Introducing The MS Society’s Research Network

Our Research Network is a group of
people affected by MS who help researchers to design their studies,
decide which research we fund, shape research as it happens, discuss research
findings at events and write articles about it for our community. Members of our research network are experts by experience. They have the personal
knowledge and experience of MS that we need to make sure we’re funding,
designing and delivering the best research to help our whole community. Does this sound like you? If you join our network, there’s lots of different things that you can do, like testing new surveys
to make sure that they’re easy to understand, reviewing grant applications
to help us choose what research to fund, interviewing researchers or writing for
our Research Matters magazine to keep our community up to date or taking part
in focus groups with scientists and other Research Network members. So how will I be supported? We will be clear with you about how much time each project takes, so you can choose what’s
right for you. Some projects may take a few hours and others will take place
over a period of months or years. You can do lots of activities at home in your own time. Sometimes we’ll ask if you can interview
a researcher or go to a meeting. This could be over the phone or by
video conferencing. If you do go to a physical meeting,
we’ll arrange your travel and reimburse your expenses. We’ll also make sure that
the meeting is at an accessible venue. We’re happy to arrange a call with
someone who’s done something similar before so they can share their experience. So how do I get involved? Sign up by going to and fill in the form. We’ll send you a quiz to complete, which you can do as many times
as you like, to help you see if you’re comfortable with the principles of
involvement in research. To find out more about our Research Network, the research process and try a few activities, download a Research Network distance
learning pack. You’re now a member of the Research
Network and ready to take part in activities that interest you. You’ll find out about these activities by email. You can register your interest in as many or
as few opportunities as you’d like by replying to the email. We’ll then be in contact to
talk to you about the next steps. If you have any questions, please don’t
hesitate to phone us on: 0208 438 0844 or email [email protected] We’re here to guide and
support you and we hope to hear from you soon.

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