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people of spotty rock today we’re here with Biff from Saxon so hello and welcome to sputter rock I it’s good to be here yeah how are you doing very good she was doing great so yeah we’re feeling very well mmm so great call to arms is your 19th record and it’s pretty much record yeah it’s a 19 is a good record 20 will be better you know so arm as you prepare yourself to record an album do you feel this very same energy you have at the very beginning yeah I think making records is great because it refreshes the band and you know we get to do something else but scent or so yeah it’s quite some you know it’s quite liberating to write a new album not have been on the road for you know over a year and we’re all songwriters so it’s great you know it’s good good feeling so um you said that call to arms maybe your best record in the last 20 years but what makes it really the best record in your opinion i think it’s i just didn’t we put a new team together and we created something that was a bit special in that the album’s parade i name it and it’s got more of a spirit of the 80s in it I don’t think it’s like the exes but it has a spirit of the 80s that is it’s quite dynamic you know the last album was very bombastic and lots of production which is fantastic but this one’s a bit more pure I think yeah you know in call to arms there’s nothing useless it’s very prepared there are no fillers no boredom immediate and catchy riffs nothing useless so there are there are some songs they are perfect for a live performance yeah there are we rewrote some songs specifically for live you know i’m back in 79 and things like this and i think i think the album’s a great collection of songs and you know we wanted to do something a bit different than the the medieval Celtic thing with the swords and the Warriors so we wanted something different album cover make people think of it so yeah it was just a good package really what can you tell me about the cover I found it interesting little different well it’s not Kitchener who was who was a big general in the First World War and he’s basically calling young men to arms really obviously millions of them died so but also it’s a call to arms for rock fans you know so I like the cover quite controversial not everybody likes it but you know it’s okay we have we have different artworks anyway you know when you when you buy the album the insides different so it’ll be good yeah it’s good well I thought about the thinking about your cover I thought about in the Second World War where there was this manifesto i think it was American with our want you that one we’ve used from the first world war from 1914-18 war the great what he called the Great War and that’s what the songs about really someone’s about some guy sat in a trench somewhere thinking of his wife remembers is that song I love that song by the way and so um let’s talk about live in concert they seem to be the essence of heavy metal you can met even you can meet your fans you can have fun with them you can play many songs so what do you think about that the essence of heavy metal I think every metal is a root it’s an attitude it’s in the mind of how you play of how you are and you know we do some really quite melodic songs that you wouldn’t normally think I have a metal but this is the way we play them on the attitude that we we write them in its it’s very loud intense music and for me that is heavy metal yeah so um Saxon has an incredible career you toured with so many bands but was there any artist that impressed you the most both both as an artist and as a human being we did some great shows we are very first tour of America was with rush and we quite like that that was great they were great guys and we were huge miam fall especially a huge broke friends so we love that all that you know it was I think it was moving pictures the album who were doing so it was a great album and yeah we like that was quite impressive you know they sort of were great to chill with quite you know quite serious about their music and I think you know we did a few gigs with tears of motörhead and judas priest at the big one we did was probably with maiden that was a great one unfortunately that never came to England or oratory just went round America but that would have been a great a great thing to do well you know I’m a great prog rock fan and just happened to love rush very much so I I never saw them it’s a pity I don’t think they will come to Italy anymore never know you never know you know they do too i don’t like that you know i have to keep your fingers crossed so arm y’all so mad lady gaga and your picture with her was very popular in the internet yeah it wasn’t it was a pictures what wasn’t my picture yes you soon as I say she’s a big fan of the h’s the 80s sort of movement and you know she’s a big fan of Saxon and in all those buttons so yeah it’s quite nice talking to her mean you know she invited me backstage to meet her son and her friend Lady Starlight so yeah it was great actually debate well I think she’s a crazy lady and all crazy just it depends how crazy you want to be I mean she is she is estate shows under persona a crazy but for me she’s just you know talking about a boyfriend and talking about rock and roll you know it was pretty pretty good actually well she makes different music from having matter she makes dance and pop music but I think you can still have your freedom to listen to whatever you like well you know music music and you know there has to be music for for you know for for that type of but I mean you know the songs are catchy you know they’re they’re just you know she it’s pop music isn’t it dance music and it’s like Madonna Lady Gaga you know any of those people Rihanna you know they’re all really the same on there they’re all really powerful powerful strong women doing their thing really so I think that’s cool so arm back to heavy metal and let’s talk about Judas Priest they are quitting the big two thing by the end of this year with a tool called epitaph so what do you think about that it’s a good name actually a great album named epitaph I think it’s a bit sad really that they’re packing in I mean obviously I don’t know why why they’re stopping I don’t know but um and obviously kk is left which is a bit sad but so yeah we’re going to be playing with them soon so i will find out what it’s all about but some yeah i mean it’s a bit sad but they are a fantastic band and you know they’ve written some absolutely brilliant songs and everybody should go and say bye bye to them properly yeah you know I’ll do that a good farewell for Judas Priest yes I’m going to do that but you know I can’t imagine having methyl without judas priest or even without you you know it’s so strange you know it Ronnie James Dio is gone and you know he was fantastic as well but now it won’t be the same without Judas Priest but it’s their decision and that’s what they’ve done you know right you’re very right so have you ever gone up concert with ronnie james dio kind of remember sure actually I would run loads of a festival with Bonilla yeah we have and I noorani well and he was a nice guy enesco so uh what’s there any point in your career where you said ok that’s it I’m done with concerts with the music heavy metal whatever no no it wouldn’t be a time like that really it’s what we do yeah just touring a lot we saw when we have a new album which or a lot that’s what we do here but you know it’s it’s just it’s just a fantastic thing to play in front of your fans whether it be in Milan or in Tokyo or anywhere really you know it’s great I’ve just read on the internet this morning that your album is postponed to June is that true when why it’s June the third I think it’s I think it’s probably during the third in Italy I don’t know I’m trying to find out when it’s released in Italy but I would imagine it’s around that time definitely so I think I’m have to ask you everything I want to ask you so um if you can leave a message to our spot a rock if you want to say hi to your friends and your um our users feel free to look at a cabin hi this is bit from section you’re watching spaz yo rock and rock up your eyebrows ah

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