Is India’s Caste System Still Alive?

India is growing and changing fast, but some
traditional views are still in place. Institutions like the caste system have been outlawed,
yet caste discrimination and segregation still occurs. The most recent economic data indicated
that, in urban areas, a wealth gap of 60% exists between people traditionally from the
highest and lowest caste. So what is the Indian caste system? And how is it affecting modern
India? Well, the caste system is a hereditary, social
hierarchy, also called “the Jati [dʒɑːti] system”, that’s existed in India for nearly
two thousand years. Historians think that these social distinctions may be based in
ancient Hinduism, which delineates four major social classes, or varnas. On top are the Brahmins, usually described
as priests and scholars. Then come the Kshatriyas, described as nobles and warriors. The Vaishyas
below them operate commercial businesses. And the Shudras, below THEM, are referred
to as laborers or servants. Then, there is a fifth group, completely ostracized from
traditional Indian society – the Untouchables. Now called Dalits, this lowest caste is relegated
to undesirable jobs, like cleaning sewers. Because they are considered impure, the Dalits
have been regularly segregated from schools and religious temples, and there are reports
that some have even been punished for letting their shadow fall on someone of a higher caste. Experts think that this hierarchy wasn’t
strictly adhered to in the region, until the British claimed India as a colony, and wrote
the caste system into their laws. From there, the system became more rigid, and when India
gained independence from Britain in 1947, it was ingrained into the culture. Obviously, the Dalits got the short end of
the stick in this historical arrangement. But in 1955, discrimination based on caste
was outlawed. And to help re-integrate lower-castes in modern society, the government later implemented
affirmative action-like quotas for certain jobs and university admissions. However, vestiges of the caste hierarchy undoubtedly
remain. A politician’s caste continues to be an important deciding factor for many voters,
and marrying or acting outside of one’s caste continue to be taboo in many rural areas.
For India to become completely caste-free, more education, government policies, and social
programs may be needed. Although this social system is still rooted
deep in India, it does have cracks. To hear the inspiring story of one young boy who beat
the system, check out this video from This Happened Here. Don’t forget to subscribe,
and thanks as always for watching!

100 thoughts on “Is India’s Caste System Still Alive?

  1. It's problem of Hindus other religion have no caste system in. India. They hindus have no love between themselves.
    So sick

  2. Hinduism is the titanic…caste system is the ice Berg…it was not there when we set sail but during the journey spanning thousands of years it appeared and we collided with it…
    The ship was designed to journey the seas of time fully automated and all the passengers needed to do was to be a part of this grand journey…But one group claimed itself as somehow superior than the rest and took the controls and captaincy of the ship and with their ignorance and incompetence led it straight to the iceberg….
    Now it is taking in water and sinking fast…there are people trying to fix this and save the ship and then there are those who enjoy and party in their closed halls swelled with their imaginary pride not realising everything is going down the sea if they do not fix the damage…Many have already abandoned ship and seeking refuge in other ships that are nearby and these other ships only take them in because they are jealous about the titanic and want to see it destroyed but many more will go to them if the damage is left unfixed and those self proclaimed captains are relieved of their self given authority…

  3. I don’t understand the strategy behind drawing attention to what’s essentially a racial placebo if it implies correlations parallel that of western discrimination.

  4. Its sad that we are still divided by cast system.but on some emergency events we do react as a nation(e.g tseries vs pewdiepie🤗) so why not all the time without any diffrence between anyone doing as much as we can.just like one for all all for one.then we can have an honest government.much better school system and other important things.we the current generation pls stop playing pubg and do something for a brighter future
    aur agar mere sath agree krte ho please leave a like.THANK YOU FOR READING! GOOD LUCK FOR THE FUTURE,STAY STRONG, STAY TOGETHER,STAY HAPPY😀
    -GAGAN RATTU, punjab,INDIA

  5. Isn’t abandoning the caste system the same as abandoning Hinduism’s back bone. The idea that people are in a caste because they deserve to be there. I was just wondering, not trying to start a flame war.

  6. All humans are equal. Allah create all human being equally. All have equal rights. No one superior than other.

  7. 1:18 you think "experts" think the system was not adhered to until the British wrote it into laws? Well say hello to Manusmriti which most "experts" wont even deny that they were Before Christ. Those "experts" are the same people the low caste people fight against. They never change. Look at the "black lives matter" movement, you find so many white folks standing shoulder to shoulder to the blacks. BUT you will never find higher caste people fighting for the lower caste.

  8. Imagine all those people denied an education, imagine the discoveries and technology that has been lost because Hindu's prefer to live in the Dark Ages

  9. Ofcourse it is alive
    But in change format
    And i think it's biggest root problem for all problems. It's a wall to become india superpower

  10. Varna system is DIFFERENT from Caste system. Varna is based on occupation ( which is not wrong ), Caste is basically based on people's mindset ( which will take years to change. A person of upper caste can be a Ksatriya or Vaishya.

  11. Caste system is not a native concept…

    It was actually developed as hierarchy by English people

  12. There is a system called honour killing in Tamilnadu where, if a person marries a person from other caste they both are killed.

  13. If it's any consolation, we Americans see all Indians as the same, regardless of skin color or social background.

    No offense, but you all have the same accent & we can just tell if someone is Indian. Also, this whole caste system is horrifically stupid and self-destructiv, you should get rid of it, your nation would be so much stronger when you all are one.

  14. Most guys from India I know are obsessed with their ranking among other co workers. They have to kind of know where they fall in, and fight to get their spot. Its kind of annoying. They totally respect their superiors, but its like they have to know, I am higher than you, or you are higher tan me. Ive worked with hundreds of international guys, and its always the same w the Indians. Totally part of their culture

  15. It is just a human nature, which is predominant in the Indian society. Rich think that they are above Poor. Powerful think they are above Weak. Knowledgeable think they are above Illiterate. Beautiful think they are above Ugly. And then they do whatever they want to do because they can get away with their actions. This type of Karma is advocated not to do in Vedas, Upanishads and Ramayana. 

    The word "Caste System" was first used by the invading British East India Company because they identified India's "Caste System" was responsible for the 24% production of the world's exports were from India when British arrived in India. Skilled craftsmanship were passed on from generation-to-generation and were the results of the mass production of most valuable products and were competing with the goods manufactured by the British company. In fact, the "Industrial Revolution" of the British were based on the premise of "De-industrialization" of India. High quality cotton clothing produced by the weavers of India were a direct threats for the British. So, they broke their looms, weaving equipments and their thumbs; imposed high-taxes on the Indian goods forcing them to instant poverty. They then armed these poor Indians with guns, and then brainwashed them that they were suffering because of The Hindu Caste System, and they need to take revenge for the wealthy Indians, so that the British could rule over all of India.  

    Caste is not equal to the Verna described in Hindu holy books. Verna is the role that one plays, which is not based on the family one is born into. Karma is based on the Dharma of the Verna you are. 
    – Dharma of a Sudhra/ a person working 8-5 as an employee, is to be give 100% of the work to employer. 
    – Dharma of a Vyshya / an employer/business is to pay their employees for the work they are doing, and to pay taxes and not to cheat the country and their employees. 
    – Dharma of a Khatriya / a warrior is to protect their country and their fellow countrymen from any harm from the invaders. 
    – Dharma of a Bhraman / a Guru is to eliminate any Bhram / Doubts from the society with their knowledge and wisdom. 

    In Ramayan, King Ram (7th Avatar of Vishnu) hugged and took care of the lowest to lowest person Kevat, Hanuman, Sughreeve, Angad, etc. King’s or President/Minister’s Dharma is to serve their people without any biases, and put their personal gains and relationships to the lowest priority. Before making any major decision, a King should do 5 things: 1. Lok Mat / People's Vote (Democracy comes from Ramayana and Mahabharata); 2. Mantrigan Mat / Minister's Opinion Vote; 3. Gurujan Mat / Knowledgable people's Opinion Vote; 4. Shastra Mat / Information derived from the Literature like the Constitution; And then, 5. What's makes logical sense to the King based on the information and situation.

  16. Yes dalits are being harrassed daily in India… It's 100 percent true.. And some narrow minded people still exists in india

  17. India will never grow bcz of caste system.India will always poor country bcz there is no equality in people.caste system is stigma of india civilization and it's full of castism in India.India is a very poor and cheap country and Hindu religion is slowly slowly destroying.

  18. Well the Caste System was actually invented by the British Colonialists. Hasn’t knowledge moved on in the West.

  19. Sorry I am an Indian and I don't know which caste I am from like I swear I do not know which caste I am from. Also I go into a relationship If I like the girl and well nothing else. My current girlfriend is a Muslim and well I am from a Hindu family….but I have only lived in big cities (Hyderabad) so I am not sure about villages.

  20. Whom are you fooling or trying to fool? It has been this way for seemingly forever and shall remain so such as an Eternal turning Wheel.

  21. The best way to end caste system is to end reservation. I don't know why people are not understanding that reservation is the main reason of divided society. Upper caste people do not like Dalits because of the privilege they are getting in government jobs and everywhere else. Government should find a better way to give jobs to underprivileged people like providing them better education but government or political parties don't want to choose this path because they never want to see India united . Divisions in the society make it easy for them to fetch votes . We people are not understanding this issue Dalits say that everyone should be equal so the question is that whether they will agree to end reservation or not??

  22. When I was in school I was not even aware about the cast system as my parents never told me about it in deapth, I just new that there is a social hierarchy but never experienced it ,but when I gave entrance exams and my friends got admission in universities even after scoring much less marks than me then I realised what reservation and caste system actually mean

  23. There is no thing like Untouchables,shudras etc in India in 2019
    now there is Hindu and Muslim
    USA also has problem with muslims and black.
    but India is example of Unity in diversity
    Indian Hindus,muslims,Sikhs live together good than other country.

  24. The cast system was there well before the british. The british even too pity on the untouchables and gave them specel places in the armed forces. Why are these lies perpetuated like this. The English did bad stuff u can talk about u dont have to make shite up. Like the Indians use to be able to fly until the British implemented a wing clipping policy if u look hard when u can c the tiny scars, and YES EVEN ON CURRENT BABBYS. Im surprised CNN hasn’t ran with that. Pretty much covered every other falsehood

  25. brahmins ain't the highest caste because they would be begging the Vellalar who are farmers and who know how to farm vegetation for food, by the way did you know that lord murugan was also a Vellalar too, who told brahmins are the first, they always elow us, learn your facts first.

  26. RSS Have Abolished Caste System From India
    Our President Is dalit And PM is also From lower caste
    But they are Hindu first

  27. Indian Prime minister is from lower caste president a dalit currently since 2014. In govt it's over in 💓 it will remain cause it has become corrupted otherwise caste or varna system was never discriminatory. It was based on skills but hereditary culture ruined it corruption basically. Now it's over. Merit based system are back & lower caste are given reservations for the bad that has been done. I am brahmin by skill by the way by hereditary warrior. My friends are from once called untouchables lower caste. Education has erased this & if someone promotes it i debate & correct him. Jai Hind

  28. india is very backward and they think they are super powers. Only in their caste system brains. They need to build toilets

  29. Only people that have the inferiority complex who loves to be in this kind of bs systemm..everyone is equal..regardless what ur skin color is

  30. Dalits are the followers of Ambedkar (Osama bin Laden of Hinduism). They are generally have a terroristic mindset.

  31. so the left went around making a lower class like it did everywhere with importing people into nations to change its government,back then they just set up a way for the rich to rule all others…something of note..the left needs a lower class

  32. I really hate this caste system , and I'm OBC and i hate bramhins coz making this caste system , but i also hate dalit coz thay always disrespect our gods

  33. Roti Beti parampara….custom of non-interaction with other castes, not sharing food and dining together with other castes, not marrying outside caste has existed since centuries before even Muslims came to India…British census did not play any role in it…British were actually trying to help the lower castes by giving them quotas and land plots.

  34. Better way to end casteism is either by ending hinduism or by seprate childrens from their parents in early age , do their schooling in remote areas , remove their surnames and after 10-12 years later they will forget their caste and thus , it will end caste system.

  35. Caste system still exists and will ever exist in India. The symbol of being upper caste gives people extra prestige,previleges and social, political and economic opportunities. The so called lower castes who according to history are the indigenous people of India are deprived of most opportunities. The socio-economic status of lower castes are pathetic in India. Thanks to the Indian constitution and the role of the Great Baba Sahab Ambedkar that after India's republic, people of lower castes got some minimum fixed representation in various fields in the country, though it could not change the mind set of people. But,it won't be wise to say that it is totally impossible to eradicate caste system. But the very fact is that no government took interest in it, for the sake of upper castes votes and also for the fact that even after reservation in Loksabha and rajya sabha, much representation is from upper castes only. India has been witnessing larger atrocities and social insults against lower castes in the past few years due to the government's horrific attitudes towards lower castes and also due to the repeated feedback and push from the groups of "rascist thoughts" who run the propaganda of caste and religion and who support the government by either economically or means of MUSCLES. It is however, always good to dream of a future government who comes with willingness to bring social equality in society, rather than becoming puppets of particular castes or set of people who rascist ideologies. Atrocities committed to lower castes in India will anyway be reflected in word's map.

  36. The caste system is one of the biggest embarrassments for India as a country and the people who like to take particular pride in their Indian origins. Some Indians discriminate, harass , and shame the low caste people yet they don’t realize they are embarrassing and shaming India for the world.

  37. India’s Hindu people, particularly those from higher castes, continue to unofficially perpetuate and support the caste discrimination. They love to blame the Muslims and the British for it. But most honest people realize that these are only poor excuses.

  38. This why lot of people converting to Islam as no cast or greed or race only your deeds make your better then other human in eyes of god and only religion which clearly says no cast no race is better then the other

  39. india is a disgrace on planet earth , with all these social problems they better start fixing these issues before half of the educated and empowered people leave this country ..its like suffocation living in a society that still has these system rooted into their religion and culture …if you wanna give your kid a dignified life , leave india come to united states or united kingdom and live a life free of this social stamp and change your name to get rid of that disgusting system and tradition ..

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