Introduction to the Criminal Justice Section

Welcome to the Criminal Justice Section
of the American Bar Association my name is Lucian E. Dervan and I’m a law
professor at Belmont University College of Law in Nashville Tennessee and I have
the honor of serving as chair of the Criminal Justice Section during the 2018-2019 bar year membership in the Criminal Justice Section offers many benefits and
opportunities. For example, we have 49 committees ranging from sentencing to
mental health issues we also have many CLE opportunities speaking opportunities
and publishing opportunities we host a number of events annually including the
National Southeastern and London White Collar Crime institutes every
second year we also host the global white-collar crime institute which is an
opportunity for our members to travel and interact with attorneys and others
in a new part of the world. The section is also committed to influencing policy
on the state local and national level regarding criminal justice issues and
these are issues we work on in collaboration with the larger American
Bar Association. Section resources include a complimentary copy of the
criminal justice section magazine the newsletter and Supreme Court updates. You can find these and other resources on the Section’s website in fact the website
is where you’ll find much of the information about the section and other
resources the sections homepage has a menu that links to pages for awards,
committees, CLE events, membership, policy, and much more we also have a feed of our
social media activities on the website you can also use the website to join
committees by logging into your my ABA account once you’re at your my ABA page
there will be links available that will lead you to submission pages to join ABA
and group committees including Committees of the criminal justice
section. The section provides its members with timely information through emails
social media newsletters and ABA connect emails are sent to provide information
about events section programs nominations and Supreme Court opinions
ABA Connect is an online resource for group discussion you can participate in
group discuss my topic committee or geography the
section actively shared information on social media about events member news
current issues and section resolutions the section handle is at ABA CJ s for
Twitter Facebook and Instagram additionally the section is on LinkedIn
and has a YouTube page where we post video from our various events. If you
need additional help you can reach out to section staff for assistance. Again
welcome to the criminal justice section of the American Bar Association we want
you to be actively engaged and we want your feedback so please let us know
where we can be of assistance and let us know where you want to participate. Thank you!

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