Irish Cancer Society Chairman Dermot Breen speaking about the 2017 National Cancer Strategy

Very welcome news indeed that the new National Cancer Strategy launches today. It’s a 10 year strategy building on the previous two ten year strategies, and this is very significant for people dealing with cancer. Both through their cancer experience and afterwards
in the sense that the focus of this strategy is on the person dealing with the cancer experience
rather than the operating and the functioning of the system. It’s going to look at focusing on supporting patients through the cancer experience, and also through survivorship and we’re delighted
that there are now 150,000 cancer survivors in Ireland who need ongoing support, psychological,
social and financial supports, so this is very good news. Important developments also in the new strategy
are improved access to diagnostics so we as a nation can detect cancers earlier where
it’s more effective and the cure rates are much higher. Important commitments also are around the
whole area of prevention, and access to diagnostics, both for GPs and across the social divide,
so that there’s significant advances being made there. What we really want to see now is a commitment
to implement all these measures and make this strategy a reality. This is very good news indeed for cancer patients
and we’re very welcoming and very positive about the whole strategy and what it might
achieve in terms of improving the experience of cancer but also reducing the incidence
of cancer in Ireland.

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