Is Dropshipping a SCAM?! (Things New Dropshippers Say…)

Hey guys, I want to say something. I absolutely love running this channel, I
love creating these videos, and I love talking about Dropshipping with [inaudible 00:00:09]. Most of you leave really thoughtful, kind
comments and questions. But sometimes, sometimes, it can be a bit
frustrating when people leave comments like, “Hey guys, just wanted to leave a comment
to warn you all. Set up my store and added products, ran Facebook
ads, made no money. Leaving my report on Scamwatch right now.” “My question for you is how can I do this
for free? Second question, if I start this today, will
I make $10,000 in the next 30 days? Please tell me how to make $10,000 in the
next 30 days without any prior experience.” “So I bought your course, very disappointed. I expected you to reveal all of the secrets
that you gurus know but don’t normally share. Instead, you taught me information that I
already know. Very disappointed, expected more.” “My question is, how can I do this for free?” “Hey guys, just wanted to leave a comment
to warn you all that this is all just a scam. They make it sound so easy like you will start
making money tomorrow. They don’t warn you that it’s harder than
it seems. Scam, scam, scam.” “Yes, I have a question, how can I turn no
money into $10,000 really fast? I need it in the next seven days. Looking forward to your reply.” You know what? It’s all good, it’s all good. I’m happy to address all of these concerns. Let’s just do it, let’s just jump straight
into the video. Is Dropshipping a scam? Obviously, I’m going to say that no, it isn’t. The honest truth is that you’re going to find
plenty of people out there that are going to say to you, “I tried Dropshipping and it
didn’t work for me. I didn’t make any money, it’s just a gigantic
scam.” You have to imagine that somebody came to
you and said, “Hey, I opened a coffee shop. Guess what, I didn’t make any money. Nobody came in and bought any coffee off of
me. Man, coffee shops are gigantic scams.” What would you do? I know what you’d probably do, you’d most
likely look at them sideways and think to yourself, “No, cafés aren’t scams. You just didn’t run yours right.” Cafés aren’t scams, they’re just businesses. The truth is is that most people aren’t very
good at running business. Yes, cafés are a business. You’re offering a product, which is coffee,
and you’re trying to get people to come in and buy it. If you aren’t very good at marketing your
café, then nobody is going to come in, and you aren’t going to make any money. If you open your store in an area of town
that nobody wants a café in, then no one’s going to come, and you’re not going to make
any money. If your café is next to another one that
looks nicer, is friendlier, and that people prefer to be in, then they’re going to go
into that on and not into your one, and you’re not going to make any money. Guess what? Dropshipping stores are exactly the same. If you set up your Aliexpress Shopify Dropshipping
store and you don’t spend the time and money marketing it and testing products, then you’re
not going to make any money. If you’re selling products that nobody wants,
then people aren’t magically going to buy them. They’re not going to purchase them, and you’re
not going to make any money. If your store looks unprofessional and untrustworthy
because you didn’t want to put the time and effort into making it look like those things,
then people are going to go to the stores that look trustworthy and professional, and
you’re not going to make any money. If you open a Dropshipping store and you didn’t
make any money, it’s not because you fell for a gigantic scam, it’s because you simply
didn’t run it right. Most of the people that I come across who
accuse Dropshipping of being a scam are usually the sorts of people that are looking honestly
for a magical money tree. They aren’t looking to run a business. No, they are looking and scouring over the
internet searching for secret hacks and tricks that are going to allow them to make money
through some gigantic loophole without doing any work, which is crazy. There are no secret tricks, or hacks, or loopholes
for how you can just make free, easy money on the internet. That’s not going to stop the people that live
in hope of finding the magical money tree. Occasionally these people stumble across Aliexpress
Dropshipping and they think that they found the secret hack or trick that’s going to allow
them to make their free, easy money. No, you haven’t. All Dropshipping is is bypassing the wholesale
and middleman. Instead, you purchase your items directly
from the manufacturer and you get them to ship them out directly to the customer. That’s it, there are no secret tricks or hacks
here, it’s just a form of order fulfillment. If you don’t put any work to build up your
store, then you’re not going to make any money. You need to be prepared to put work into creating
your store. If you took an espresso machine and you just
threw it into an empty box of a room, then people are not going to come in to your café. The same goes for Dropshipping. You’re going to have to invest money into
running ads for your store if you want to see fast results, which is exactly the same
if you opened a café. If you didn’t bother to advertise, then no
one would know that it existed. Guess what? There are no guarantees. Even most successful cafés were not immediately
successful. They didn’t just immediately start making
money. Why? Because it takes time to learn and understand
customers. It takes time to learn how to use advertising
efficiently. There is a learning curve, and the same is
for Dropshipping. Like any business, there is going to be a
learning curve for learning marketing and figuring out how to generate sales, especially
if you are new to the internet marketing world. Don’t get me wrong though, Dropshipping is
exciting and it is actually a really unique opportunity compared to most other businesses. It’s exciting because unlike running a coffee
shop and most other businesses, you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to start,
and you don’t need any special qualifications to start. There are no barriers to entry like fancy
degrees. Instead, all you need to do is to learn how
to do it yourself. That can be either through coaches, courses,
videos, or through trial and error. There are not many businesses out there where
you can start with less than a thousand dollars and no special qualifications, and yet have
such huge earning potentials. That is super cool, but it’s still a business
with work and most likely some trial and error. Basically, if you think that Dropshipping
is going to be a vending machine where if you put $20 in and you press some buttons
and you’re going to get $100 pop out the other side, you should probably go elsewhere. No, you can’t Dropship for free. Truthfully, I really shouldn’t get frustrated
when people ask this because I understand why most do. The reason why they want to start a business
is because they don’t have money, so they want to create one so that they can have some
money. Yet to build a business to make money, you
need to have some money to get started. Kind of a catch-22, right? If this is you, I’m really sorry. I wish I had a better answer for you, but
the honest truth is that you’re simply going to have to save some startup money. At minimum, you’re going to need $50 to get
started using Free Traffic. The honest truth is that most people are going
to find paid traffic a lot faster and easier. If you want to utilize paid ads, then make
sure that you are prepared at least $500. If you’re someone out there that has the money,
you just simply don’t want to spend it, well that is not the right attitude to have a business. Some people have very limited attitudes when
it comes towards money. They see it as a scarce resource, when in
reality it is an abundant resource. Why? Because you can spend money to make money,
that’s the point of business and reinvesting. Money is the gift that keeps giving. If you’re someone that has that attitude,
then what I would recommend is that you try to shift that mindset. If you do, you’re going to find it a lot easier
to scale and grow your store. Stop looking for secret hacks. There are really people out there that believe
that there are secret tricks and hacks that expert Dropshippers use. It’s those tricks that allow them to be successful,
and if only, if only they could learn those secret hacks, then they could be successful
too. Now spoiler, while that would be cool, there
aren’t secret underground societies where people are giving away the secret underground
hacks to making millions and millions of dollars every year with Dropshipping. You know, perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps they do exist and I’m just cool enough
yet to be invited to them. Actually, I suspect that these groups don’t
exist. Listen, if you are buying a course because
you’re hoping to find secret tricks and secret hacks that you can’t find anywhere else, you
probably shouldn’t be buying that course. A really good reason to purchase a training
program or a course is to get access to step-by-step trainings so that you can have guidance and
direction, or to get access to premium tools and apps, or to get access to exclusive one-on-one
support. Here is the honest truth; most information
is actually available on the internet, it’s just extremely disorganized to say the least. Courses provide for you in a streamlined way
that you can easily follow. For example, with the Dropship Club, our claim
to fame is that we give you step-by-step training videos that are over the shoulder, so that
you can follow along with my screen. Every month I host a live Q&A sessions that
are exclusive for members. If you’re the sort of person that wants that
type of training and that type of support, then the club house is great. If that is you, I will have a link to it in
the description below. If you have been spending the past few years
watching every video that you can find on Dropshipping on the internet, then you probably
know quite a lot already and you should have opened your store by now. Don’t buy a course hoping that it will be
the Pandora’s box of secrets that you’ve been wishing and hoping for. Trust me, it isn’t going to be. I’m not quite telling the truth here, because
there is kind of one secret hack that not many people know about. I’m going to let you in on it right now. Secret hack; study sales psychology, focus
on copywriting and conversions. I’ve said it before and I will say it again,
most people who are drawn to Dropshipping feel a lot more comfortable working with numbers
rather than words. They want a numbers based business. If I spend X amount of money, then it will
send Y amount of visitors, which will make Z amount of revenue, which result in N amount
of profit. Yes, you can run your business that way, but
you will get far more visitors, revenue and profit if you also focus on copywriting and
conversions. You know what? Knowledge about copywriting, conversions,
and buyer psychology is something that very few people know about and bother to learn
about. If you know about it, it’s kind of like you
have a secret weapon. If you want to get a strong advantage over
your competition, learn how to use words, images, and videos to get customers to want
to take action and buy your items right now. There you go guys, if you would like to learn
more of my secret hacks, then be sure to subscribe to Wholesale Ted for more great videos like
this. If you haven’t already, be sure to click that
little notification down next to the subscribe button so that you don’t miss out on any videos. Actually, I kind of lied twice. I do have one other secret hack for you. Here at Wholesale Ted we have a free ebook,
How To Make $10,000 A Month Online With Dropshipping. You’ll find a link on how to download this
free ebook in the video description below.

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