Introduction to Animal Ethics | KyotoUx on edX

in the West and the East, how given thought to the relationship
between animals and human beings in various manners. The Christian Bible tells that God
created human beings to rule animals. It is said in some Eastern
thoughts that humans and animals are in the same [? category ?]
of reincarnation. Despite all the differences
in the ways of thinking between the Western and the Eastern– with humans, with chickens,
and dogs are a family member– we have had deep relationships with
animals, such as labor force, food, and pets since ancient times. Recently, the relationships
between humans and animals have been diversified,
including animal experiments for the development of new
drugs, and biomedical research, and animal displays at zoos. Animal ethics is a research field for
considering the following questions, going inside of philosophy and ethics. What the relationship between
humans and animals should be– if we choose not to kill
anything, what about plants? If a dog can be man’s best friend,
why not the pork chop on your table? Let us consider together what the
relationship between humans and animals should be.

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