Introduction – Rudy Pozatti

Eric Green:
If I can have everybody’s attention, I will call to order the 74th meeting of the National
Advisory Council for Human Genome Research. Thank you everyone for traveling here, and
we will start, I will turn this over to my excellent exec sec, Rudy Pozzatti, who will
walk us through some of the initial parts of the agenda. Rudy Pozzatti:
Okay, good morning everyone. Let me remind you that we are videocasting the open session
of the council and it will be archived. So please use your microphones when you’re
speaking. I’ve had the opportunity to review these archived council meetings, and you really
can’t be heard unless you’re using the microphone. Let’s begin by welcoming our
council society liaison members, Ellen Giarelli from the International Society of Nurses and
Genetics, Joe McInerney from the American Society of Human Genetics, James O’Leary
from the Genetic Alliance, Rhonda Schonberg from the National Society of Genetic Counselors,
and Michael Watson from the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics. Thank you
for coming in person to attend the council meeting today. I seek your approval for the February council
minutes. So I’m going to ask if anybody has any comments or corrections to make to
those minutes. None? Can I have a motion to approve and accept the minutes? A second?
All in favor? Any opposed? Thank you. Let me draw your attention on the open session
agenda to the meeting dates for the next six council meetings. If you discover that you
have a schedule conflict, first I’ll share this information with your administrators,
administrative assistants, and if you discover a schedule conflict, please notify me and
more importantly, Comfort Browne about that conflict. And with that, I’m ready to turn
it back to Eric for the director’s report. [end of transcript]

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