Interview with Andrea Beaty – Challenge Advisory Team Member

[ Music ]>>I’m Andrea Beaty, and I’m the
author of Iggy Peck, Architect, Rosie Revere, Engineer,
and Ada Twist, Scientist. Any place you go, if
people have been there and if people have lived there, there’s some kind
of architecture. And I think you can learn
about other cultures. You can learn about
resources, about nature. You can learn about just about
anything, when you look at it through sort of the
lens of architecture. And even, I think, kids will
take that knowledge back to their neighborhoods, to
their schools, to their houses and hopefully, think how
can I make this better. What can I do to make my
immediate environment better? What can I do to make my school
better, to make my town better, to make my country better,
to make the world better? And that’s [inaudible]. You know, kids are
smart and amazing, and that’s — they’ll go do it. And that’s what we need. Architecture shows
us who we are. It shows us where
we’ve come from. It can help us understand and
think about where we want to go and what’s important to us. When you look at any
civilization, architecture and literature and art,
those are the things that — and music, those are the
things that are remembered. So, what we do now in architecture will be seen
a hundred years from now, two hundred years from
now, 1,000 years from now. And it will represent
who we are. It’s what people of the future
will look at and say, “Oh, the people who lived
back in that time, this was important to them.” And architecture is how we
can say, like libraries, are very important to us. We make them special buildings. We make them big and
important in our communities. So, it’s a chance for us
really to define who we are. Good luck. Have fun. Go out
there and be amazing. [ Music ] [ Silence ]

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