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01-2014-05-19_NACHGR_Intro Eric D. Green:
Okay, I will call to order the 71st meeting of the National Advisory Council for Human
Genome Research. Welcome, everybody. We have, as always, a busy schedule ahead of us for
the open session, and so, without further ado, I’ll turn this over to Rudy for a few
items to be taken care of. Rudy Pozzatti:
Okay, good morning everyone. Let me remind the council members that we’re being webcast
and video archived. First, let me make mention of our council liaison, Ellen Giarelli from
the International Society of Nurses in Genetics, Joe McInerney from the American Society of
Human Genetics, James O’Leary from the Genetic Alliance, Ronda Schonberg from the National
Society of Genetic Counselors, and Michael Watson from the American College of Medical
Genetics and Genomics. And Rhonda and Joe are with us in person today, welcome. We have some new NHGRI employees, and our
practice is to introduce the employees to the council members, so when I call your name,
would you please rise in the back. Melinda Rose. Melinda is a program assistant, she
works the front desk up on the fourth floor, and she generates lots of internal reports
that are very useful for the staff for tracking grant applications and reviews as they occur
across the NIH. She comes to us from the Child Health Institute, where she was a Grants Technical
Assistant, and she has expertise in running peer review meetings. Thank you, Melinda. Christine Chang. Christine is the new lead
scientific program analyst in the extramural research program. In addition to participating
in a subset of research activities that go on, she also has the responsibility to provide
training and orientation for the new crop of program analysts that we recruit each year.
Now, Christine has a master’s in public health, she comes to us from the National Cancer Institute’s
Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, where she spent three years as a
research assistant working on cancer epidemiological studies. Thank you, Christine. Ken Wiley. Ken is a new program director in
the Division of Genomic Medicine. Ken’s doctoral training was in pharmacology and his postdoctoral
work was in epigenetics and bioinformatics. He’s worked at the FDA in regulatory sciences,
and pharmacogenomics. Prior to his arrival at NHGRI, he was an associate at Booz Allen
Hamilton, where he developed software tools for use in clinical trials. Ken will be working
the eMERGE and H3Africa projects, and will be working with grants involving pharmacogenomics
and bioinformatics. Thank you, Ken. David Kaufman. David is a new program director
in the Division of Genomics in Society. David’s training is in genetic epidemiology. Before
coming to NHGRI, David was the director of research at the Genetics and Public Policy
Center at Johns Hopkins University. David was an NIH grantee there, conducting research
on the engagement of stakeholders with interest in policy issues with interest in policy issues
related to clinical genetics and genomic research. This is David’s first day on the job, so we’re
not going to scare him to death by recounting all the programs we’re going to be working
on in the L.C. research program, but he’ll be deeply integrated in all those programs.
And enjoy your fingerprinting experience today — you’ve already done it, okay. And, because life is a cycle, we welcome the
new, and we send out the old. Could I ask the following people, if they’re present,
to stand? Jessica Barry, Preetha Nandi, Kathy Sung [spelled phonetically] and Sherry Zhou
[spelled phonetically]; this is our graduating class of program analysts, they’re all off
to graduate programs in medical schools. They have served us well, they make us proud, and
we wish them a great success, so congratulations to all of you. I should also announce we have a couple of
visitors. Adam Berger, from the Institute of Medicine, and Raeka Aiyar from the Genetic
Society of America. I call the council members’ attention to the future meeting dates for
the next six meetings over the coming two years. Please have a look at those dates,
communicate these to your assistants, mark your calendars, if you see any schedule conflicts,
talk to me and Comfort about it. Okay? And Eric D. Green:
[inaudible] Rudy Pozzatti:
Oh, that’s a really good idea. I will do that. You’ve seen a copy of the minutes from the
February council meeting. I will ask if there are any comments or corrections you’d care
to make. And hearing none, I’ll ask for you to approve the minutes. Can I have a motion
to approve the minutes, please? Eric D. Green:
Motion. Rudy Pozzatti:
A second? All in favor? Any opposed? Thank you. Okay, Eric, your director’s report, please. [end of transcript]

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