Interpersonal communications speech

hi I'm Jacob Rumble I live in a rural hub Scott Indiana you've grown up on a German family farm my whole life like many families we all have our traditions that have been passed down from our families culture and our religion well I'll be talking about is something my family does on a regular basis together my family has always been very important to me and like many others a major center in my life we've always been very close together I've grown up being my dad my uncle my grandpa and my brothers we all worked on the farm together I've also grown up around my grandma on my sister and my mom as after we were done for the day we would just get together have a meal relax and talk since I was a little kid for many generations before me every Sunday my grandma or someone else of the family fix a nice fried chicken dinner with all the fixings nothing beats a homestyle greasy fried chicken and mashed potato dinner in my opinion this relates to the German farming pole German farming culture but I grew up with and connected to my religion of being a Christian on the farm we would work all throughout the day Saturday and create a good home-cooked meal afterwards awesome with my religion we cannot work on Sundays as it was a Sabbath today it must be kept holy after church who get together socialize while we worked on getting the food ready the table set and just ready to eat do and then have supper socialize while we eat and then just spend the rest of the evening together Sunday was just a day for our family the way this tradition was started was when my grandma was a little girl even generations before her every Sunday morning it was slaughter two chickens that they had raised after church clean them and takes them to eat that same evening as a tradition was passed through the generations we leave venturous operating the chickens and focus more on farming our it's great and we had stores that were more readily available to buy the food that we needed so we didn't need to grow it or raise it but my grandma she's she would still continue to buy fresh chicken throughout the week to fix us on that now as we've all gotten older and in school sports and working not every Sunday we get together and do this but we are much busier than before and many of us have moved further away so it's harder for us all to get together still my grandma would continue to fix the same chicken dinner every Sunday for those who could be around to eat and enjoy it now my grandma was quite a bit older and she's in a nursing home not doing as well she once was so she's unable to fix that same meal that she wants you to do often gets her down as it was something she had really enjoyed doing getting us together as a family was very important to her they still try to keep that tradition going as much as possible and my dad will take the chicken in some Sundays well we may just all get together and eat at a restaurant such as the log in which is famous for charging traditions from our culture's religion and families are important to everyone and everyone has them they're very helpful and bring people together and giving us all an opportunity to bond I would not like to imagine a world without my family both traditions that we have together

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