Interview With Ren Zhengfei, Founder And CEO Of Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei | TIME

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  1. I am from China, until now, I never really pay attention to Huawei and now, with the us ban, I have nth but respect for Huawei and definitely my next phone

  2. if Huawei becomes a american company 5G equipments would been already installed in all over the world even no matter how many backdoors are discovered US Gov still forcibly promotes their products and signs treaties.

  3. It takes one to know one. how US know huawei can be a tool to use for spying on other nations, is because theyre already doing it.

  4. When talking about his daughter, he finally could not keep a smile on his face, and had to look away from the camera. I can almost feel his pain. It's the only part of interview that this man of steel showed a ripple in his heart. He will not forgive the persecution done by the USA government to him and his family, no matter how these events unfold in the end.

  5. what i most hear from westerns is '' Enjoy your freedom there in China'' '' Can you go to the street protest?'' and sentences like this..
    And meanwhile ppl are getting arrested without any proof and companies being banned without any evidence..and US also backed many companies during the great depression spending money from tax payers to support big banks and a ''socialist'' country?i mean ..never..U.S.A would never…
    Common guys i know you probably defend US because it is your home as I'm defending China for being my home..but differences aside every damn government in this world has dirty underneath them..ALL OF THEM.
    But US is playing VERY dirty right now..
    And China have been doing good for this past years..not perfect but good..and quality of life here has improve dramatically if you compare 10 years ago.
    I for one am a Brazilian and i think that China now is a MUCH better place to live than Brazil..
    And if things keep improving like they are soon enough will be 1 world standards everywhere..
    But we also have a number of problems to solve like any other country.

  6. It is okay Huawei. I think US market is bad in future. We have Samsung, Apple, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, Google. Should be enough. Just go back and work with your amazing chinese government

  7. (US + CONMAN Donny + Pimpeo) = Lie + Cheat + Steal = Zero Credibility👎👎

    US is a War Criminal Crooked Corrupt Evil Thief nation 👎💀👎

    Boycott all US products & services 👍🌞👍

  8. This man is giving a proper dressing down of the US Govt in as inoffensive a way as possible. The Chinese way. But he'll remember how he was treated as will all Chinese for generations to come.

  9. Thieves have got to be punished and be behind the bars, which is nothing but Justice !!!
    We Japanese always support and stand by America !!! Chinese communishit government !!! You can't get away with it !!!

  10. What an amazing man "Maybe the Chinese government will be less delusional"

    He's said some powerful words there, And he's very brave for doing so!

  11. I’m so impressed and admiring such a humble, wise, honorable man. He is the real leader. CEO of huawei so professional.

  12. Am an Independent scholar of Sinic Civilization and am calling for good, cordial and cooperative SINO-NORTH AMERICAN relations. Have even dedicated time and effort to it. Check out my Cup of Coffee over learning about CHINA ! Let us work together !

  13. It is sad to see an honest, humble man that has worked really hard to lift his family out of poverty, made a name for his company and make contribution to human kind by their innovations is being targetted . I am praying for him and his family 🙏

  14. This group of ladyboy from the current U.S executive branches are the professional liars and jealous China 🇨🇳 technological powerhouse especially Huawei giant telecoms and smartphones technology are far more ahead than the U.S technologies by creating hostile against China 🇨🇳 and Huawei.

  15. Ren Zhengfei lies too much. I know many employees of Huawei. they told me there is no future working for that company. Huawei does not have ability to develop new tech. The U.S. President Trump has done the right thing by boycotting huawei in order to prevent them from ………………………….

  16. 让他们去说我们 这也不行那也不行吧
    中国人民的不屈不饶的努力 必将稳步地达到自己的目的

  17. Huawei is a best big dreamer company, i mean like he is not thinking back wards, he is developing his country and transforming it into a best technological use. the time that US or other countries will be thinking for something like what REN came with, China will be so far with Technology. i support you REN keep coming with more Technology Concepts. (Alex)

  18. Did China stole 5G technology from the USA which they do not even have that yet? Or the high speed rails and AI technologies from USA which they still lacking behind? They have accused Japan of stealing their technology before too. But actually the USA stole automotive and industrial technologies from Europe in the past, they even stole Attack helicopters technology from the Soviet Union.

  19. Slava Hua🐉wei 💪

    🇨🇳 must be in fully freelance from 🇺🇸 and all countries. 🇨🇳 must to understand that now. Huawei must makes hardware and software together , not like USA. Only that Way provides a lot of many to 🇨🇳 citizens. You are the biggest Giant of IT on the world so now Ark and Hongmeng to your customers on the world. 🇺🇸.

    The USA loses the trade war with China and can no longer trust them. All they are doing is to drag China to their side in the fight against Russia and Iran. China must completely defeat the US economically, if they do not, they will still be threatened by the 🇺🇸

  20. 1941日本人後悔偷襲珍珠港、2019美國人後悔偷襲華為。中美爭霸戰提早結束。

  21. 广西40多岁男子,随意在中国各地杀孩子,杀猫,北京的双胞胎姐妹被他扔到青岛海里惨遭杀害,还伪装成溺水身亡。至今孩子父母和民警还不知真相,又干涉各国法律机构,扰乱国际和平,干涉加拿大警署抓孟晚舟,又让中国法院将加拿大人谢伦伯格判处死刑挑衅加拿大,假装营救华为副总裁孟晚舟,扰乱国际秩序趁机搞更大的破坏、给习近平下毒等以生命作为代价的恶作剧。大家互相转发通知孟晚舟。

  22. I wouldn't even care if Apple or Huawei was spying on me. I'm sure they'd get bored and move on to the next guy after 5-10 minutes.

  23. I love this man. Dear Mr. Trump. Shut up and let this amazing man do what He does and let him build this amazing Smartphones. Dont even try to put Huawei down. This man Changes the Game. Iam watching this from my blue P20 Lite and i get compliments from iPhone Users about the Design and the Quality of the Pictures i take with it. And then i say the price. And then their shocked because there Overpriced Iphone was the baddest choice of their live. And iam looking foward to Buy the P30 Pro next!

  24. Huawei doesn't steal or lie! Hahahahahaha. Wait, I'm out of breath. O.K. Hahahahahahhaha. Wait again. Hahahahahaha. Huawei doesn't spy for China. Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh, boy. Now I have headache I laugh so much. Hahahahahahahaha. Ouch, ouch, ouch. Hahahahahahaha.

  25. I think what is happening in the US is –

    the Big Corporations and the elite and 1% – lobby hard to crush any economic entity, country or company – that could be a competition to the West.

    And What the West then does is Malign, spread false propaganda, lie , cheat , steal , denigrate – (about) that company or country or culture or entity !

  26. Thank you so much, the Time, for you showing this interview! It’s not political correctness and seems not following what the US government’s direction.

    It also reminds me that many years ago the Time reported the US soldiers abused Iraq prisons, which was true, but against US military at that time.

    Thank you for telling the other side of the story!

  27. Saying Huawei stealing a testing robot from T Mobile must be the biggest joke ever. That's like saying Toyota is stealing a car testing rig from a Car Dealer….. without proof but just rinse repeat and rinse repeat

  28. China-haters bashing China online, but keep buying chinese products in reality.
    Dare you swear wont buy Chinese products anymore? ok, just for 1 year. anyone??

  29. Notó tema señor inmoralidad buen lucha empresa chula notó carácter buena personas. Gusta cara no jojp lío no jojp ok feliz gran profesionales

  30. I became a huawei fan boy all because it's commercial "dream it possible", that little girl couldn't see that old man again. As a father, it can really make me cry. coz I don't know can Ren Zhengfei's daughter see him again.

  31. Trump: I'll make America great again!
    Ren. Z: I think Trump forces China to improve itself. Isn't that great?
    Don't read more

    You owe me a subscribe 🙂

  32. i wanna ask Trump, why you think China can do well and you allow China to do well, but you dont allow China to catch up the US?Why?

    It is that you can determine HUAWEI and China can do well or not ?

  33. Ren Zhengfei is so humble and forgiving, even when his daughter was illegitimately used in this case and still no evidence to this day that China did what they were accused of despite many efforts. Seems like haters are going to hate as long as money is at stake.

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