Is There Political Idiocy In The Black Community? (Jshine Randoms)

what's going on everybody welcome back to the ocean vlog cat Channel I am your host O'Shea did Jackson bring you greetings here from London man I don't have my regular clipping out today and we will still be alright today we have my brother Jay shine man but one thing you don't show you is a currently moved to Europe you guys really know him in the meadow Street community and today we're going to be talking about the political idiotic or you know our stupidity of the Negro and I have my man Jay shyam and he's gonna come on he's definitely gonna bring it today we will talk a little bit I'm thinking about the Harriet Tubman situation we're also gonna talk about his move to Germany how has worked out for him some of the things that he can compare and contrast to the country that his firm with his United States what's going on J shine what's going on brother man I can't call her but I think you're coming on to the show shit thanks for having me man all right it's always good to be here for some people who might not know you man just uh you know how did you start you know coming over to the manosphere coming over to black you too how did you get involved in some of the COTS mo here well I've been around for a while now I've been around since like shit I started fuckin with this BlogTalkRadio YouTube stuff since like 2012 okay around four minutes so I've seen everybody kind of come up I was kind of there to see the last wave go out you know my eyes can see craters go out and the new ones come in you know mean so and actually was funny is like you know I was wrong am anger man I met him on city's channel but sitting first start his blog talk radio channel the first time he met that brother of Converse was on channel yummy so that's just tell you how long I've been around you know alright alright now also you're you're from you've been been in the mastoid community for a long time you know you busy guy you're currently in Germany how long you been living out in Europe oh I got out here you know right after Thanksgiving me my daughter run down here with me mother five years Simon so I came out here late November so I mean I had what eight months you know I'm saying so it's been about eight months it's been cool it's been real nice out here getting still getting settled in this is he he moved me for me cuz uh you know I was living in Virginia Northern Virginia working the DC I had a full life there you know I mean and I kind of just put the brakes on my whole life and moved over here cleared my house out you know and move a lot of things around bases move my whole life over here and uh but I've still got the house every gym just rent it out right now but um oh stop and I have my eight months man and just you know again she's getting soda alright alright now let me let me see JR out here London can you conjure for our broke car broke me and got it brother I'm trying to get you to do a show you've been kind of busy since you've been out there and you know just the times on everything what was the reason that you wanted to do this particular show Bo the political idiocy of black people what what brought you to that particular topic because when you look at the macro in the micro you know like if he's looking at what's going on on YouTube how brothers are dealing with each other and then you met what's going on in a political situation right now there's a last kiss a lot I don't know they you know getting it to some fuckery there's there's a pleasure president election going on right now it's a primary going on right now you know I mean so everybody's vying to be the next nominee to go against Trump so that's spinning up and that's caused a lot of confusion and a lot of questions a lot of situations that no that's that's risen you know with black people were mainly being you know reparations and you know social justice and some other things and I'm just looking at how black people were reacting to the moment and it's completely idiotic completely the I you know I mean um we actually in a position right now where we can flex our muscles like the Democratic Party can't do shit without us they can't win the election without us so that means you're in a position to flex your muscles you can you can demand certain things from the Democratic Party more than ever right now but we're not doing that we've fallen in line with the Democratic you know platform which is immigration and LGBTQ and you know a social program that's gonna help everybody else then break even stop right there for a second anybody who's down with the lift program and social programs for all I'm talking for black people you're fuckin idiot all right all that's gonna do is freeze you where you are if there's white people who need you know college debt pay that's cool and it's gonna help you know black people who got college there too but we're not the main one college debt you understand they are so it's gonna help release them into the workforce it's gonna help release them into the financial markets it's not gonna help you at all it's gonna freeze you right where you are the people on top of you I want to stay on top so I leave that I just want to put a pin in that real quick but all of these different platforms and issues arising and they riding on these different you know issues and will at the bottom meanwhile we're the ones you can't win without now you tell me what group operates that way um Julio Castro just put out a bill out in Texas and put a bill towards the floor you know and that bill cooke talks about Hispanics it's for Hispanics only all right Wow and no one backs and no one backs or not but when we say black only you know didn't say all you being divisive oh you being racist we hearing hear that right now with me in racist cuz me we're trying to look out for our group but people who are not even haven't been in the country two minutes a vying for their own you know advantages you know and we're not now we've been in the country until my american BOS and this is a very serious topic a lot of people have been frightened about this and i understand it because we built the country the country was built on your back you suffered through the country all right you suffered right now um it's gonna be all of these African and nine American actresses getting jobs in America I know you say you're gonna touch on this later but I'm gonna touch you know real quick you gonna be getting jobs in Hollywood right when they get Awards they don't get Ward's at the Emmy you know ceremony but who does not who just complained again recently about Emmys being so white black people you're not saying didn't traditional black people in the country so they're gonna benefit from any doors that we knock down we've been doing this for 100 years now and to be in America to be non-white in America is because of like the American do s so the fact that we get so much disrespect it makes sense on one level and it but it's also Furion or on another level it makes sense that in this in this way to be American is to be anti black be anti American deal West that is what it means to be American okay if you came over immigrant you came over here to hey dice if you came over here is the way to town you know wait English Irish she came over to hate our assets he came over here you know in recent time as an Arab or indian or asian you came over to hate our asses everybody put their businesses and in our communities made money off of us and then they bounced and that's just been the fucking story since the inception of the country you know I mean and it Nick stop and it's time for black people to stop being idiots and suckers and letting Dubai to walk over us why do you think that black you will continue to allow that to happen programming programming individual disunity self hatred no fear niggas scared no I I look I'm a pan-african this as well I want to do business in in Africa alright I won't do business in Africa but I own first American GLS and the two are not mutually exclusive okay yeah I mean me me if we got a week reparative justice yet I mean in America that will help me be a better pan African this is not you know a separate issue but now I'm gonna piss people off and I don't want to get your trouble and Channel but I'm a goat in if you a pan-african is and you pushed and hence reparations are you pushing against a ad US agenda you are you are it straight up you a coward it is no way in the world I'm gonna turn my back on my grandmother and my grandmother's mother and the pain and their fucking life and suffering in this country in the country of America I'm not turning my back on that our blood is soaked in the soil of America that's our we're older debt in the discussion for you to turn your back on that means what coward it means usually don't want to do with this white man you want to live in Wakanda you went where a dashiki right around Bob a bad African Hispanic man ain't got a fucking dual pass pass to show forward nigga please you have an American password when you go to Africa you going in with American passport you pay American taxes you an American health care system you an America social security system the fuck you talking about so until you give me a government over there that's calling out parent after news I'm gonna do business with black people then you could shut foul ball shut the fuck up let me actually that mashaallah the suitcase in a minute but he also talked about because you are a pan-african brother you believe in the unity of all blacks across the world coming together there was a big issue it has been a big issue about this British lady Nigeria Cynthia a revolve her name is she's playing the part of Harriet Tubman a lot of people I've heard sweetness she to discuss it I've heard some other people who express it I think Antonia more on love you familiar with his work yeah tone talks I believe that someone told I didn't necessarily hear from his channel but I was told that he was telling that african-americans should not support the movie we shouldn't okay why do you why he said it because at this point there's a clear agenda I mean you know if you as a look there's 35 million African Americans in the country we have terrific black actors in the country this is getting outrageous this so let's just go over some things real quick all right so Harriet Tubman you have Scythian rivo a Brit African Brit do you have Deborah or your on day another African Brit in the same movie let's go to Selma you got David I'll yell you're playing em okay right and you got Carmen Jojo playing caretta caretta Scott look Craig Erskine was one of those real sisters that was part of the you know the sororities and she was kind of a light side I leave that right there 12 years a slave ship with you it Joe for you know he would play solemn in Tula Peter pay Patsy then you had another sister in there that parole a day playing ELISA and you had now you got a new movie coming out soon with David could you you're playing Fred Hampton then you got David cool yo-yo and get out the key Stanfield I think his people are from another country snowfall that show that comes on I'm putting this up in a second that comes on TV that's that's a African Brit named dancing Idris you know then you have the after the cast of Black Panther being what it is look look yeah it's true snowfall is an American story it's about how the crack trade start that's our story Fred Hampton is one of our soldiers right all right that was murdered that's one of us our story twelve years a slave it's our story Selma is our story alright and then you got this chick that over like American blacks will call us a car a car isn't shit playing you know her it took me this because we have no pride and they doing this in our face that is being done on purpose you can't tell me all this is an axe it's one thing if one actor got one big one job and one one one part and then we can you know sit back and say okay when 12 years a slave happened you know my man should wait you know before he'd been around for a while he's a real good actor I'm not gonna take nothing from that brother it'll just I was a real good actor but narrow we Sir John to that now our black brothers and our black sisters can't get jobs they can't even they can't even represent this story we can they can represent American do a story and a lot of these African immigrants come to our country feeling entitled they wrapping themselves and us putting on our gear dressing like a black people talking like us and then disrespect us in chat rooms disrespect the sinning homes don't respect this as a group of people don't respect our fuckin history mm-hmm it's disrespectful what's happening so you have a white liberal agenda in Hollywood doing this on purpose well we have black women being pushed aside and being replaced by African women people women who were not even in this country and like Yvette Cornell's he said something really important is that really important a few weeks a few weeks ago you said something really important when you talk means come over here these black Brits come over here this explain something really serious I have nothing against my black brothers in in Britain or anywhere around the world but to be clear about some with you're not American you're not British the way we American mmm-hmm you're not British the way we American like people we turn the tide in the Civil War we fought and we played an important part in the 1812 overture which I want to pouring things in American history and made America what it is yeah I mean we turned the tide in the Mexican Spanish Spanish American War the Mexican American War we had the Buffalo Soldiers and in groups like that you know we turned the tide in World War two with the Harlem hair cat hair cats you already know what what the deal of the airmen in all the lives are saving their fortresses you know I mean making laudanum the American army I mean American forces to penetrate deeper into Germany to buy the bomb now these are very significant things we had recently where we had two brother the oldest civil war war two veteran a brother who was on the beaches of Normandy you don't see us in the black and white film we're not represented cuz we've been washed in history but black people were paid an intricate part in every stage of American history and I'm not gonna get into the litany of inventors alright I'll get into the music the food the culture everything that is America is us so when you come over here and you shit on that you are disrespecting millions of black people came before me a lot of all on my own bloodline the women who raised me and I'm not gonna lie that shit that happened I'm not gonna stand for it and then I see a lot of black people being okay with it so just a buttonhook this about you know the idiots here here we had Barack Obama a Kenyan half Kenya half white man mmm got to play gotta rap got to wrap himself in African and african-american ISM will come out rapping her and sisterhood you know making her sister girl rapper her an african-american ISM mm-hmm all right then these people come from us so you've seen it happen in Hollywood happen in politics and at some point we gotta have to have some pride to say hold up enough is enough you got insecure and you got you know uh Joe I'm gonna sell how real name Joe Issa raid the up playing a black woman's life yes women go yeah and then you got the other Nigerian chick Yvonne well I want to fuck one day I like a truck with some flat e you know there's just you know does it for me you know it's uh no money but um you know she's playing these two sisters were playing your your life sisters they played your life they're cleaning you they raping themselves in african-american ISM talking like us acting like us meanwhile go back to the sister to play Harriet she's in chat rooms looking for daddy disrespecting is making us a joke yeah and I'm swaying and how we talk to Joe this is real shit niggas don't known about shit's like the majority the black woman that was in black panther or white boys except for Peter now she's with a brother but she's the big white boys right so every time we turn around we see what black women I'm gonna talk like him just one second yeah you want a boycott black panther because Michael Jordan is dating a white latina he's always had black girlfriends date one male Tina but now I'm going to fucking boycott but like laughter you fucking serious meanwhile you see the hypocrisy and you see the division is going on between us that's what I mean by disunity so why you you're coming at your brother and looking at your brother a certain way and shit on your brother certainly and trying to fucking dick police him they're replacing you in Hollywood they given all your stories they give it Harriet Tubman away they gave Coretta Scott King away and you said nothing but it's up the black man Here Come black men again we're beefing we don't like it oh you're just saying that cuz she's assistant no we try to protect us mm-hmm which I'll protect you from Anna Harris but you don't want to listen to us yeah I mean we got to do all the homework there's only the brothers I beginning in all the brothers in a vet Cornell one one sister Yuri one woman and a whole bunch of brothers Tong and you like look this woman is not for us she's not from us she's not about us she will lock you and me up in a heartbeat that's what she did as a prosecutor but no they don't wanna listen so this is what I mean by the idiocy you know the political idiocy of black people we're not politically smart right now you know you're not power when we supposed to we're not coming together like we supposed to like we need to but we absolutely need to you know and even in like in social media when it's like clicking a button yeah you got a do nothing you just got so you so fix out there fuck your mouse and click solidarity game you know so they will let us be washed away we being replaced Democrats are pushing an agenda of immigration they get on here we got our black leaders you know with Joe Lewis and these old niggas who ain't ain't about the old people in suffering and these niggas at the border crying and shit a chronic the board over some citizens right this is crazy let me ask you a question my child the superjet I'm just saying here's one that came Modibo he says what about all African Americans display at plays average you know I guess it was say like Eddie Murphy coming to America or you know you know African Americans have gotten British rolls before and British media you know it stuff like that so what about you know us playing in I think what a great Edie I mean okay all right so my question is simple is with Hollywood at America it's America you could do it the fuck you weren't doing Bollywood or Nollywood I don't care you can do what you want to do in Britain Hollywood crate one but every door that was knocked down in Hollywood was knocked down by a BOS arrest we could play what we want not Panther was an American comic book that's not a fuckin African one all right it was written by white plays in America and it was loved by black boys in America yeah they know nothing about Black Panther all right again when we took it over the 90s it was it was American black men who took over the writing for that script moving alright so the whole Marvel thing is a is a black day yeah is a Merritt thing it's not yours alright everything movie that came out every script that comes out of you know uh comes out of Hollywood is our shit we don't complain when Britain makes movies about you know some shit happened in Africa and they use British actively we don't complain about that shit cuz that's y'all shit that's just stuff American stuff is ours you don't get to come over here tell us what the fuck to do with our shit you did not earn these spots we knock down these doors mm-hmm it was our down it's even get out look at get out get out was the main person in that was not a non-us he was in Africa yeah well I'm sorry British black you raise black guy all right yeah Daniel clear did we not we still mean it we still support the movie didn't be going chatrooms and argue or white supremacist and shit like that didn't we ride yes so we bring up we bring up that yo we want not to be removed replaced or we bring up something like reparations where's your solidary where's your South where's your respect we recomm brace they'll just elbow I mean we didn't this step when he came on the scene and I found women showing he didn't know women love that nigga so where's where's the hate from us we're not hating at all so we give one role to force with it could we give one role to uh say uh Morgan Freeman to play Nelson Mandela what studio did he come out of that's all I want to know where we could movie made was it made with American dollars cuz until it's made with African dollars that they made in Africa studio I don't want to fucking hear it just made in the British studio you know me powered by British black dollars in and you know I don't want to fucking hear it we can mix in kind of story look when we make mermaid stories in in America Studios you know say none be that Star Wars over here who are the biggest Black Star Wars fans on the planet American blacks when he put in the movie so they put one nigga in the movie this the movie was nice and then when und when white people went crazy and got mad cuz of a fucking storm trooper was black we were the first ones defendant the brother mm-hmm I don't care what they feel you know me so I gave a long answer the short answer there fuck your families let me let me do this guys go ahead and like the video real quick let me uh we have 216 watching and then speaking of Penn Africanism guys right after this one I got King Garnett and then I got the show with the professional mentality and the rumble so guys make sure you like the video and after this with a little check out my kid on the content for you brothers you know I got a Miss Kirby coming up for you guys but what I want to say is it's because a lot of these what are listening you know I got some people from the continent you're not gonna my boy Marlon Mackie for me for Britain here and I feel that some of that man you know and so let me ask you this because how can you have the the feelings some people might want to know how can you feel the way you feel and still say that you are a person that is a pen after them look I mean I put like this I'll go in directly okay when when when Italian movies are made they use American Italians like from Jersey Brooklyn when they made Sopranos and all that they didn't get Irish people to play tying people because the tire there's no one respect it would be authentic they wouldn't like it when when they play Asia movies they go get authentic Asians to play those parts Hispanic movie so on so long now we're talking about historical shit all right it's like if snowfall is on its own right and they just gave it to dance until drous that'd be one thing but we see a clear pattern going on right now well we can't even play ourselves man you don't know our history like that any brick that got a problem what I'm saying you don't know our history like that and I know you don't respect because if you did you would say you know what I don't want to do that I'll tell you one person I respect sighs I beats is that when they were casting black panther cuz she's a half German half black girl she know that she was like skin and she knew that this shit was from the heart of Africa from a country that was you know cut off from the rest of the world so how can a mother than one of that damn ball hit it she could be like skating you know it makes sense she burned down the part because oh no what no on I understand colorism I understand the situation this is an African root movie so they need dark people in this you know she understood that she had enough you know cojones to say you know what I get what's going on in the world and I get the history I don't how that's not a part for me that needs to go toward our skin sister this up that's called being on cold so if you won't call me my brother from Britain they respect our history don't walk in my house and then sit in my fucking favorite chair you I mean respect our history respect the situation over here don't come in our house and be proud and you can take jobs from other black Americans see that's the kind of shit that we've been dealing with as black people in the country for since the end of slavery since they saw that other people in the country start with white immigrants white immigrants came here and they got the old video all the history of them sailing past the Liberty you know uh Statue of Liberty and shit like that like and it kind of made it there's now I mean it's Libya is now subotica with immigration of the waves of poor Europeans coming to the country that fucking statue belong to black Americans man black Americans who were freed the French gave it to America because they triumph over slavery it was a gift to us and if you go to the original statue it looks like a nigger bitch in the dress all right with chains all over they didn't want to go with that he wanted to whiten it up but that whole tribute was to us but it became somebody else's so what happens over time it doesn't become what it's really what a really imposed to be for it gets whitewashed if you will and what's happening right now into black Americans is we being brown wash and black washed would be a push stop the way we being moved aside meanwhile we've never been made whole so living is swallow our people living in some of the worst conditions in the world in America getting murdered by the police you know kind of shit like that you didn't go through that man you didn't grow up in Brooklyn and have a white police officer you know patrol your neighborhood put a gun in your face did that happen to you black Brit then you have white teachers in these fucking public schools telling you one gonna be shit and putting our boys and out in and ruling them uh you know crazy and putting them on ritalin all kind of bullshit that we went through in America did you go through that mm-hmm it's not a fuck you gonna get mad about what I'm saying man you can't come over here just represent us like this and this is white people putting you up to it didn't do this yep look I don't want to get to eat it because then I'm reading the argument with my British brothers I understand you want to I understand you want to come up I understand you want to get the bag like everybody else who comes to America you want to get the back but just keep this in mind when you come to America you stand on our shoulders the only way you get to be American but not just being an American star to be an American whether it's because of us period in a discussion you don't get your black athlete a black singer a black nothing without us going on we go through and going and still going through what we go through we under Girt you and when you come to our country and disrespect this man and then get an attitude with us cuz we want to keep our shit for ourselves man fuck you that's how I feel all right I would never come to British to London or to a Great Britain and then act like I could just take over a black British story tell their story take their place I think it added to the body oh my god he's British blacks is so wrong and he's so foul in so selfish in how can you know it could how could he tell I can't portray them that sound that's insanity I mean it's almost like 10 degrees not 10 degrees not even a degree away for blackface you know that's like a white man telling me what's wrong with me putting fucking makeup on my face and playing you why can't I play you walk in that chocolate in your broken vernacular why can I just you know get this money that's really what this is about it's like getting a shine and getting the money and again global fame and global accolades you know saying honey berry was made of star because she came through us all right Angela Bassett was made a star because she came through us all of our big stars in the black community Sam Jackson started with us before it here the white students say you know what we got some here before those people out his name and say yeah we got something here they came through us fam even city party and everybody came through us man yeah Justin Ellis Sidney Poitier you know so this is outright disrespect that's what it is and back to us we're idiots for allowing it to happen I like to push back on internet you know to a certain extent but the truth be told is that it's not enough because no one respects us and then we've seen that people from other countries who are black don't respect us neither because again to be American is to be no part of being America is to disrespect us when you come over to America as part of your kid you know I mean it's part of your fucking welcome kid you know yeah here you go here's a little American flag is a mini Constitution here's a subway map if you're in New York and you're here this is pret nigga when you get a chance that's what you know I mean this is what this is what they do and we're seeing all immigrants do it now we've seen black ones do it and it hurts these are our brothers because I'm saying it now it was never the black Americans have been the biggest supporters of every frame right around the world for all the black people that's true that's been very true be the biggest the biggest supporters we right now just lean them were running around South Africa and the only place you see more Jewish men in shirts I was out of South Africa be in America yeah that's true every goddamn freedom fight we behind them we protest we get holes in our own country fight for other people's rights and standing up in ur pushing against our own custom own government to divest and other governments not oppressing black people this is our history people that are you so what about uh okaz Garvey he was from Jamaica from Jamaica Wade he do his work in America where he get his foot from black Americans that was his army in Harlem across the country you say I'm saying so there's no way around this shit man you know I mean there's no way around you haven't done enough black Brits to poke your chest at me and I'm telling you right now if you see me face to face you talk crazy to me but not you fuck that that's hot rock that's how I know my grandmother she put my history in me when I was a kid she sit there and play with a false teeth and we sit night kitchen and just roll greens and used to hustle and make pies for the church nor that and she'd sit there and tell me stories about her grandmother who was the last slave last person born of slavery in my bloodline you understand and what these women went through and the men went through to get to get not only black people where they are but they get to America with it where it is see if you look at old films from the 60s and 70s it was black men on those corners not his little Latinos it was black men waiting for pickup trucks to come get him so they can fix for my job just looking for work we've always been the labor in the country until recently and so they say you know what we could replace these niggas we can get rid of them we could lock them up make money off that we can create a police force that's a jobs program and then at the same time we get to disrespect black saying get out racist jollies off then it came out with a fucking crime bill in the 90s that took us from what how many black people were in there and in jail in in the 70s just on some of the 70s the sinister black people in jail under 35 was 15 percent by 2009 was 68 percent yeah it was a lot of money that's all that's what that's all purpose did you go through that black brick did you go through that nigga No so don't come over here talking shit without knowing the history we have a right to want to protect our own and get out ourselves on if y'all getting on the job what the fuck we posted that's the question I got for that nigger what opposed to do it's not getting all the Hollywood jobs well or they were already scarce what are we supposed to do well let me let me let me assume you say this right brother shut up – Madiba we take your ancestors Nagi he he makes a point here a commonly read it out medieval if it is written by white so why don't you make your own and stop telling the white man we should put in this movie not to the white we are the same make your own black America so her chances are probably the argument defragment said all right listen african-americans had had the opportunity to go get it tonight you know create Nollywood you know there there have been some Africans that have shown us some love you know let's talk about how Nelson Mandela once they got what they got free for from from from you know from the Boers he gave a lot of opportunities to African Americans to come over and do a lot of great things in South Africa even to this day you know when I was in Johannesburg you know you'll see African Americans in Johannesburg South Africa that had maids that live like white folks makes ridiculous right so yeah you do see those things so the question somebody in my ask is alright if you get another racism re you take your attendance and ability to Africa well you can really go into a burgeoning market in an alley what is a billion dollar industry right now so you know why is that why Africans complain about what's the things happen in white Hollywood when they have the ability in the talent to create their own well here's the thing if that's how you feel I'm an answer the question but before I answer the question I must say this I'm I'm asking question before you answer the question okay my question to you is once you build a fucking Hollywood in Britain won't you build your own you see the setting that question that wasn't the British guy that was a ok or the African guy same thing you got a whole goddamn cotton in over there what you build oh why would you come over here you coming over here could this is where's poppin who made it poppin over here who rolls are you taking so you can't use there's no way around this shit you acting US you playing our history you playing our parts you're playing drug dealers that are American you mean so how the fuck did you coming over here to get poppin cuz there's the Swiss hot we made it hot over here alright so why are you running around in Africa when your hat backwards and some timberlands on where you get that from now to answer the question why don't we come over there why don't you tell your gutters come over here how about that L that white was said over here no problem at least they used to wear passports that what's that dual citizenship back where's the bread of return Danny gotta kill nobody there's Raley's killing people who to give y'all giving other Jews right over turn ain't Guinea I don't do none of that you know on that goddamn land over there what's up get your governments involved because these are institutions over here you rockin Lee we turn here talk about white men running scripts and giving parts that's an institution Hollywood was built look learn skills in history man god damn it let's get into some history Hollywood was built at our expense okay one of the first blockbusters to come out of Hollywood was what was the first movie that came out that that made millions dumps I don't know what was it that Rex moved the one that uh pocket is renamed I don't know all right Hollywood was built on racism it was built on exploitation the blacks he got it yeah I wanted you to see it thank you all right so these are these are the first movies that came out or washed it watched at the White House and it was not just that there was that the minstrel shows and all that other movies and shows that came out then it was also musicals and it was all making fun of us let me tell you how deep Entertainment goes and hanging black people and hating black people goes when you hear the ice cream song that's a racist nigger song that's how deep it goes the culture of black America so the fact that black people could walk around hold their heads up on any level being entertainment McMahons dollars as entertainers and the fact that we still got doors we still gonna knock down we still got a bag for jobs it's a problem but then you're telling me it's okay that now we gotta compete with people who are not now from outside the country that makes sense to you look I'm not talking my one or two grits or one or two Africans I'm talking a wave man all y'all coming over here to get always y'all coming over here to wrap yourselves in us it pushed us aside come on man it's not right and you know it's not right it's a flawed question all right it's a full question because I don't know fuck America is ours that's like saying oh just build your own country you basically you know that sounds like O'Shea mm-hmm won't you just leave if you're not happy won't you just leave America go build your home that's what it sounded like he sounds like a white supremacist any black person if it's asking me a question sounds like a white supremacist no America is ours we bled and suffered and died for it did you do it all right let me go – let me go did you bleed and die for Britain I wait I wait I mean kiss my coming did you bleed and die for for what was the South Africa fight what was it not your fight well oh wait yeah a lot of Silver's a lot of each other yeah what did you yeah now I guess so it was white people white people so that this is the floor question because white people armed up Africa and made the Lions in Africa and decided what nations were going to be what nations you didn't do that Africans why do we did that for you so who think you're white daddy all right go ask no questions about what white people doing in Hollywood that's our problem all right yeah I got a lot of tribalism in Africa we got fighting each other all the time and I need to clean that shit up and before you even curve your mouth to even ask that question to a black American where was our citizenship at where's the right of return well yeah I want sentence up cuz we come over there we talk we spend money we don't start no trouble and we leave we love come on we love seeing black people but obviously you don't love us cuz you want to come into our house and disrespect us I'm trying to figure out what war you fought for independence on what's Independence given to you where's all these wars now I could think of one country really has Ethiopia what other country in Africa really fought a fucking European power to get there you know saying a flat-out war black people have fought in world wars man black Americans have fought in world wars and the crazy thing about it was which is a good thing and a bad thing and a good thing is that when we fought in those wars we were in segregated companies you know I'm saying so we were mixed with the white board people on our own so everything that we did we could take full credit for you understand you know we can it can't even say it took the airmen in no no justice Kiki Airmen which is one no II can't see the whole no hair cats and no it's just a whole hair catch tell me the key Oh same you can't you can't so everything we that's the fuck to think about the racism part it kicked in vitamin A hash now when we look at the black regiments and you know from Civil War up to you know the the black companies in World War two you see the work you can see the Pacific work they all right and what they did they contribute to those victories all right well that's keeping the country together all right whether that was keeping the Brits out in 1812 when they try to take the shit back over yeah I mean whether I was fighting in the spanish-american war yeah I mean that helped them you know win Florida uh the Mexican you know some American War which helped to win the southwest you know the Buffalo Soldiers were fought and to help expand you know the territory of America we've been involved in all that and wiped out you know I mean Yellowstone Park the original ranges for that park with Buffalo Soldiers we patrolled that parking you know I mean like we did we've done important to make America what it is what did you do to make you know Britain what it is I'm trying to figure that out well you can come over here and talk crazy to us we have illustrious history over here we not getting out do from the people in the country you should respect those other blacks and whites and Hispanics and now we got our own skin folk coming into the country disrespecting us this shit isn't gonna see and we got black people rolling without black political classes rollin with the shit they rollin with the shit again Nick down fuckin border crying over some babies Oh nobody got they got the babies in the cage Oh Lord oh Lord King say King's dream and King struggle with a bully and give that to you know saying this is will be out right now and then in the middle of all of that is the regular black people who work every day a good up every day and you take all the hits on the head we don't want to get cops called on us the ones getting racially you know more about charged and court we're the ones getting racially profiled in the stores or at the job we don't want still going through it and because your last name is boo yay oh no juju you might get a pass because they know you have a nation behind you so they leave me the fuck alone the main target still in America is us and if you turn every time I do touch one of y'all who the main ones down the street protesting for you so I don't want to you know I don't really want to hear in the African or British black or Caribbean person house to say I don't care I don't give a shit never talk about and again if you disrespected my phrase on the monkey tithi that's in that into that man just and that man so you know you know I want to ask you a question a man you seem to think about this Baltimore shit between Trump and in my opinion I don't really like illogical do what are you waiting about that ya know one thing I could say about real white racism is that it's honest and you don't give a fuck see white people who are trying to do it didn't want to push things back to where it used to be where they could just be flat-out racist like they used to be you see this goes back to the history again it was a time what a shit you seen right now from Trump supporters and all that was normal for black people in America that just was that was the way it was you couldn't even looked at a white person in the face in America it was you know saying it was our deaths in our our riots and everything that that caused that now my problem what Trump said is that why society created Baltimore it created Chicago had created all these ghettos they created all that shit you can't you got to be a heartless bastard the look a situation like Baltimore and then they're trying to make fun of it if you're a good person if you're good Christian white folk wouldn't be the first thing and you come to mind and say well roses that's an American city how can we help it's not where they're coming from they want to look at your pain because it's a black city so they're making fun of us what's what he's doing is making fun of all of us it's a failure on black people to do what to do I be white to have you know the suburbs and have everything they have that's that's what they laughing at when they know it's the inside joke they know goddamn well we're supposed to have what they have because they fix it up with you don't say they made it that way they don't want us in a neighborhood you kill you get out of here make a six-figure job if you want to and try to move to a white neighborhood I think it's all it's gonna be all good they don't want you there so they don't want you there but they're gonna last about you being in the hood did I want you to make no money but you did laughter that's because you broke so it's agile it's cruel it's what it is all right now tell Elijah Cummings you know he really ain't done shit for his people neither so it's a double whammy you got a lot of black politicians he's Terry loves just being a gun yeah org only gonna be nicer to die and did nothing for his people you know I mean same thing with Tauber I mean hey hey McCloud burning Lewis and districts got some of the poorest people in the country and they're gonna be at the border crying over some brown babies you know I mean that's what we've done with when it comes to them so like give a fuck about Cummins know do I care that am I offended by Trump's words yeah I'm offended because it's an inside joke it's cruel it's cruel to watch the Google people suffer you put them in these open-air plantations these open air prisons you don't we won't let them out you have them heavily patrolled by white police officers so they know you know so you keep them in check you know I mean and they can't go no else they sitting on top of each other in the pressure cooker with no resources and you gonna make fun of that and you the fucking president when you can do something else you can do something to alleviate you can do something to change that but you won't because your wife supremacist you see I'm saying so it's both sides you got black people who don't do shit for their people who are lazy you know and go along with the political you know the party platform and then you have you know white supremist and outside you know so we like in the middle we identify script in America and that's why I always tell people like brothers and sisters you got to travel because I consider me being over in Germany being I called us a KKK shoe you know I mean being in America is stressful as a black man I'm pretty so I stressful sisters too but it's really stressful with a black man all right because we're the main target again I'm trying to start out again you mean like in you're sitting I'm putting in USA is stressful man I didn't realize how stressful was so I got over here yeah I mean I didn't realize how stressful was I got over here just being able to you know one of the first people I met over here when I was getting you know a tour I went to his auto skills shop and it was a brother these brothers who run the auto skill-shot that the mechanics did these brothers been here since the 80s all right so 101 outside the smoke and he was telling me where I can locate my window fix because when I first got here my car got here um it impacts especially because they had a Nick on the window and you know how they all about inspections over here so I needed the windshield frame so I went to the other skill shop see what they can do and then they couldn't do it but he was turning me in a place I can go he told me to go see the Turks down in mines Costello so while we outside talking I asked her brother you know I mean I just started interviewing them I was her age so was last time you've been home and he was like she's been a couple years man I said okay so I'm on with your home without something's on he said now I don't try to be an American longer than two weeks I said what you mean he said I don't try to be there longer than two weeks I can't do it yeah I mean I don't like being in America period there's too much stress you know you got disrespectful women and you got the pecker cops don't fuck with you over here the women don't disrespect you over here I don't want to be back over there this niggas that just escaped you know I mean they don't want to go back because of the stress the stress of dealing with being broken struggling in America and how that weighs on your relationships with your women you know I mean how disrespectful I want will never come yeah I want to deal with that they don't want to deal with you know being pulled over or a stop icon from the book and reason you don't go through none of that shit over here don't do that over here I don't know if you're no fucking reason don't do that because they believe in citizenship over here they believe in being civil over here this is what we talked about offline and I'm unarmed drop the mic once because what I've learned from being over here what I learned from being over here is that certain societies and certain governments have made a decision to be civil okay all right someone give me some examples Germany went through what they went through with the Holocaust and then they were split up after the war then the wall came down once they United they made a decision to be a civil country that doesn't not mean that there's no racist Soviet course there's gonna be Germans I've run into from time to time also bullshit but you know what that German cannot do because it's illegal is that he cannot call me a nigger and he cannot disrespect me in public all right it's against the law to do so because they made a decision to be civil you can't legislate the heart but you can't legislate behavior mmm all right you got a call Iceland who didn't go through an under this shit they never had a whole cost of that right but they're good you know basically a Norse Scandinavian countries the people who came from Northern Europe and took over that that continent no well that that Ireland and uh nicely and in Iceland if I go to Iceland tomorrow if you go to Iceland tomorrow Oh Shane an Icelander cannot call you nigger you will go to jail it's against the law even though I'm pretty sure they xenophobic in Iceland but they're not they're not going to be uncivil you see I'm saying this is not hard to do but we look at America America is a uncivil place man they wave the Confederate flag they may raise statues of the Confederacy which tried to break the country apart for selfish reasons the own people and then have a balkanize place where they could just make money was about riches and having white supremacy and they want to break the country apart on that and enough was like 9 nah we never break the country probably gonna have white supremacy we're not the brick country fuck and that's what the Civil War was about there's about economics but after the Civil War they lost they they flew off a battle flag against the nation and they get the wave that's why today you will never see a Nazi flag being waved in Germany it's against the law you were gold they will go to they'll put you in jail give you $2,000 2,000 year-old fine but in America you get to put that shit in our face you get to disrespect everything that happened in and so would you district the people you get to raise it every time there's a black sand race boom all we wanted was the vote in the great and look what it will happen it will always prefer flags back when they say flags Alabama state flag in the Georgia state flag did not have the Confederate flag on it until the Civil Rights Movement kicked off they made legislation to put it back on the flag so don't tell me to confer to flag is not about white supremacy and racism that's a lie it's not about heritage what heritage so you get to be uncivil in America you get to call people niggers online you get to go online and 4chan and strong front and just be disrespectful and be outright you know racist and you know this thing called free speech you get to be uncivil it's not against the law think about how people deal with each other in the States Danny and day out in the office on the street it's uncivil and we promote it we laugh at it we laugh somebody's being uncivil to another person because they might have said so I'm funny or they might have said it occur certainly wait but they're being uncivil you know I'm saying just think you a definition of civil for more government perspective relating to order citizens and their concerns as distinct from military and in classic medicine so as a government being civil you're relating to the country they're ordinary citizens concerns health care school so what are they done in Clinton what have they done to Iceland what have they done in Germany and other and where you act about in England you know I mean if given health care to everybody today citizen because that's a civil thing to do everybody needs see a fucking doctor but in America because other citizens don't see other citizens they get to be uncivil they get the same I pay for that motherfucker's health care hey watch that do this watch that do that anyway you even know they still are always paying tax and those in power get to do what the fuck we won't do the taxes but instead of the taxes being for what a shitty form which is the needs of the citizens it's an uncivil society now when it comes to people dealing with each other what it means to be so courteous and polite all right now I know that goes over a lot of niggas heads cuz we talk shit to each other and you know we throw you know we roast in like as part of our culture but there's a line right I like the roast but I don't know I'm not I would never roast anybody to destroy them you know saying I do it in just you know saying you know but we decided to be in a civil society so over here I see that it's a silver when I saw what life can be yeah I mean and it's a mr. society making a decision to be something else than what it is and that's not what we have over America right now we have an uncivil society and that's just the bottom line there's no way around that let me let me do this real quick guys let me shut off some of the super chest and then after this I'm a premier the king and gone dead then we gonna go refreshing mix out for a few minutes and maybe they'll go to the Sunday Rumble well let me just read off some of these real quick guys and uh those of you who are ready to see a Miss curvy right since you know my brother he did say he's a Pan Africanist I'm I don't know if you've seen have you seen my Miss Korea before J shine on my King kind of channel I have a seen it you gotta see this one all right so Americans are the richest group of blacks you should be thanking to be living next to the most successful group of people who are white Americans be grateful you are lucky to be a TOS as medieval just repeated the Kimberley classic story on Fox & Friends that aired yesterday morning but really cool you to recover the story shout to you jr. I'm Vishal uh both thank you my brother for the 20% mark is left Trump forgot there's voters and be more well debo it's no longer the white man now it's African shaking my head Karl's opinion guarantee mr. Jackson mr. random mods and check Karl wanna promote equal date the duelist made Hollywood not you Modi but we think your answers not you get your home will debug in if it is written by white so why don't you make your owner stop telling the white man Felicia please moving out to the white we ought to say maybe your own black Americans what about our African Americans playing African so medieval obviously he's African Guinea kinda brought fire Brooklyn gotta for hours TJ for 89 pounds alright we'll let my brother Jay shine just let me drop the link real quick for um for the Miss Kirby guys you gotta go over there after this we're gonna in the next few minutes and then once we get a hundred people over there to my King Gandhi channel we'll just based on a Kampala Uganda you others out there who wanna see these basically you get these nice-looking African sisters out there and they go on the streets and gods get to rate them and they are dick so trust me you're gonna like this most of you guys love it we do them as Kirby so guys go over to my King kinder channel that's the link soon as we get a hundred people in the chat I'm gonna make you go live right after this well go ahead just try anything else you want to say oh no no no it's one making sure we clear on some things man you know Nigerians get to be Nigerians Lakers get to be Jamaicans Inc they wave their flags you know a German flag is dope you know I mean you got in flag all these different flags is cool and then inside these you know these different nations they get to be their tribe as well let us be honest respect us the way you want to be respected especially when you're in our house that's all I got to say the link doesn't work oh so you got Mandy go over make it tiny Mansa Musa fucking man nigga shut up nigga stupid ass motherfucker um guys somebody says a thanks team guy if he if you didn't see it go to King ganda channel right you're gonna see this to miss Kirby rates Kampala you'll see she has is a huge bully in the green pain is do lefeber booty all right so once they get a house in there to you my brother Jay shine be thank you for coming on Philemon you did have people figured in his mother good good good it's a good conversation needs to have I'm one of Tiffany's because there's a lot of bullshit going on between black people globally and it needs to stop and I mean peripheral you know white people in America have been the biggest fighters against white supremacy brothers like me you other brothers of corporate America and government we're on the front lines against white supremacy every day we deal with white men every day we not niggas on the corner just talking about white supremacy we deal with it and we making strides you know I mean and we we stand up without back straight and unfortunately a lot of motherfuckers running on YouTube who don't even don't even operate in the world of men they don't forget Pete in the world of men you know I mean and they don't really understand what's really going on so when we see our stories being took and being played portrayed by other people we have a right an absolute right to say something but you know what I know what it is there's a lot of black people in a lot of other black people just want us to be suckers they wants to be idiotic voices just step aside and they want the goodies that everything that was built on that bags I get it you want the bag I get it you know I mean I guess I understand I understand it's about money I get it you know I mean but you know we have the Frank white supremacy globally and you're not helping us by coming over here and pushing us aside or trying to you're creating the division at us would be weaklings to sit back and just let you do it yeah I mean that will make us a sucker and that's how this obvious obvious thing isn't operating O'Shea it's like no people do shit to you and then when you save something back to them oh okay y'all you being divisive and that's bullshit all right that's bullshit all right we have a right to stand up for ourselves and say look brother sister not this one this is our lit this is our thing this is us all right we got we got it we don't need you to come over here and take over you know I mean we got a right to say that and if you got a problem with that and I don't know what to tell you you know I mean you just lay down unless I'm not going through that I'm not going to it I don't care what color they are because every every immigrant that comes to America as I've had the same conversation with white men in the office people who got Slovak last names who just got here in the 1900s you came to a country that was built fan by us and it got to get police jobs and fireman jobs and all County jobs and got the Lord over black people in New York City and other places of the country they got to get the established towns not kind of shit at our expense we were still the cheap labor in the country so it's not just black immigrants that attention everybody's been doing it to us Asians are coming in the country beating shot of black women and you know nail shops and shit when they making the money off of us now think about that when you were in Chinatown and in Europe downtown somewhere was most rights do you see those Chinese people treating those white customers that way no you know I mean you don't treat the people you make your money off the that way but they do it to us because no one has respect for us and we got to stand up and have respect for ourselves how you fight against the white man you don't respect yourself you mean so there's a lot of stupid arguments out there but we're not dealing with basic basic shit you would never let someone come in your house turn the channel either let each of last fucking chicken wing drink the last year kool-aid nigger and they put their feet up on your couch you will let me do it you wouldn't let him do it so that's all this is about now once we get this ironed out then we can go out here and you can fighting each other corn when you Jamaicans want to go out Britain and get reparations I'm 100% behind oh I don't want a piece of it ain't gonna do it me it's about them not some luck they've got my full-throated support you know I mean any come for any country Africa I'll go in France and get reparations or get debt because they let him off our country's are still playing debt taxes to France which is crazy you know I mean so yeah I want to go out France and have it out with them how I get back we're gonna be 100% behind you 100% behind this black brothers over there fighting for freedom so when we have arguments over here about reparations close your mouth shut up I want to hear it you got no singing this it's got nothing to do with you close your mouth if you can open your mouth let it be a voice of support okay all right thank you for coming them and a lot of people will be talking about this one for a minute let me do they shout out some all my brothers man you know in the Diaspora where were you from cuz go bigger and let's enjoy the less enjoy these are these signals right so all my people that's in the chat leave this chat and go over to King ganda man King Don there's my project that you know you guys know I used my king gotta turn up I work with brother feel from that formerly there by show I produced Africa content for him and so you know and this miss curvy thing what I'm about to start doing also I know my brother Marlon he he likes a Somalian women so I'm getting ready to do something that's never been done before with the hijab race right miss hit did the hijab models that's something that we getting into man so a lot of the women out there um you know the Somalian women some luminescent every trained their Muslim you know they wanna you know they did some brothers want to see women like that right and so you guys want to see what they look like so beautiful to dat so you guys listen this hijab rate thing man I had a I'll share some photos with you I had a model meet up today and pollinate came out I'll post it on patreon and then I'm telling you man we have some real dimes man but so some of the most beautiful women in the world in Africa yeah yeah yes so I'm telling you man like you guys really don't know how fine these ladies are so so so so brothers go over there and check it out and you know right now everybody go over to the channel soon as we get a hundred people in the chat I'll make the vehicle live right now we got 17 waiting if King ganda and the video is miss curvy rapes Kampala that's faith faith novel mercy beautiful dark-skinned sister would've just oh my god the booty this will be so anyways everybody go over there everybody go join me over to King guy was gonna premiere by over the time over there click that link subscribe to King down the channel but we're gonna make the video live man you guys typically like the miss kirby thing anything else you want to say so my things use African miracle man I mean I can't find them I'm well here I think I said enough I think a lot of people gonna have Somerset pre serving over visitors issue another time but um we this is a political season and we got to get into a lot of different things man but this shit will Hollywood it's just out of control Sam you know it's out of control so I'm hopeful right now I know a lot of motherfuckers Edie because they don't like us bring it up issues between black people and I'm a fuck on that the truth was the truth I mean it is the truth and you know and these things need to be talked about they need to be raised and to be dealt with man so you know okay I can't wait to the next you know the next opportunity to maybe debates am I on the bullshit you know I'm pretty sure thanks for coming on my brothers are really appreciating guys bullets they can kinda channel all of you we got 29 waiting over there as soon as we get a hundred waiting in the chat I'm gonna go ahead on and make the video go live otherwise the video live at about 10 minutes so guys come over there and check me out and thanks again James your link to your email so everybody go to King Donnie youtube channel subscribe hit the bell on my channel right there see you make sure Carl thank you so much Crowe and I'll see you guys after that Domingo professor may come into the rumble peace out

18 thoughts on “Is There Political Idiocy In The Black Community? (Jshine Randoms)

  1. The Black leaders in America should really do better about the District they are responsible for. It was really hard to see the horrible conditions of that Baltimore neighborhood.

  2. I think they should have used a prettier sister to play Harriet. And as a Jamaican I would be upset if they use a NON Jamaican to play Bob Marley or Marcus Garvey period.

  3. I really doubt people like this guy poses a brain..A spinal cord alone would suffice for this guy because if he has a brain he doesn't seem to be using it.

  4. CUT THAT CHECK ADOS we can have our own Farmers markets, Airport, Gas Station, Hospital, Record industry, Rail Way, Trucking company, Police department, Shipping Docks, and All Black Community

  5. I guess I'm going to lose a lot of weight because before I eat my dinner , I'm going to check to see if there's any African-Americans in my neighborhood who needs to eat prior to me eating my dinner. African Americans went through slavery so I don't deserve to eat until every African American in Washington DC eats. Who in their right mind is going to turn down a million dollar job. This guy acts like like black people own Hollywood and therefore can dictate who can or can't be hired for a job. It is not Pro Blackwood, it is Hollywood, owned and operated by Jewish Americans. It is America owned and operated by white males that determine who can or can't come to this country.

  6. America is Las Vegas, people come here to get money, the bag. It doesn't matter the ethnicity, when people come here they come for the money. All that slavery / reconstruction / Jim Crow , I'm sorry to say don't mean s**. All that prehistoric dinosaur s** don't mean s**. The ethos of America is simple , come here maximize your talents and be all you can be. When people come here, all they want to do is go to school and start a business. This guy wants you come to America and be subservient to African American and kiss their asses because of the s** they went through like you never went through s***.

  7. There are (also) lighter skinned blacks from deep in Africa. Not all full blooded Africans are dark skinned. FYI.

  8. It's funny that blacks are telling white filmmakers who they should hire. Hollywood produce globally and hire globally. If you don't like non american black actors don't watch or make your own movies. Hollywood hire a lot of asians, indians, british, russians and white south african actors and actresses. The fact that black america is bent out of shape because of a few foreign born black actors in Hollywood is very telling. African tribal animosity is now worldwide and probably helps to build the black race.
    Should Africans destroy or boycott African narrative movie with African Americans actors from Madagascar to Mandela?
    Whites don't give a damn that a white director hire whites from UK, New Zealand or South Africa. How did white america react when a white from Australia was killed by a black cop? I begin to believe in racial IQ. Movie actors are now a big pressing issue for black America. What do ADOS tribe zealots think of Jennifer Hudson as Winnie Mandela or Terrence Howard as Nelson Mandela? What about ADOS as Egyptian Pharaohs? Should Africans complain and boycott?

  9. I hope Spike Lee come behind these sellout black producers and directors and make a real Harriet Tubman movie with an ADOS as the lead. This Harriet film with this anti ADOS Nigerian is gonna flop majorly.

  10. What black actors and actresses need to do is start black hollywood . we got a trillion dollars we got the money to do it so we must build our own. We beg too much i think we need to build our own and that is one reason why we dont get any respect in hollywood because we have not built anything for ourselves.

  11. I have said that the Africans are going to take over Hollywood and they will be the new black actors. Black people need to build black Hollywood. It is about we as a people don't own or control anything so Hollywood is saying black America time is up so now we are being replaced by foreign people.

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