Interview: Catatonic Schizophrenic

– How are you feeling?
… Well. – How long have you been here? … Three months. May 17th. – And what brought you here? … That’s difficult to answer. – Could you give me some idea? … Off hand, I can’t. – Whose idea was it that you come here? … My psychiatrist. – And what happened that ended up with your being here in the hospital? … The psychiatrist decided. That this was the situation for me. – Did he tell you why? … No, the psychiatrist did not. – Has anybody told you why? No.
– Have you any idea why? Yes. – And what is that? I am not completely like… other people. – What do you mean by that? People dislike me because. I am not completely like them. – And in what way are you different? I am trying to do with my life something which… few people try to do. And… this influences my thinking. And consequently my actions. – What is it you’re trying to do with your life? … Play the piano for people. – I am not clear at… – How is it that playing the piano for people has eventually resulted in your being here in the hospital? … I sit differently. When I play the piano. And when I am away from the piano I occasionally look differently. From other people. And this has caused. Dislike. From people. – They dislike you because you sit differently at the piano? … Yes. – In what way do you sit at the piano that people would dislike you? … I cannot describe. An illustration. Of how I sit. – And I can’t imagine it, that it would make people angry at you, or at least dislike you. – How do you know they dislike you? … My father does. And. Doctors do. Because. Of the way. I appear. In relationship to the way I sit at the piano. And occasionally stand when I am away from the piano because of the way I sit at the piano. – How do you stand when you’re away from the piano that they dislike you? … I can’t describe. An illustration. – Does it “feel” to you any different from the way other people stand? … Yes it feels different. – In what way? It… this is becoming too involved to describe. – Would I be right in assuming then that… – you don’t feel that you belong in the hospital, – but that other people did feel that? … As soon as I express the belief that I do not belong in this hospital, which is a mental hospital, then… those who dislike me want to find a worse place for me. – I’m not sure I understand. Could you make that clearer for me? … No. – Is this a way of… … A hosp—Yes, I can. As soon as I express the belief that I do not belong in this mental hospital, then those who dislike me want to find a hospital where the living conditions are not as good as this. – But why are you in the hospital in the first place? I’m not clear. … Because I am working to do something in my life which most people do not do… This influences my thinking. And occasionally my actions. And… A psychiatrist has noticed this. And dislikes…
– What has he noticed? … the actions, and… the thinking, and has decided that I should be here. To change them. – What actions? … How I talk. And how I look. Right at this moment. – And how would you describe the way you’re talking and looking right at this moment? … As other people talk, and that this moment however I’ve been told that it is not the way other people talk and look. – Have you any idea in what way it’s not like others? … No because I believe it IS as other people talk. – So then from YOUR point of view, not from other people’s point of view, from YOUR point of view, – You look, you talk, you think, you behave… as other people do. – You’re very interested in learning to play the piano. – You sit at the piano a little differently from the way someone else might and you stand somewhat differently. … Occasionally I stand differently. – Now that, uh… in itself, doesn’t seem on the surface to be sufficient reason for being in a hospital. – So what other reasons have been given to you, or what other reasons do you understand are the causes of your being here? … I’m supposed to not. Be mentally well. – And what’s supposed to be wrong with you? … No doctor has told me. – That’s hard to believe. … I tell the truth. What are your plans? If things should go well, and you were to leave the hospital, then what? … I need financial help from my father to prepare. Me. For obtaining a job. As a piano instructor. At a university. Where I will be able to teach. People how to play the piano. And also play the piano. For people. – Have you had the training yet to permit you to be an instructor? No I have not.
– Have you tried? I don’t understand what you mean by the…
– Have you tried to get the instruction? … Yes I have tried.
– And what’s happened? … I have not had. The correct environment. For the instruction. Nor the correct financial help for the instruction. Nor… the correct instruction. – Have you been accepted for such instruction? … By some teachers. Yes. – And… by others no? Yes. Again.
– Mhm. It has been about half and half. – Have you started any such instruction with those who did approve of it? … Yes.
– And how has it gone? … With some it has gone well. With some it has not gone well.

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  1. Put him in with a tribe, few psychedelic experiences… familiar enviroment… chances are he could enjoy his life… put in there drugged and questioned, told he has problems repetitively, no confidence… what do you expect to see in this video…

  2. I remember around 2-3 years ago I've had similar symptoms, I was living abroad alone and all my friends ditched me to suffer alone when I needed them till I developed these symptoms (with the help of smoking weed)..

    I used to be afraid of people because every street I walk into they'd look at me like a creep which made me do not want to go out of my apartment. Also with having no one to talk to (except my family every 2-3 weeks but they did not notice anything) so all the talks I'd be having were in my mind which after a while made me 'forget' how to talk normally to other people, that made my answers too short an not elaborative. I never went to a psychotherapist but a friend of mine noticed some of the symptoms and told me that she also was having some symptoms (which was such a relief for me to know that it was not a problem with me/not only me) and so she helped by telling me what her psychotherapist would tell her and that it was all in my mind.
    At the same time what helped me the most is that I came back to religion (since I came from a religious culture/family) and I found my relief there ( I know some would stop reading this comment here but it is what it is) and since then I started to get better and better. Now I'm fully back to normal with no symptoms (thank god) and I try all the time to tell people to stay away from smoking weed (which is legal in where I am staying) which, when I look back to what happened, was the most powerful influencer of what happened to me.

    This man should be told to that he is ok, he should not worry about other people (how they look at him) and that he should do what he wants to do (play/learn the piano in this case) and not to be afraid to say what is in his mind.
    It does feel so bad and now reading that he never got out of mental hospital makes my eyes water that he didn't get enough help/reassurance and that he commited suicide. If this was psychotherapy then I think I'd never had gone out of it either.

    Rest in peace </3

  3. We’re all judging this guy from our taught perception of what a normal human being should act like. What if he’s just operating with a different perspective that can aid us? We are too quick to label mental disabilities. Our minds are institutionalized to society.

  4. I had to laugh when the doctor said "I don't understand, could you make that clearer for me?". (long pause). Answer: "No". Love the honesty.

  5. I wonder what kind of medication he's on. He's so calm and thinks very carefully before answering each question. I hope he got all the help he needed and they didn't use him as a guinea pig.

  6. This poor man looks like he’s in pain. He seems so quiet yet he’s screaming on the inside. You can just see it in his eyes rest well you precious soul. ❤️ the pain is no longer 😔❤️

  7. this is very unrelated but i was diagnosed with OCD when i was 6 and i want to educate anyone willing to read.
    1. OCD is not keeping everything neat and tidy. infact my room is untidy occasionally.
    2. OCDs most common symptom is washing your hand compulsively.
    3. one thing thats very annoying is i cant talk and walk as i am too busy counting my steps and once we reach the destination if i end at an uneven number i go back and walk it again and make it even. for example if we are walking to english class and the last step is 287 i will go back and walk the entire thing again until i end at an even number.

  8. What is his name? He seems self assured,pity the crowds circling him .psychiatrists etc.a wonderful musician!!! Miserable parents?

  9. I wonder how medicated he was during this video, and how he acted without medication. Sad to witness someone struggle with their own mind.

  10. This is in response to a comment from @Dannon but I want people to see this so I'm making my own comment. According to there is no verifiable information about what happened to the young man, who is only identified as patient 18. The story that @Dannon gives is one of two that have gained traction on the internet. But it's not confirmed so we'll never know for sure.

  11. Everyone saying he's only there because people don't like him- schizophrenic people always think that everyone hates them and everyone is out to get them. That's paranoia, and it's a major part of the illness.

  12. That was my uncle, never played piano before, referring to his catanonic state. That was the first time cbd oil was used. Antifa ats it's finest

  13. There’s something mildly disturbing about how clinically he speaks. He pronounces his words like his life depends on it, really strange.

  14. With no further knowledge about the illness itself, I feel like this guy was overly medicated and probably nowadays would have a different diagnosis.

  15. This man is more intelligent than a lot of people I spoke to you in my life he take his time to answer the question properly this man is very intelligent and honest and has flawless skin

  16. I don't see much evidence of schizophrenia here. I don't see hallucinations, delusions or disorganized speech. To be diagnosed with schizophrenia, you need to have at least one of those symptoms. I do, of course, see emotional catatonic flatness but that could be due to Autism Spectrum. His slow speech could be due to a neurological problem as well. I'd look to rule out Autism, neurological and language processing problems before concluding schizophrenia especially given how clear, albeit literal, his speech is.

  17. He sounds like he struggles with some more deep sexuality issues – and I feel he may have been wrongly diagnosed period. Back in the day, being a fruit of any kind was really shunned on – and would explain the automatic negative thoughts he has about society , how was this diagnosis confirmed? I think he has a social disorder… Related to more internal issues … He says it himself, how he talks and how he looks… Notice how he's focused on what other people said he should talk and sound like ?

    And back then, it wasn't uncommon for a gay person to be mentally unwell. Their way of treating it and hiding it.
    Sterilization of the mentally ill used to take place … So I wouldn't be surprised.

    Anyone else kinda see this or just me?

    Also talks about his dad a lot.

  18. Catatonia means stiffness, stupor, not responding etc like given in other catatonic patients videos but in this he is responding and talking sensibily, how can this be called catatonia?

  19. Doctor: And what is supposed to be wrong with you?

    Patient: No Doctor has told me.

    Doctor: That's hard to believe.

    Patient: I tell the truth.

    THAT part just breaks my heart.

  20. For those who dont understand the “piano”. The piano is a metaphor for the people inside his head or whatever he is seeing/hearing. And when is is standing up and away from the piano the seeing and hearing isn’t there but when he sits down he is back in the schizophrenic world of the seeing/hearing

  21. And now this is personality is accepted?
    It's called the social media personality
    They dont know how to communicate face to face hmmm.

  22. Anyone else get the vibe that he is secretly playing an inside joke on the interviewer. He’s kind of like smirking when talking about how he sits at the piano

  23. In 1961 treatment for this disorder and other mental problems were archaic and at times even barbaric. It is a real shame treatment then really didn’t help this poor soul. Now drugs have come a long, long way in helping these individuals.

  24. I think his nephew did an excellent job in telling us the truth. You really have to feel sorry for his uncle. Terrible illness. Sad.

  25. Poor guy, I thought he tried to be as honest as he could but the interviewer asked some frustrating questions even though he had already been given answers

  26. I'm guessing that the way he sits at the piano is probably a little on the "fruity" side. Same with the way he stands when he's apart from the piano. And his father is definitely not pleased with either.

  27. He seems extremely smart his skin is beautiful he almost looks like an alien or from another planet it’s sad to hear him say his father does not like him i think it would be fascinating to sit and talk to him

  28. Once I became I mother I see all people as someone child and as a kid kind of matter if theyre older than me …and this video just makes me feel like …poor baby

  29. He like millions of people was and still are victims of pharmacy companies and their dealer's, psychiatrist who put this person's on medicine who makes them like vestibule, living zombie…

  30. So basically from what I understood. This person overechadurates. You know when you were a teenager and you were insecure about a specific pimple or acne? Well this guy went full blown insecure. About everything single thing. To basically reach perfection.. . While in the meantime went completely insane. Now im not a professional it's just the way I thought aswell. I was researching skitzophrenia I thought I might have it. I had went insane aswell. For the same reason. But fortunately I remained conscious of my actions. And I understood the ridiculousness of my thoughts. Basically the way I thought is that everyone is against me. That they know information that I don't(way smarter than me or have some telekinetic powers). Also my brain is against me(making me believe stuff that aren't true not complying with me and threatening me) I realised that it's just me. Forcing myself because I'm frustrated and I don't want to lay that frustration on others. I just realised that I did it to accomplish stuff to achieve greatness I started that when I was a cringy edgy teen. By doing that you completely lose touch of reality because you're too much in your brain trying to understand how it operates and change stuff, you're frustrated because it's hard and also because it may not work sometimes eventually it goes to hatret towards ownself after that it becomes insecurity cause you start to believe that you're nothing so there's wrong with you. And because you overechadurate everything everything becomes overechadurated and you get this guy and me. Who fight insecurness because we fear it so that means we get anxious we overechadurate it so much that he doesn't even realise the reality of his thoughts and your head becomes this big mess with everything in it. Just because you decided to say. That everything matters every single detail and you forced yourself to make yourself believe that and so you went insane. Also we're kids in our own playground which is our mind. It's so scary that you just need your mom in there. Cause it's a completely different world when you go inside that state of mind. It's just horrifying. It's one of the most traumatic experiences I ever had in my life. You feel as tho you're alone. Because no one ever will save you in that place. No one can get in to that place. Every single thing that i say can be held against me. I basically bullied myself inside my mind for almost 6 years. And now that I'm out of it. I feel like I never want to get back in there again. You feel as tho every one is just like this bully inside your mind. Who is there to watch you. Wherever you go you're not alone and this bully is the only company you have. I think skitzophrenia. Is a form of depression. Because doctors say it isn't, I say it is. It's a unique kind of depression and needs a lot of therapy.

  31. Psychiatrists take normal people like this guy and turn them into psychiatric patients. This guy has been destroyed by psychiatrists.

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