institutionalization is not the process of being admitted to a mental hospital he's not from other sociologists this video will be the most useful to you and make the most sense if you watch it in conjunction with institution or social institution there's one video but these two terms are used interchangeably within sociology if you watch the other video you'll remember that a social institution is an idea that is embedded in a social structure institutionalization is simply the process by which that idea becomes embedded in the social structure it works something like this someone has an idea and other people see this idea and begin to take action in accordance with that idea so their actions are based on that idea at first we could represent these actions altogether is kind of an amorphous blob in time both the actors and people observing the actions have a tendency to create boundaries around those actions certain kind of actions are eliminated maybe because they're deemed by society to be inappropriate or maybe actors come to feel that those kinds of actions don't accurately reflect the the idea of the original idea other actions may be added as new interpretations of the idea are developed or as actions that help regulate the expression of the idea these actions these regulations on action are based on values Norm's and of course rules for behavior govern the actions and these of course are parts of social institutions within this set of actions over time a division of labor develops if you remember our example of the University as a social institution we can think about the different kinds of actions that take place at a university and we know that some actions are performed by students other actions are performed primarily by professors so as time goes on this set of actions within this set of actions develops different social roles and of course there's a relationship between these roles and in the example of Professor and students there's a certain kind of hierarchy professors have a generally higher role they have more power in the university institution than students do and of course they have a relationship and a hierarchy which is another important part of the social institution now in this example I have explained how a institution can form around an idea but this isn't the only way that the word institutionalization is used within sociology a previously existing institution can change as new ideas are developed within so let's say that a professor has an idea within the social institution that's already established other professors may begin to act on that idea say it's a new teaching method in time other people within the university may be students or administrators or others feel that that new method of teaching needs some regulation and so rules are put into place either to encourage or discourage or simply manage those new kinds of actions so when the idea and the actions are new there's a randomness or a chaotic aspect to them in time a structure a set of rules and and values develop around those new ideas and actions thus the idea becomes institutionalized became it had developed inside an institution but in time it becomes a part of the institution so in both cases an idea goes from being the source of random or unregulated action to being a foundation for regulated action and this is probably the best way to understand institutionalization if we're to give one definition for it it would go something like this institutionalization is the process by which a social institution develops from a founding idea or ideas instead of unorganized acts which is sort of the key here into an organized and pattern set of behaviors with a social structure social role and a social function so again our initial example focused on the formation of a social institution but institutionalization also happens as an established institution adopts or adapts to new ideas and new behaviors within it thank you for watching

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