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hi guys well expressed fair that DJ Holland here now we've been working tirelessly the last few weeks to bring you a brand new website with a new look and feel you can do everything on our website from check out reviews and mixers all the way to get in tips and advice a major part of our new website has been the members area the student poll now you don't have to be a paying customer to take full advantage of our members area it's free for everyone to join and when you do join you can access all our forums let's take a closer look so welcome to the brand-new website to access the members area we need to click in the top right corner a student login now don't worry if you're not a student of ours already you can sign up free of charge and access all the forum and the members area so quickly click down on the bottom right corner for register rich trim to pre step process we just need to enter our email address password and make sure you're not a robot and then click on register once we've logged in we're taken to our account home page from here we've got quick shortcuts to the student portal our dashboard and maybe any orders we've made if you're a paying customer what we need to do is click on student portal and we're in our costs area as you can see we don't have any costs on here because we're not paying customer yet but in the top right hand corner here we can click on community and this is where we'll access our forum and here we have it the community forums now the top forum in here is the DJ course student forms now this one is specific for our students are paying members it's a place where you can chat amongst your fellow students and ask questions about course you may be taking and get direct feedback from the tutors and fellow students underneath that we've got general discussion it's just for general chitchat DJ tips I'm much more anything you really want to talk about just bang it in there underneath that is DJ gear where we could talk about setups maybe share pitch from your own setup at home and your equipment and just talk about all the hardware and speakers and everything like that goes on to the DJ industry below that is one that I think most people will really enjoy this is mixture now in make sure if you click into it we actually have a number of sub forums which are categorized by genre so we've got like baseline commercial drum and bass dubstep EDM Garage many many more and this is where you can post your links to SoundCloud or you Mixcloud or ru Spotify or whatever you want to show off your mixes you can do so in here just remember when you're giving feedback on other people's mixes that makes you if any criticism at all is constructive we won't tolerate any disruptive speech or abusive language in these farms it's a nice place for all those DJs to hang out and look after each other so please be aware of that whilst you're using this forum underneath make sure we have free music now this is the area to put in download links to music you may be producing and please make sure if you are posting music in there that you have all the rights holders permissions to do so don't be offering out free links if there's a publisher or an artist on that hasn't given you full permission to do so give it away the music for free at the bottom is my area my specialist area is troubleshooting in this forum we have sub forums for record box tractor Serato and the miscellaneous in here you can post any questions you may be having with your laptop with your controller will you software any issues you may be having with your DJ software post a question in there and the rest of the community will be in there helping you solve it and I'll be spending a lot of my time in there as well trying to get to the bottom of any niggles you may have and there we have it a quick overview of the community forum a big part of crossfader is that we are a community it is we are cross fader for a reason and we hope by providing this facility that djs from around the globe can come together to educate and inspire each other and you know get to know each other it's a small world and we should all be looking after each other honest forum offer an advice help and searching for answers that might not be as obvious as you think remember there's no such thing as a stupid question so if you are having problems feel free to drop them in here myself and the stuff across there that will be cheaper keeping a close eye on the forum and getting involved as much as possible so we hope to see you in there very shortly and there we have it our brand new members area siding ups dead simple and quick to do so we're hoping everyone will take advantage of that and we can't wait to see you inside the forum very soon remember to Like share and subscribe and toxemia mates who might take advantage of this we'll see you another video catching a bit

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  2. Just bought the intermediate course a couple of days ago and so far very satisfied. You guys make the tutorials very straight forward & easy to understand. Thanks again guys 👊

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