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Can I ask you about climate change, yeah and your read on that Big debate right now global warming human-made. How do you see what’s actually happening here? scam I’ve mentioned earlier an organization called the Club of Rome Club of Rome was started in 1968 and it’s part of a network of organizations in Towards the end of the 19th century early 20th century secret society was created in Britain called the round table The first head of it was Cecil Rhodes who was a Rothschild agent. That’s why he went into southern Africa and pillage the the gold and diamond Resources and destroyed that that society on behalf of the Rothschilds and he was the head of the round table then went when he died another guy called Alfred Milner took over another Rothschild agent and They started this secret society started spawning satellite organizations first one they created was The Royal Institute of International Affairs in London also known as Chatham House think tanks. This is what they all watched the think tanks big time And then they created something in America, which was a an American version of that called the Council on Foreign Relations Council on Foreign Relations as to a very large extent driven American foreign policy ever since to this day then came the Bilderberg Group in 1954 Formed at the Bilderberg Hotel in it was to be Holland then in 1968 came the Club of Rome and then came the trilateral commission in 72 73. Now the Club of Rome was created specifically to use the environment as an excuse to transform society and I’ve been writing about this for a long time and basically You say to save the planet this has to happen and to save the planet. It’s a planet. It’s a globe therefore we have to have global centralization of power to center it to to control or to save the planet as the Club of Rome has been one of the big drivers of human-caused climate change or the illusion of it and then Came a United Nations Agenda called agenda Agenda 21 and That laid out a Strategy for Transforming society To meet the challenge of climate change It was everything that they wanted and then later more recently. They’ve Advanced that and they call it now agenda 2030 Which is a an updated version of the same thing and when you read agenda 2030 it is a Tyrannies Dream Because it dictates every area of human life including education to save the planet and this is problem reaction solution as I call it and this has been Worked towards for a long time So you create the illusion of the problem and then you offer the solutions to the problem to the problem Which is centralization of power centralized control now bringing it up to date One of the most classic Soros progressives around today is a lady in America a Congresswoman. She’s recently elected called Alexandria Acacio Cortez Whose classic? nothing to do with facts just this is how it is and She’s just come out now and it’s got a lot of coverage in America Lord of support in the Democratic Party Called the green new deal Because she says I would say bizarrely and scientists would also say bizarrely too That we have 12 years to save the planet We had a few years to change that save the planet some years back and it long passed and we still here And what her green New Deal demands? Is exactly what I’ve been writing for years is the plan to transform human society into a centralized dictatorship on The justification of we have to do this to save the planet And we don’t need to save the planet Humans aren’t causing an aggressive form of global warming. Oh the 30 the planet that the planet Doesn’t need saving I mean, it’s it’s natural balance Mechanisms will kick us off before it needs any help but are we gonna harm ourselves more in the meantime? No, I’ve just been reading See, it’s also it’s a psychological game So you have a major weather event in the 1950s and it’s a major weather event. Oh, yeah Yeah, well that was a bit. Yeah a bit, you know extreme when it You ever won now global warming its climate change and I’ve just been reading a very very interesting book by an American meteorologist called Joe Bastardi Who is Since he was a little kid he was obsessed with the weather he just loves weather and weather forecasting and he’s just a really kind of obsessed with it and he was observing all this and Being obsessed with the weather. He’s looked at charts going back forever, you know And he’s looking at all these claims about this is global warming. This is climate change. Oh nice going. Well, hold on a minute dad apt in the 1950s that happened in the 1920s and What what he does in this book is he shows the repeating cycles that cause the outcome? so in the 1920s or earlier there is a cycle where the Atlantic cools and the Pacific warms There’s another cycle where the Pacific calls and the Atlantic warms and that has a knock-on effect that eventually reaches a weather outcome Now he was pointing out in this book that when this sequence happens today the outcome is that’s climate change we’re all gonna die and then he goes back in his book and he shows that in the 1950s the 1940s this same cycle happened and the outcome that he’s now blamed on climate change Happened. I mean, you know The the planet today is nothing like as warm as it was in what they call the Medieval Warm Period When there was no Carbon dioxide emissions from technology. I mean, I mean, I mean, you know, what caused it then turbocharged handcarts. I mean, it’s crazy And and the other thing is that we went from this Really warm period the Medieval Warm Period about a thousand years ago and then we came down into what they call the Little Ice Age Which is which is still portrayed today on some Christmas cards with people skating on the Thames where temperatures can became very very cold and There’s a correlation between the two which I’ll come to in a second and then we started coming out of the Little Ice Age into into the Present day and a lot of you know, they say this is the warmest nations since records began a lot of those records began what we’re still coming out of the Little Ice Age so the comparison between then and now is is completely unsupportable and Have you noticed that Whenever they’re talking about the climate and climate change and global warming They never mentioned the bloody Sun And I mention it. It’s all carbon dioxide, but by by the way without carbon dioxide We’d all be dead it’s what it’s what gives life to the planet and Another by the way Ninety-eight percent or there abouts of greenhouse gases we’re supposed to hold there eat heating or do older heating is water vapor and clouds And when you see the graph, there’s water vapor and clouds. He carbon dioxide and the vast majority of this carbon Dioxide is naturally generated not human generated and it’s about methane and all the ones they animals Yeah, but they’re tiny. Tiny tires a big effect Dairy Dairy. They’re even they’re even less I mean we do gonna kill all the animals what we going to do legislate against condensation when 98% of it’s caused by Water vapor. It’s ridiculous. It’s another scam cuz it was intense. Yeah to create control but liked it Like I was just gonna say they never talked about the Sun now It’s well known that Solar activity These great emissions of power which we experience as heat coming from the Sun You can see When the Sun is in an up? Period of if you like power by the number of sunspots? Because these sunspots are massive projections from the Sun that there are bigger than the earth well bigger than the earth and they travel through on the solar wind and we get them as as heat and So when the Sun is very unactive there’s very few sunspots sometimes, you know virtually none and These would have been Looked at in their cycles through this period that I’m talking about and When we reached the minimum the bottom of the Little Ice Age when it was at its coldest It’s known in climate science as the maunder minimum And it’s named after a guy called maunder and his wife was there as well? Who were charting sunspot activity and its relationship to? Earth temperature and they picked up a correlation and one of the correlations was that when there was virtually no sunspot activity we reached them that the the coldest point of The the maunder minimum the Little Ice Age as they call it and then sunspot activity started again And we started to climb out of this this little ice age into into present day so when you discount basically the impact of the Sun on Temperature your climate models are irrelevant Irrelevant because the the basic foundation factor of what dictates the temperature of the planet the flippin Sun Is not taken into account on anything like What it should be to get an accurate Projection of what’s going to happen then you you you look at this from the point of view of prediction against experience According to Al Gore well before now they should be basically no ice in the summer at the at the North Pole funnily enough there is and And this should have happened and that should have happened. And another thing that Joe Bastardi points out in his kind of Lifelong love of of weather is that We’re told that all these extreme weather events now are increasing because of climate change He’s saying they’re not they’re not increasing There were there were more tornados and hurricanes way back than there are now and that there were More extreme weather events than we have now but if because it’s a psychological game if you keep saying every time I notice what they’ve done now in Britain Which they’ve never done before started naming storms? Like they named hurricanes They’ve stuck which are kind of not very often So you just name a few there must be running out of names because every time there’s a storm that you would call it’s a bit more than You know, it’s gonna be a bit rough. They give it a name, right? So it’s another psychological. It’s more scary, right? So we need to ignore it and well What we need to do is to research ourselves Beyond the official narrative and if we do we’ll find an amazing thing that there are a Lot of scientist increasing all the time, by the way Who are saying actually? it’s not happening is it it’s not real is it there’s many many scientists now that were on The bandwagon. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s happening. We’re now saying well actually Actually, I’m reassessing it. I don’t think it is now. I don’t think this is real and All that is available if you search for it, but when you’ve got a situation where the BBC That’s supposed to be this neutral organization. Well, yeah, you know, it’s the way I tell them that Actually made a decision that the science is settled therefore We’re not having people on that are saying otherwise Then what you’re doing again Back to the same theme you’re skewing the debate Because all people are hearing is climate change is real if they don’t go searching elsewhere climate change is real. We’re all gonna die you are disgustingly mercilessly Frightening young children of the devastation and the horror that they’re going to face For a political agenda. That’s what’s happening. So you and the school. I mean my son Jamie Because he he thinks for himself When he was at school and He had an exam and part of the part of the exam was climate change He was obviously gonna put that actually there are there’s evidence to say that it’s actually not happening And his teacher said well, I have sympathy with that But if you say that you won’t pass right, so again, wherever you look Where there’s an agenda you can’t win you Don’t have the agenda your all you don’t have the debate. So what you have now is anyone that is questioning the official narrative of So-called global warming climate change and it became climate change, by the way when the temperatures leveled out make call it global warming anymore There now climate deniers which is obviously Psychologically linking to Holocaust deniers, etc, etc and and So if you only hear one thing That’s overwhelmingly gonna be the perception you have and and if you say to people well Why do you believe that? Climate change caused by humans is real. They’ll say well well everybody knows that Well, they everybody knows that because that’s all everyone’s had ever heard when you go and do the research You find actually it’s um, it’s a house of cards It’s just based on repetition You know go and go and research the 97% of scientists believe that global warming is caused by humans Go and research that and you’ll find if you you follow it back. It’s based on wind It’s based on no substance whatsoever. It’s a complete hoax but it’s a great line all 97% of scientists agree that it’s caused by by humans or well, it’s 97 percent of scientists agree. It must be true You chart that number back and see where it came from. Even the Wall Street Journal trash. They’re okay, but it’s still parotid all the time as justification for Transforming human society destroying beautiful landscapes with with wind farms that are incredibly inefficient and so on You

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  1. I've always been sceptical about climate change. Read a book called 'State of Fear' by author Michael Crichton, it is fiction but it surmises that the powers that be want to keep the mass of the population afraid. There are a list of things to fear, before in the cold war era it was the risk of atomic war, as that risk receeded so weather and climate were made the issue.

  2. They actually have ruined the earth…by effecting a modern state, modern economy, etc these modern designs are inherently crippled as means to compel Interdependence . So if you thought the tech was f***ed. Yes it is.
    Not only the tech but every stage of construction. It's all traced to a node op.

    It's ALL a design.

    What is certain; they have until 2030 to get this done…so your going to see the sloppy work. A rush job NEVER ever is a clean job. It will be seen and is seen.

  3. The Planet will CLEANSE itself and has done so for YEARS. It is SEISMIC UNREST that they don't want anyone talking about. Big Oil doesn't want anyone to know about the Dangers of Fracking and Earthquakes. Volcanoes, quakes and tsunamis are a HUGE threat to Humanity more than the Climate is.

  4. I truly love and appreciate David’s dedication to this particular field, I’ve been following his work for years ….. he is truth.

  5. The inka and maya believed that they are responsible for how the universe develops.
    And that bad weather conditions and crop failure is their fault.

    The celts believed it was their fault, when the sky fell on their head (it‘s been a comet).

    Little ants who are thinking they are the key point of the whole universe.

    Not very much has changed in our belief systems since then.
    Human beings are just dumb and haughty.
    It‘s in our genes. And it will stay there.

    The price for the winner is a wooden box in the end.
    And whe‘re all winners.
    Get over it.

  6. The inka and maya believed that they are responsible for how the universe develops.
    And that bad weather conditions and crop failure is their fault.

    The celts believed it was their fault, when the sky fell on their head (it‘s been a comet).

    Little ants who are thinking they are the key point of the whole universe.

    Not very much has changed in our belief systems since then.
    Human beings are just dumb and haughty.
    It‘s in our genes. And it will stay there.

    The price for the winner is a wooden box in the end.
    And whe‘re all winners.
    Get over it.

  7. Man's carbon output is tiny plankton yearly carbon release 600-615 gigatons – man 1 gigaton ..the annual fluctuations of plankton output is 15x greater than all man's output

  8. I need some help here. I'm trying to find credible sources that point to the fact that what David says is true. So far I'm 70-30 on the side of human causes climate change, but I'm very willing to change that stance with the right info. David focuses on the motive, but his only source seems to be Joe Bastardi. Probably Google isn't a great help as well, as they probably don't put the smartest climate change hoax people on top of the list.

  9. wow a lot of dislikes for this video! 3691 now. The man-made climate change agenda is perfect as it scares the people into accepting "solutions" i.e. more taxation (government mandated theft) for a "problem" that is not a problem at all. How can people not see that the sun is the biggest driver of climate change? Climate like weather changes, just that climate changes slowly over time. David Icke mentions the BBC who push relentlessly the man-made climate change agenda – practically every day. Isn't it interesting how the same mainstream media who refuse to ask pertinent questions of the official version of 9/11 are the same ones who unquestioningly propagate the man-made climate change agenda? Governments love this agenda as they can help themselves to more money from the public via taxation and garner more control in their countries. Like, who likes paying more taxes but they'll do so if they think they are saving the planet and their children's future. Banks love this agenda as they can lend (at interest of course) to these same governments. Additionally, the man-made climate change agenda also advances the population control agenda, both in agitating for reducing population and in steering the perception of the people. And I'd also like to add from a spiritual / religious aspect, isn't it interesting how in the english language the words 'son' and 'sun' are indistinguishable when heard?… and that the man-made climate change agenda ignores the role of the 'sun', in a similar kind of way, modern secular society is ignoring the role of the 'son' as in the Son of God in directing humanity along a loving, truthful path.

  10. David is spot on about this & it's scary that these American politicians that are pushing this agenda are still in power & not in a mental institution.

  11. It's amazing that someone as ignorant as Ice can make a living with his blathering. ..he is creative however…..the more literate version of Trump….he claims to be an expert on everything as does Trump…

  12. YES ,it is just that the sun is getting hotter .The cycles of the sun are responsible. "The dark ages was hotter than what it is now."…up and down solar cycles are responsible ,a natural process , Also some areas of earth are getting very cold now ,due to an ongoing polar shift…

  13. Ironically, the only way to save the planet is to kill the infection which is humans. The food supply is being attacked by nature, and the Baby Boomers the central architects of this tyrannical dystopia, are dying eventually…but not fast enough. When you have half the country's population gone, suddenly jobs are aplenty, wages soar, and housing is cheap again…everything the young people want and need to further the human race. It is the artificial intervention of science and healthcare that is extending the tyranny of Baby Boomers who won't get out of politics, they push other countries around with the military, and they continue to rape the planet for resources. They can do this efficiently because of BIG government and central planning, to break them up would slow it down. The young people are dosed up with drugs, weed, and Instagram influencers they are too busy to see what actions need to be taken.

  14. Want to legislate the masses with little or no fuss? Scare the bejesus out of them! Scare the sheeple- the uneducated masses. 9/11= Patriot Act. Climate Change= Green New Deal. Medical bankruptcy= Socialism. College debt= Socialism. It's all points to one thing: dictatorship. And that's why they have false flag shootings to take away your guns through emotions rather than logic!

  15. Call me old fashioned an interviewer is not their to give their opinions they are there to ask questions with the odd interjection here or there and allow the interviewee to answer them. This interview fits that box. David is allowed to answer which then allows the listener to decide if what they are saying stands up to scrutiny.

  16. Bring a scientist and ask him this question. Yeah global warming is hyped to certain level but also it is underestimated! Just 20 years ago we had a major crisis with the Ozon layer and satellite images showed it clearly that it was shrinking! The Ozon layer depletion was caused by artificial substances made by humans! like CFCs and FCs. Global warming however is more complicated and there is no on answer to it but the real problem is the pollution and the destruction of natural habitat that a far greater crisis. So dont get all hyped with your denial to the point of denying every damn Environmental problem.

  17. 9.09 min. What we gonna do, kill all the animals….?
    I suggest stop breeding them…
    We people, put billions of animals on this world just for Lust !
    It isn't necessary to eat meat…
    Or reduce it to 10% …
    It will help anyway.
    I suppose ….

  18. Al Gore and many Elites make millions of dollars in speaking fees. As they fly around on their private jets. There is climate change. There always has been. And there always will be. It is just a way to bring about The One World Order. Of open boarders and socialism. The elites have at all. And we the pee ons will have nothing.

  19. Allot of your average sandal wearing tree huggers are that thick they protest like in London fairly recently at the lies and bullshit of the state and its so called experts yeah right. You could tell them that a big black dildo is the answer to global warming most of the people would go out and buy one!

  20. As an ecologist, I partly agree with this. The scam is the fear and misinformation promoted to good willing people. The world is not going to end soon, and the powers that be will definitely take advantage of this movement for their own agenda. However, I wonder if these scientists that look at weather data also studied a range of ecological systems. People actually think it will be ok if humans keep destroying forests, polluting water bodies and the atmosphere? That the die-off of coral reefs and thousands of species (which btw many have survived ice ages and been on Earth for millions of years but now for the first time are in risk of extinction) and this has nothing to do with humans? That extensive agriculture does not cause erosion and in effect causes floods and desertification = food insecurity in the future? Anthropogenic climate change is real but also geoengineering has to be kept in mind. The solutions that will be promoted by governments should be questioned for sure. All we can do is educated ourselves and try live as sustainable as possible.

  21. david icke is the epitome of idiocy.

    He really likes to talk nonsense about things he has no idea about. The brainless sheep will continue to follow his bullshit.

  22. Late comment I know but look at what is happening now… Schools striking about climate change. Because of what the government has told them. And the same people want the government to listen…. Problem action solution

  23. Most of the move to scare the public about global warming and climate change is coming directly from the Wall Street private corporations who want to print carbon credits like money, and then sell them to governments who then sell them to their corporations, where they are then traded back-and-forth. Whoever prints the carbon credits, those are the people who will profit to the tune of billions, probably even trillions. It acts just like currency.

  24. Actually the original quote was..97% of >>>>>>CLIMATE<<<<< scientists etc ….which is worlds apart in meaning than ." 97% of scientists just scientists, isn't it ? A climate scientist's livelihood depends on there being climate change while ordinary scientists couldn't give a toss about climate change.

  25. We still must stop pillaging our planet with CHEMTRAILS, unregulated pollution of our rivers and oceans, and must stop fracking and destroying our forests.

  26. His remarks about Rhodes and Milner exploiting Southern Africa is spot on. Their greed destroyed two independent Boer nations in two wars, and a genocide that exterminated over a third of the Boers in British concentration camps.

  27. The great number of people that believe in something it doesn't make it true. And it's not a reliable argument at all.

  28. Typical david icke conjecture and wild theories. No real evidence given just a few names and organisations to link back to the rothschilds (because one family controls the entire political and financial world – yeah right!). Weather patterns are totally scrambled. I don't remember having a decent full season of summer in the uk for well over a decade. We used to have clear separate seasons (spring, summer, autumn ams winter) now we are getting summer days where the temperatures drop so much that u have to wear long trousers and a jumper; and in December there are some unusually warm days where u can go out just wearing a tee shirt. Summer days where the temps are 10-15 celsius lower than the average and winter days 10-15 warmer…if that doesnt scream climate change to you deniers?! One of the bst documentaries i have seen is Earth From Space , satellite pictures taken over 30 years and you can clearly see the destruction us humans are doing to our planet. The way davd icke dismisses climate change is naive and short sighted and he always blames the rothscholds for everything. We are destroying rainforests in brazil at an alarming rate to make way for farmland to produce soya beans for cattle feed, dstroying rainforests in indonesia to make farmland for palm oil, china and indias population has exploded in the few decades amd with that their pollution. Major chinese cities have so much smog now that day turns into night, how is our planet meant to cope with all extra heat and carbon dioxide?! Icke says the planet needs co2, true but not at the levels we have reached.

  29. "If you repeat a lie (global warming) often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself." – Joseph Goebbels, Nazi propagandist

  30. I also have doubts about global warming or climate change. BUT, BUT, BUT, there ARE huge pollution problems that are 100% provable and those need to be addressed and fixed.

  31. So many people say its self made….. . Havent seen the film "The Great Global Warming Swindle" broadcastet by BBC 2007. Crazy times we are in… ;-).

  32. Global warming? You need an update on that now! When certain parts of the world were getting cold actually then it unmasked their lie… now they call it “climate change”! Hahaha . They say climate change is man-made. I ask that morons: who created the ice age and who ended the ice age? Man? Hahahahaha! Only the hypnotised brainwashed morons will fall for the lie of climate bullshit. What we need to save is ourselves not the planet!

  33. 97 % of scientists have never agreed on anything… this is obviously propaganda for an agenda. Unfortunately scientist have to rely on funding and therefore must give the answers that are expected to retain their funding. It’s like blackmail by the elite.

  34. Don’t save the planet, save the people.
    Don’t save the people, save your self.
    Don’t save yourself, get rid of your self.

  35. So sad ppl still pay to kill animals for food. Who said that animal flesh is good for humans. The natural carnivores are never ill but ppl meat eaters yes (heart diseases, diabesis, obesity). 10 years without animal products and no issues at all

  36. The more people we become on Earth, the more carbon dioxide we will NEED to sustain a green plant diet for the population. Think about that.

  37. Geoengineering is causing species to go extinct, and it causes mass disruption in our weather… that's the main factor of climate change. But does it really melts the ice? Keep in mind we will have a big methane problem, and methane is highest ever recorded ( ppm) at the moment.
    There is no question that the ice melts. The only question is: will they stop this insannity ( geoengineering) before we will have massive crop loss, social collapse, and climate chaos? I totally believe that the agenda is being played out right now, but of the cost of what? Tipping points are real, and our crops cannot adapt to the new climate. They are pusching monsanto gmo,s and putting the small farmers of the card. But our whole ecosystem is falling apart because of geoengineering, pollution, co2 and methane release ( and yes if you like it or not we should stop eating and using animals, it's also causes massive methane release, it makes us sick so that the pharma industry can provide us more drugs)
    We need to all research about geoengineering and stop this madness from happening. I just came back from a trip driving from Germany, through Austria, Swiss and Italy and it's everywhere… most goverments take part of this sick discusting poisening agenda.

  38. This chasm between light and dark, dim and bright, informed vs uninformed, guided vs misguided and so on, is enough to make you mad. Tolerance and having a cheerful attitude is the only way to remain calm in this chaos. “Cup of Tea anyone?”. Pls come enjoy my channel for some Sanity. Asmr tea time!😂 All jokes aside. Pls sub. At some point I will create my own asmr tea room just for David and the rest us trying to keep sane from some of the madness out there. Here’s just one out of many incidents I have witnessed that is ridiculous but unfortunately I’ve seen much worse as I’m sure u all have. This one actually pales in comparison to one I experienced years ago which would take too long to explain right now…that one was mind blowing…this guy was bad but not as bad as another one I experienced. Some Mexican guy the other day threw a bunch of plastic bottles right out of his pick up truck window while their was a trash bin right in-front of him. I almost lost it. I demanded he pick it up, at which point he tells me why he threw them out OF THE WINDOW; “People might need the bottle returns”!!!!!!! 😳🤯🙄🤥🤮😖This was cringe worthy. Have mercy on these people and myself to have to witness this! He cursed me, at which point I rolled up my window because I believe this State is open carry and I didn’t want to take a chance. He then begrudgingly walks to pick them up, except for the NON CARBONATED DRINK(no bottle returns on that) that rolled underneath his car (that someone soon after drove over) and the napkins strewn all over the parking lot. He placed them right next to the GARBAGE BIN, IN FRONT OF HIM THE WHOLE TIME. GLOBAL WARMING GUYS, OR GLOBAL IGNORANCE AND GLOBAL TRASHING?!!!! This does not include those of us that really try and make an effort.

  39. I think is the Problem is not Globla Warming, is pollution and all the plastic and Farming and destroying the Nature that is the reall problem

  40. Extinction Rebellion is a decentralized movement. It has no foundations in this. Global warming has been created to cause this, it is real and it is genocide.

  41. 5:06… well that's the point though… it's kicking us off… so we need to help it help us… and ironically just hear me out but… WHAT IF… WHAT IF IRONICALLY they were unintentionally CORRECT about this AGENDA the entire time and you were resisting against what was ORIGINALLY a scheme that played out to be real?

  42. 8:00 um it's entirely supportable… this guy does know how you can MATHEMATICALLY prove climate change is real… right? It's a really easy formula… and we have plenty of examples in the infinite known universe and on our own planet to know exactly how atmospheres work… it's painfully easy… this is why you need to teach math in schools kiddos!

  43. There's not a big debate going on right now regarding climate. Haven't you heard? The debate is over. It's time for action now! Just ask all of the climate justice retards demanding that their rights and freedoms be taken away to save mother earth.

  44. What many fail to understand is that global warming is a reaction to the parasites that live on this planet and an act of cleansing..Climate change is to get you to buy in to them starting a mini ice age..How many of you will vote to block out the sun when they roll out their plan..Better go and buy yourself some very expensive sleeping bags..

  45. Whenever you here of governments and organizations shutting people up who disagree, that should be a warning sign from the start. Every dictatorship began the same way. Agenda 21 is a dictatorship, and unless you are educated on it, you won't get it until you yourself are affected by it and realize it's too late to escape from it. Because anyone who believes governments have the power to influence the weather is deluded.

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