Is Rudy Giuliani About To Be Indicted? Here’s What That Could Mean For Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Is Rudy Giuliani About To Be Indicted? Here’s What That Could Mean For Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. What I'm finding really funny is that there's not really anymore trump defenders arguing about everything everyone else says in comment sections of the videos. Usually get ambushed but it seems like they also know that their golden boy trump is completely screwed and his minions are all going to prison slowly.

  2. LMFAO There is NO evidence to defend Agolf Twittler. Ghouliani risking his reputation for the biggest con man in the world.


  4. 'Dems would be horrified by the attacks on me, if my client was a terrorist. "

    Well, your client has been terrorizing mostly everybody. Even more so, once he took office. So I don't think you can say that.

  5. Soooo I guess you CANT run your country as a business !corruption,dictator,racist,elitist run your country to the ground by fear mongering your people !

  6. "Executive privilege" is not some super-hyper-top-secret classification level! It is just the right of the president to have private conversations with anyone. The transcripts of those meetings then get some of the standard classification levels. But then (1) that classification is binding only on US citizens and allies. If Erdogan, Zelinsky, or Putin tapes a Trump call and makes it public, the US cannot do anything about that. And (2) the intelligence committee of the House has security clearance, and is authorized to see anything that Pompeo or Mulaney can see.

  7. MSNBC has lost all credibility. Zero. 100 percent propaganda

    Giuliani has tons of evidence against Bidens and others. Bank records. Court records. Affidavits from Ukraine. And other places. That’s why they are hitting him so hard.

  8. “A sharp analytical mind is what we need today in this lawlessness, government lies, and false media narratives”
    Patriots STAY STRONG. Satan was In full control but not anymore. DARK to LIGHT. Democrats, Globalists, Radical Communists, Pedophiles, Criminals…All being taken down now at a steady pace. TRUMP 2020! WWG1WGA – Q

  9. Their implication of Donald J. Trump by virtue of their claiming immunity based on a service to him through a service (or subcontract) with Rudy Guliani, one in which the President is the Sole Benefactor of the Service in Exchange, whether it is financial or political or simply personal and in kind, there shall never be an Exchange of any kind between the President and any Private Citizens where a Crime has been or is being Committed. And his Prosecuting Lawyer Rudy Guliani was lead Representative of the President. These are the most clear pictures of what High Crimes and Misdemeanors actually are, because you can see how any violation of the Emaluments Clause, and or violations of the Constitution can entangle the President in such turmoil, that it is his compromise.

  10. Obama is the biggest criminal, along with Hillary who paid for the fake dirt,but the news wont cover the real truth.

  11. I'll get myself drunk with expensive champagne, the day I see that lowlife human scum and traitor to this country handcuffed and dragged to prison.

  12. come on America open your minds to the concept of the Freedom Dividend, it would instantly solve the vast majority of households issues overnight, Vote Yang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. It seems plain as day to me…his two fixers have been charged and as soon as they have thrown him under the bus, he is next. They have no loyalty to him so they'll sing like commie canaries and btw, they aren't so much Ukrainians as Putin agents in disguise. Eeeny meeny miny Rudy tick tock. Igor-Lev by claiming 'executive privilege' have now directly implicated tRump in the fiasco.


  15. 4:00 "… but EXECUTIVE priviledge? So the president's personal lawyers criminal conspirators have EXECUTIVE priviledge? I mean, it's preposterous…"
    Makes perfect sense to me. America is a Russian/Ukrainian vassal state right now, so of course Russian / Ukrainian officials can claim executive privilege.

  16. where is the power in this country? the GOP trump and so many more crooks sold you for profit. and no one has the power to stop this.WHY.

  17. Nothing will come of this msnbc and cnn continuously report late breaking “ this could be the nail in the coffin news “ goes nowhere. This administration with all the negative press still keeps on chugging

  18. Get rekt dumb Donnie Solitary confinement is gonna be Trumps new home since the other prisoners would tear him apart.

  19. I have to think that a light bulb finally went off in Rudy's head – everything Trump touches dies.
    The good times are over Rudy (Guilty) Guiliani.

  20. Anybody else… I mean ANY BODY ELSE would have been tried and locked up by now. From the crimes committed to avoiding subpoenas would be jailed. Let me or you try it and the judge would have us locked up.
    After all these examples, why should we follow the law. They've sat new statues.

  21. The two associates look like they are on their way to a house in which there is a small boy home alone during a snowy xmas!

  22. "Last night we saw him come out for air on Twitter…" Mr Wallace – you left me in complete stitches! So Giuliani is NOW some kind of a Frankenstein monster that is hidden from the public for most of the day and comes out for air every other night! LMAO!!!

  23. To the Republican party I hope you will put our country and our people before your self and do the right thing and impeach Trump and all who stood behind him that new the truth but kept hush about it. We all know you plan on cheating in 2020 and you know you are putting our country in danger by cheating because many have talked civil war.. Why would you do that? why? Do you hate our country so much that you put your own job before our country why? What does Trump have on you all that your so scared you are willing to destroy our country. I may be slow but even I can see the truth.. What happen to you why have you turned your back on the people and our country? Why?

  24. Disunited state of America .America is so corrupt that it will take 40 years to regain her credibility back .Trump is a typical example of majority of Americans . America is now a third world of what Putin want it to be . Trump is no different from Saddam Hussein or Quadaffi of Libya ie corruption, above the law ,favouritism and nepotism .Trump has promised civil war for America, this is what third world leaders does, if this man is not check, the whole world will partake in the consequence of his action. To his supporters , time will tell before you know you are supporting a man with no brain .

  25. #RudyGiuliani is going to use #Trump as a legal shield. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    That means he plans to drag #DonTheCon as a defence witness. Good luck with that plan.


  26. DUMP and Giuliani turned the Oval Office into headquarters of a CRIMINAL SYNDICATE executing criminal operations and LYING EVERYDAY about it!

  27. Rudy single handedly brought down the mafia in New York City. Delusional Democrats think they can bring down an American hero.

  28. Chris, do you remember the scene in Ghost Busters when Bill Murray (if I am recalling correctly!) says to Dan Acroi: “Nice shooting Tex!”?
    I mean that is exactly what we’re talking about, if we’re talking about anything! … and these days that IS a concern!

  29. Rudi, you spent a life in judiciary work, how can you do and say these things without shame? You next to be dirtied by association with Trump!

  30. Giuliani: “I wonder if I can get a pardon before Donnie gets impeached? Will Pence give me a pardon? I need to start going to Church. Pence will like that a lot..”

  31. So, "The President of the United States" can only be exonerated with evidence that only exists in the Ukraine… fabulous.

  32. ATTENTION: People in the land of the living…the democratic socialist party & fake lying news ie: MSNBC, CNN (Zucker), ABC, CNBC, NBC Oppenheim, CBC, BBC, Huffpost, The Hill, Time, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York, The Washington Post, Global News, USA Today, Slate, Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, Wired, The Hollywood Reporter, Axios, National Review, New York, Vox, Fortune, Vice US, Washington Examiner, Apple News, Vogue, Atlantic, Elite Daily, Business Insider, WWD, Vanity Fair, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, National Post, Esquire, Bloomberg, Week, Daily Mail, The View, ABC News, Disney, You Tube, Twitter, Face Book, Apple, Google, Amazon, (to name a few), & Clinton, Obama, CIA, Comey, FBI, Brennan, Clapper, Schiff, Pelosi, Shepard Smith, Strzok, Mueller, Ed Henrey, Rice, Cohen, Williams, Wallace, Page, Cavuto, Nadler, Lebron, AOC, DeNiro, Kimmel, Tlaib, Fallon, Holder, Colbert, Omar, Maher, Lynch, Meyers, Lerner, McCabe, Napolitano, Jill Stein, Oliver, Scaramucci, Tom Arnold…are LESS THAN NOTHING.

    The democratic (socialist) wannabe party (workers of iniquity) & minor league fake news are all about…Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of Responsibility…Pathetic life principles they believe/practice and bow down to.

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