Introduction – Mark Guyer

>>Okay, I will — call to order the 66th
meeting of the national advisory Council for human Genome research. And I will turn this
over to Mark Guyer .>>Good morning everybody. I want to start
with some introduction of new members. And an announcement of the retirement of some
other members — September Council is the time it would service transition with the
new slate council members having been appointed.>>So there are several councilmember who
are retiring and Derek my, Mark G., Rex Chisholm, Rick Myers come a pro-a Mark — I should say
just retiring from Council. [ Laughter ]>>Their terms are rotating off the and I
really want to — on behalf of the Institute, thank them so much for their contributions
during time on Council. They have been invaluable. We will miss them. And I am sure we will be
trying to take advantage of their expertise in many other ways.
>>The new slate of members has been appointed by the secretary. The first official meeting
will be in February. But we have invited them to the September meeting as ad hoc members
— and give them a little taste of the Council meetings and how they go but so they don’t
come in cold turkey in February but>>So the new members are, Ron Hardin, Rex
O. Smith Kline — Joe [ Indiscernible ] on the institution — Howard from the medical
College of Wisconsin. [ Indiscernible ] from USC’s acceptances go but he still oh [ Indiscernible
] from UC San Diego. And Road [ Indiscernible ] from Duke. And in advance of the February
meeting we welcome them. And we look forward to working with them for the next four years.
And to their wise council>>I also want to introduce some new staff
members to the Council. And I will ask them to stand in the back when their names are
old. We have seven new program analysts in the extramural program. Kathy Sun who is working
with the ELSI program in the office of population. [ Indiscernible ] who is working with the
knockout mouse object. Deborah: Tony is working with genetics — genotype issue tissue program.
Care — Karen Merritt is working with the sequencing program. Jet [ Indiscernible ] from
the — working with the thousand Genome program — and I hope I pronounced your name right.
Jessica Barry who is working with the links program, and Sherry Joe who is working with
the ENCODE program.>>Welcome to all those staff members and
I am sure council members will be hearing from them many times.
>>We have two liaison members who are here today — Rhonda Schubert from the national
Society of counselors and Joanne Boughman from the American Society of human genetics.
>>And there are a couple of other people who I just want to introduce and let Council
members know that they are here — from outside of NIH — Adam or group of the Institute of
medicine. Joanne Scott from — the national coalition of health professional education
and genetics. And Ö Lee from Deloitte consultants.>>So welcome to all of you.
>>Is there anyone who I have failed to introduce and should be ask –?
>>[ Indiscernible audience question or comment ]
>>Okay. The next order of business is the consideration of minutes from the previous
may Council meeting. Does anybody have any comments on the minutes? If not can I hear
a motion for approval? Second? All in favor? Anybody object? Thank you
>>And finally I will call your attention to the future meeting dates what you’re listed
on the open session agenda of — the Council meetings are scheduled at least two years
in advancing. And if any council members have any problems with any of those dates, please
let us know as soon as possible.>>So thank you and I will turn back to Eric
to directorís report.

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