Invisible Hands: What Rules and Institutions are Best for Society?

20 thoughts on “Invisible Hands: What Rules and Institutions are Best for Society?

  1. Why I just watched their first video, and now I’m the second person to comment on their video so…….SECOND! Just kidding, great video. This series has potential.

  2. The most screwed up rule in the United States, Atleast right now it imminent domain. Your house can be destroyed and nothing will be built over it. The really messed up thing is I’ve seen people, now this is very rare, defend imminent domain because they like the idea of it and can’t find any positive examples. One strange law that didn’t really stop till the early eighties(which is really scary.) is that if forced sterilization. It’s a shame we don’t teach this in schools, I only now learned of this through research online.

  3. So, am I supposed to be surprised that this guy talks like he favors the free market? I mean, I don't know why he wouldn't. Frankly, I don't know why anybody wouldn't, unless they were deceived into trusting socialism.

  4. This is like Queer Kid stuff but,… actually educational, rational and funny lol
    Wait, it's nothing like Queer Kid stuff now that I think about it lol

  5. Weirdest rule? more like shittest. Here in Argentina they just ruled against delivery apps and there is conflict with uber. And that's just the most recent ones

  6. I like the idea of the show however I think there’s too many big complex words too often. It’ll be hard as hell for a kid to follow

  7. Is that one of the vsauce guys?

    So nice to see more famous people supporting markets.

    Don't think they are famous? Compare view counts. Kids know YouTubers better than movie stars. YouTube is gen z Hollywood.

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