Irregular Verbs in English – Groups 1 & 2

24 thoughts on “Irregular Verbs in English – Groups 1 & 2

  1. Hola Ronnie eres muy simpática y muy buena explicando… You are so nice y good teacher… I'm learning english… First time… Saludos desde Chile… From Chile southamerica

  2. Who would like to tell me when Ronnie teacher starts recording English videos? as I want to start from the beginning .Thank you .

  3. And, what about the grup of the irregular verbs that chang in each time, it means , it has 3 forms, like, for exemple: EAT ATE EATEN? Could you give a class about them? ( by the way: "GIVE-GAVE-GIVEN")

  4. Thank you so much. It's cool! I also like this article for Russian speaking learners

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