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welcome to Chiba kronos world the 18 year old high school student at Brookhouse school started creating these videos out of sheer coincidence when she one day ranted about an experience she had gone through in a video clip that her friends found hilarious then was I just I ranted one day about some incident that happened to me and all my friends you tell me like you really look at storytelling why don't you actually put it out there so I took the chance to rant about some incident that happened back then we caught up with Tibet's while she was making one of her videos and we got to see what goes on behind the scene Chiba doesn't have a professional team and therefore depends solely on her two friends who helped with the shoots I'm not professional I'm not gonna say I have a person who walks around me like a smile he asked me know I have to constantly always coping up with me cuz sometimes it's something that is very stressful especially when you don't get what you want so I'm just like you can shoot it from that side oh my goodness that's a new wave children they say oh my goodness so it's really hectic but for now I spoke to one of her friends Lorraine courage who gave me father insights into Chabot's journey as well as her determination but elekid ko is a sometimes it gets tricky when you're shooting her videos you know the way she's dating just when they reach like yoga by the way she shoots knees okay okay too bad literally in the middle of the road and she wants to take a video cuz right anyway it's it's okay like we have to be there for her so I don't think it's a big deal and ideally like stop watching my friend through might sue for her and do anything for her the last point in a family of three and raised by a single mother says that it hasn't been a smooth ride all along she faces many challenges especially balancing both her school and work life as well as pushing past negative feedback and perceptions of her but her passion for content creating is sin when she explains to me how she makes her videos and the whole process that she goes through until the final product Wow let that sink in for like five seconds really great content kita told me he struggled so much to contemplate and he that's all he does like he only condensates and it's already so much on his back so you can imagine I go to school and then I have to catch up with everything that is given at school and then at the same time I have to catch up with okay I have this other life what should I do next you know it's really crazy I wouldn't lie to you it's like having 68 cuts in the house according to Chipettes making it in the online platform is not all about having a huge following but rather getting positive feedback apart from the handsome returns she gets from the venture chebet says one of her future girls is to mentor upcoming youths in the platform for me making it isn't the numbers or the statistics like when every time numbers raise on my Instagram or my YouTube people be like we all love licking it and for me that's not making it for me I honestly want to change the entertainment industry within Kenya she bet says she's happy to have support from her whole family well she indeed has my support to me listen Baha switch TV

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