are generally considered to be good people, especially since they are associated
with the Royal Family. So where on earth has this influence came
from? The Minish Cap comes directly after Skyward
Sword so there isn’t a game in between the two to draw a source from, could this one
also be a mystery? It would certainly seem so but surely there
has to be a season for this one in million situation to occur. Evil within the good. Well, although this is a Minish Cap theory
there is something within the other games Vaati appears that could hint towards the
source of his evil wants. Vaati can also be found with Four Swords and
Four Swords Adventures, two other Zelda games made by capcom but within one of them Vaati
is referred to as the Immortal Demon. What? That sounds awfully familiar to the Immortal
Demon himself, Demise. So there you have it have it, Vaati is Demise,
case closed. [Light bulb flicker]
No, no. That wouldn’t make sense and neither does
his title of the immortal Demon either as THE Immortal Demon demise cursed the lands
of Hyrule resulting in evil to be born into the land. Wait, could that evil have been Vaati? An attempt to corrupt the world from the inside? It’s possible but let’s say that is the
case, how does the sheikah tie into this? I mean Vaati is clearly in some way part Sheikah. If we compare him to any other Minish within
the game he is a total opposite. Red eyes and darker skin. A dark purple cloak. It just doesn’t add up and I gotta tell
you, this mystery has kept me up at night a few times not just in the production of
this video but also when I last played the game and first noticed these details. If we look at the Sheikah and Minish races
you’ll find that they serve similar purposes. The Sheikah were originally servants to the
goddess hylia prior to the sealing of demise. The Minish are helpers of the lands, there
to bring joy and happiness to everyone and are also the ones who leave rupees and hearts
within the grass. They both serve good purposes but another
they both share is that they are both leaps and bounds ahead of the Hylians when it comes
to how advanced they as their own respective civilizations. We have seen time and time again that the
Sheikah are miles ahead of the Hylains but yet are practically servants to them. The Minish, they are advanced too compared
to the Hylians. Magic learners, rupee placers, hell they even
came from the Minish Realm to save the Hylians when monsters came to the land. The point is both races are highly advanced
and ahead of the Hylians but yet act as the servants if you will. Now the theory I am proposing here is that
Vaati was one of the first ever defectors to the land. We know a pure Minish would never defect and
turn on the Minish and Hylians but we do know the Sheikah can, and have. At this point in the series we hadn’t seen
it but in Breath of The Wild we are shown that the sheikah do indeed have the willpower
to defect, this is shown with the Yiga Clan. Long story short the Sheikah clan became too
advanced for the Royal Family’s liken and forced them to stop their work and live normal
lives as they saw it as a threat, most of them respected the decision and cast off the
sheikah technology development and went off to Kakariko Village and other settlements
to live their life as the average Hylian would but some, now known as the Yiga Clan defected
and turned on the Royal Family. This means the Sheikah do indeed have the
willpower to turn and given the Minish are practically miniature gods of the Kingdom,
they don’t have it in them to turn on the Hylians, all but one. One who isn’t 100% Minish. The part sheikah, part Minish… Vaati. He had the willpower to even become interested
in evil, he had the willpower to go through with his passion for evil. With his Sheikah roots, does that mean it’s
possible he just happened to find it inside him to make a place in his heart for evil
since it was possible? Could the Sheikah have an unknown evil side
to them? Could I be an idiot looking too much into
this, yes. Yes I definitely could BUT, where would be
the fun in that. I suppose this “theory” has turned into
a bit of a conspiracy theory if you will. This could all be down to his inpurity. The fact that he isn’t 100% Minish could
have resulted in him having the feelings inside that he was just an underappreciated servant
of sorts and that the Hylians were exploited his magical abilities and talents for the
good of their land, similar to how some of the Sheikah in Breath of The Wild took being
exiled and formed a rebeline known as the Yiga Clan. We know the sheikah liked their space and
privacy, hence the nickname “The Shadow Folk” and perhaps Vaati got some of that
within him. The Minish Cap was released back in 2005 and
back then not as much info was given out in the same vein as Creating a Champion for Breath
of The Wild giving us all of the ins and outs for the game. So with all of this, can we answer the question? You know, the title of the video. Is Vaati an Evil Sheikah Member in The Minish
Cap? I’m going to have to say yes, the signs
are all there. His final boss forms include large eyes a
kin to the sheikah eye symbol, he has dark tanned skin, red eyes, clothes of a shadow
compared to his Minish Family, exells in Magic and can teleport at will. It’s obvious to me now, Vaati is indeed
100% part Sheikah and an evil one at that. And given his nickname “The immortal demon”
could he be the works of Demise? I’ll let you guys have your own say on that. but be sure to keep in mind that this is only
a theory. Be sure to let me know what you think about
this in the comments down below. Thank you so much for checking out the video,
I really hope you enjoyed it as I have been trying to bring a wider variety of Zelda games
to the channel over the past few weeks and I just had to cover one of my all time favorites,
The Minish Cap. I also want to take the opportunity to say
a huge thank you to all of you. At the time of recording this video we recently
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32 thoughts on “Is Vaati an EVIL Sheikah Member in The Minish Cap? (Zelda Theory)

  1. If tiny little people like that really existed and lived hidden in my apartment and left little bits of happiness for me to occasionally find…I'd totally leave a plate of food out for them every night! They're so freaking cute!

  2. Although I don't believe he is a sheikah, as it is easily debunked by in-game dialogue that he is a Minish, the similarities to the sheikah are definitely there. It makes you wonder how they sheikah really came to be, as they are, at the end of the day, Humans like the Hylians and Gerudo.

    Messing with shadow magic could turn your eyes red and hair white for all we know, explaining that similarity between Vaati and the Sheikah.

    This is the same as arguing Veran from Oracle of ages is a Twili, as she looks similar to one. She clearly isnt but the similarities are there.

    Its a fun theory to think about though! Great video as always!

  3. I think it's more likely that:

    -Demise cursed the land and his curse seeks out individuals with the capacity of evil and emboldens them.
    -Vaati being a already different enough Minish than usual felt outcasted and turned towards evil.
    -using the wishing cap Vaati wished to be given the form of a Sheikah and the abilities of the Sheikah along with other more potent and enhanced magical abilities.

  4. They never said where ezlo and vaaty are from maybe they come from a town full of minish with those eyes and skin , maybe they come from a town where the sheikah are located or maybe is something we are not thinking about , who knows 😀 good theory !

  5. no. just no. Vaati can teleport due to being a sorcerer (ganon can do it too). and the sheikah do not have the only claim to eye symbols (see alttp, aghanim has it too). Red eyes are not a indicator of shiekah heritage either anymore, it just happens to be a common trait among them (see BOTW), and its not limited to them either (see Kafei in MM). and just because most minish are "goodie two shoes" does not mean there can't be bad apples, you are making generalizations. also, titles can apply to many things. Ganon is called a dark lord, but also a demon, but also…. you get my drift. and how Vaati dresses before he puts on the hat and becomes a sorcerer IS similar to how the minish dress, just in darker colours. the shiekah are only advanced further down the timeline. and I would really dispute the claim that the minnish are advanced technologically. magically, perhaps, but not technologically. and again, no, we dont know a "pure" minish would not defect. The shiekah have defected, and they were servants of the royal family and hylia, which can maybe be taken as indicative that other "good" races can do so too, rather than what you say it indicates. you say the minnish are miniture gods and do not have it in them to turn, but thats mere speculation and arguing from silence.

    vaatie is clearly part shiekah? its not up for debate? sorry bro, you have not provided nearly enough evidence to even begin to make that claim.

    sorry bro but I do think your wrong on this one. there is just too much evidence against, and not enough evidence for.

  6. Vaati is called ‚Immortal Demon‘
    Demise is called ‚Immortal Demon‘

    So here you have it. Vaati is Demise. Case closed

  7. Great video. Vaati is definitely Sheikah. Also, could you do a ‘why you should play Minish Cap’ video in the future perhaps?

  8. How could sheika be in his blood, a sheika would have to have sex with a minish, how would that work the minish would have to grow, or the sheika would have to gain the ability to shrink, and both seem quite unlikely

  9. I'm skeptical but I always felt that it was weird that he had all this magic… I originally thought that he kinda got the power from the cap and if he took it off he'd lose his power… perhaps it works like a wish thing for each person's personal use…

  10. your voice sounds more lively and expressive than usual in this video, sounds better! but fire your editor, you repeat the same sentence twice, a couple of times lol

  11. Vaati, a Sheikah ?

    Teleportation : this is nothing out of the ordinary, wizzrobes, Zant, Ghirahim, sages ext … they all possess a magic that teleports them.

    Colours : Purple and Red ? It is also the colors of Darkness. Many Dark enemies are of this color, when a monster dies, it explodes in a purple blast, Darkness as he is a Dark Sorcerer.
    Red is also a color of Demons, the Death Sword in TP, the Gem on the Trident or on Demise's Sword/Ghirahim, the Shadow demons, Zant's magic obtained from Ganon ext …

    Magic : like the Demons are too, just look at Ghirahim or Death Sword.
    But he's more akin to the wizzrobes… Darker and without the hood.

    Sheikah Eye : It is true that Vaati transfigured's eye kinda ressemble one.

    Red Eyes : not especially, again, Dark creatures are sometimes red eyed.
    But also the Gerudo in FSA, some Ritos ext …
    It rather came from his albinism.

    Sheikah-Minish union ? We never saw a female minish ahah and while humans are able to be reduced to the size of a minish and minishes to the size of a human through the magic portals, I ignore how minish reproduce but it's probably different from humans.
    It seems as unlikely as a Goron-Zora hybrid.

    4:25 They first came in contact with the Wind Tribe which ruins seem much older than Skyward Sword. So, probably millennia.

    His title is 魔神 "Majin" Demon God, while Demise's title is 魔王 "Maô" Demon King, the exact term beared by both Ganon and Malladus.
    Not the same !

    7:24 Better not claim this tho, it's always debatable.

    Sheikah are the servants of the Goddess, they served the Hylian as her chosen people and the Royal Family as her blood.
    When the Yigas defected, they turned their back to Hylia, feeling betrayed.

    The Minish don't serve anyone, they feel the joy of making humans happy, they are not obligated to do so.
    The Minish of the city moved here because they enjoyed helping humans, humans as not only the hylians but also the wind tribe which they first made contact with.

    If the minish are akin to the fairies, then they can, Veran true form is one of a dark great fairy, the most benevolent beings out of there.
    Veran is the proof that anything can turn into a demon if its heart is too dark and filled with evil.

    I'm gona say … Nah

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