Introduction of New NHGRI Staff, Liaisons and Guests – Bettie Graham

Eric Green:
Well, good morning, everyone, and let me formally open the 82nd meeting of the National Advisory
Council for Human Genome Research. It’s good to see all of you. We have a busy but, I think, interesting and
important open session ahead of ourselves for the rest of the day. Let me pause for a minute and immediately
point out that, sitting to my left is not our usual executive secretary Rudy Pozzatti
[spelled phonetically]. A family situation arose at the last minute
that precludes Rudy from being here in person. The good news is, NHGRI has a deep bench of
excellent people that can step in and substitute on short notice, and one of those is Dr. Betty
Graham. And so, on the six places on the open agenda
where you see the name Rudy Pozzatti, just substitute Betty Graham, because she will
be leading us through some important steps along the way. And with that I think I will in fact turn
this over, in fact, the Betty, for some immediate business. Betty Graham:
Good morning. I would like to welcome everybody to the 82nd
meeting of the National Advisory Council for Human Genome Research. I want to thank all of the council members
for being here; I know it’s been on-again, off-again, but we are finally here, and so
we will do the business. First, I would like to introduce two new council
members. The first is Dr. Wendy Chung. She is the Kennedy Family professor of pediatrics
and medicine at Columbia University, and a member of the Institute of Genomic Medicine. She is board-certified in clinical genetics
and clinical molecular genetics and genomics. Wendy serves as the director of the Clinical
Cancer Genetics Program, the co-director of the Molecular Genetics Diagnostic Lab at Columbia
University, and supervises medical education and human genetics at the Columbia Medical
School. Dr. Chung’s research interests have focused
on the mapping and characterization of genetic variants involved in the development of both
complex diseases and mammalian traits. She has studied multiple phenotypes, including
congenital diaphragmatic hernia, congenital cardiac malformations, cardiac arrhythmias,
obesity, Type 2 diabetes, and breast and pancreatic cancer. She has also developed miles model systems
to study the role of variants in diabetes and obesity. Dr. Chung has served on multiple advisory
boards and working groups, some of which are near and dear to NHGRI, including the Institute
of Medicine’s Advisory Group on Genetic Testing, the Von Hippel Lindau Alliance Research Council,
Regeneron Genetics’ Scientific Advisory Board, the E-Merge External Advisory Board, the Hastings
Center Advisory Council. She was a member of the councils — of our
councils, Genomics and Society Working Group, and she serves as the director of clinical
research for the Science Foundation. Dr. Chung has served as a reviewer for multiple
scientific journals, including the “Journal of the American Medical Association,” the
“New England Journal of Medicine,” the “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science,” and the
“American Journal of Human Genetics.” She has a very successful funding track record,
including six current grants from NIH. In addition to serving on multiple peer review
panels for NIH, she also served as a working — on a — on a working group of the Board
of Scientific Counselors for the National Center of Biotechnology Information, which
is located at NLN. Welcome, Wendy. Dr. Steve Fodor is a Chief Executive Officer
and one of the founders of the company 13.8, Incorporated. We want to hear more about 13.8. Prior to his current position at 13.8, he
held positions as Chief Executive Officer at Cellular Research, Inc. from 2015 to the
present, and before that he was founder and Chief Executive Officer of Appometrics. Dr. Fodor has served on multiple advisory
boards for companies and institutions, including Inscopix, Inc., Moleculo, the College of Chemistry
at the University of California, Berkeley, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Farm
Research Campus, the Bill and the Linda Gates Foundation, the Grand Challenges Exploration. He has served on the board of directors of
the following organizations: the American Association for the Advancement of Science,
Carnegie Institute for Science, Appometrics, Inc., Immunometrics, Cellular Research, Inc.,
Perlegen Sciences, Sunesis Pharmaceuticals, Keystone Symposium. Dr. Fodor holds over 130 U.S. and European
patents. Welcome, Steve. We also have with us liaisons from several
professional organizations. Viewing on webcast is Ellen Giarelli from
the International Society of Nurses in Genetics, and here with us are Monica — Mona Miller,
from the American Society of Human Genetics, and Rhonda Schonberg from the National Society
of Genetic Counselors. Welcome, everyone. So, the next thing is, we would like to — would
like you to approve the minutes of the last meeting in September. You will note that the format of the minutes
is different from previous minutes; the content is the same, but the format is shorter because
there are lots of hyperlinks and less narrative, making for a shorter and more readable document. I hope you have read the minutes, and I would
like someone to make a motion to accept the minutes. Those in favor? Those abstaining? Those against? So, the motion carries. Please note that you have future meeting dates
listed through September 2019. We hope that you would ink these in on your
calendars, and if you find that you have a conflict at some point, as possible please
let Rudy or me know. We value your input, and it’s very important
for you to participate in our meetings. I would like to turn the meeting over to Eric,
who has two very important presentations: one, the director’s report, and the other
one having to do with the strategic planning for the future. Eric?

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