Is evangelism more difficult in a society where truth is considered relative?

SPROUL: People embrace relativism. That’s the bad news. You notice the book that went to the top of
the charts and nobody expected it to The Closing of the American Mind, several years ago, from
a professor at Cornell, I believe it was, that he talked…to say that when a student
entered college, 95% of students entering college had already embraced relativism. And by the time they graduated from college
and had higher education, it was now up to 98%. That was the bad news. The good news is nobody’s a relativist consistently. You can’t survive for 24-hours being a relativist
unless you’re in a padded cell somewhere and under 24-hour watch, because every time I
walk to the street, and a bus is coming down the street, I know there can’t be a bus and
not be a bus at the same time in the same relationship. And so all of a sudden, I don’t become a relativist,
I become a realist, and I stop instead of stepping in front of the bus, unless I’m suicidal. I mean that’s what the reality is. And the other good news is and bad news at
the same time, is that human nature, the constituent nature of fallen humanity has neither improved
nor deproved from the day that Adam fell. We’re still dead in sin and trespasses. That’s true of twentieth century postmodern
America, as it was true in the seventeenth century or sixteenth century. Sixtieth century America, there wasn’t a whole
lot there, but in the seventeenth century there was. But that remains the same. So, the task of evangelism is the same now
as it was always.

3 thoughts on “Is evangelism more difficult in a society where truth is considered relative?

  1. I think this is so true. If Christians don't take a stand, if they don't pick up their bibles and assert to the progressive, atheistic forces that dominate our society that we will not tolerate the social changes, we will not tolerate the dilution of our identity, this is the truth. The word of God is the Truth. If we do not stand up for our believes, our country, our civilization, our culture, will ultimately be completely taken over and dissent stamped out as progressivism destroys the few remaining demoralized Protestants, who on a daily basis are on the decline in America. Church attendance is at an all time low, atheism is now nearly the majority "faith" of the country. We must act, we need to stand up for our beliefs, so help us God.

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