Interview with Helen Tilley: independent business owner and GOC council member

We do lots of audits throughout the whole
working day and week and month, we have two weekly KPI’s on the practice so that we know
where we are. We have two people in the practice check forms, check GOS forms so we check
them at the end of the day to check that we have actually submitted exactly what we should have
done, and then the forms get checked so that they are made sure that they go off properly.
We’ve recently started an audit on people who come back, remakes and complaints, about
their glasses, about anything, if they need a re-check we’re going to log it and actually
look at if there is a problem and see what we can sort out. Within the Welsh schemes,
the WECS and the low vision schemes and indeed the glaucoma clinic that we run, all get audited
by the Health board, patient satisfaction surveys have to be filled out by all the glaucoma
patients and indeed our marketing guys send out patient satisfaction surveys after every
person comes into the practice and we collate those and look at those and see if
we can solve anything, issues that come up.

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