Is It Okay to Donate Your Organs? | Sadhguru

Sadhguru: In Southern India there is a proverbial statement of how a coconut tree is useful when it’s alive and when it’s… when it’s dead. Every part of the coconut tree is useful even after its life. Similarly a human being has the opportunity that when we are alive we can be absolutely useful and contributory to life around us and similarly we can be even after life is up. Organ donation is such a possibility that if we can make a difference for another life even after our life is over, it’s a great possibility that human being should make use of. In our culture there is no glorification after death; within a few hours after a person’s demise, his body is anyway burnt, cremation is the way. So when that’s… that is so if we can make use of the dead people’s organs to transform another life it’s definitely a wonderful thing but there is also another dimension to this. Every human organ is designed to last a lifetime. Why are we developing a culture that human organs are failing half way down? So this is a culture that we have to develop that individual people have to take responsibility to see that their bodies last for their lifetime. Bringing that culture also is important. You drink your liver to rot and then you want somebody else’s li… liver. This could generate an unhealthy trend and there is also a market place which will evolve out of this and that could open up many dangerous possibilities. So, organ donation is a fantastic thing on the individual basis, but on the larger context we must be conscious and careful to see that this wonderful act of making a difference for another life does not develop into a huge market and bring all the other ugly things associated with it.

13 thoughts on “Is It Okay to Donate Your Organs? | Sadhguru

  1. Wonderful Sadhguru. Glad that you keep your beliefs at the forefront, and not appease popularism lacking real understanding of issues.

  2. What a wonderful and jubilant explanation that our Sadguru gave today to decide me upon to go for organ donation or not………………..

  3. what i understood from Sadhguru organ donation trend : Use your organs to 100%.
    And to do that ,lead healthy life ,do yoga & meditation regularly and work towards peace all around.

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