Instagram Influencer With 2.6 Million Followers Can’t Even Sell 36 Shirts

Influencers, you either follow one of Instagram
Charlotte: Know of someone who is one in real life
or know someone who is trying to become one… The definition of an influencer is “a person
or thing that influences another, someone with the ability to influence a product or
service by promoting it on social media” Well sadly, a influencer with 2.6 Million
followers just discovered today that she’s not all the influential when she failed to
sell 36 shirts off her new clothing line. Welcome back to inform overload, we tell you
the news and we make it entertaining, I’m Charlotte Dobre
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it… Jokes aside let’s dive into today’s Inform
Overload story! Instagram influencer Arii, rose to fame through
the app, she has over 2.6 Million followers on Instagram and 837k subscribers
on YouTube. She’s also only 18 years old.. Having a huge online presence, you’d expect
Arri to be able to have some kind of influencer on her followers. Well after she launched her clothing line
ERA the 18 year old faced the harsh reality that followers aren’t exactly everything. Arii wrote in a now deleted post “hi, it
breaks my heart to have to write this post. As ya’ll know i released my brand. Ive poured my heart into this drop. For my photoshoot, i flew out a photographer
and make up artist, and i planned weeks ahead and was lucky enough to gather some friends
who modeled for me. I rented out a huge photo studio for the day
so i could get as many shots and video promo shots as i could. But unfoutanely the company that im working
with goes based on your first drop dales. In order for them to order and make my products
(even to keep working with them) i have to sell atleast 36 pieces. The 18 year old girl with 2.6 Million followers
who couldn’t sell 36 tshirts continued by saying “knowing i’ve become super irrelevant,
i already knew it was gonna be hard) but i was getting such good feedback that people
loved it and were gonna buy it. No one has kept their word so now the company
wont be able to send out the orders to people who actually bought and it breaks my heart”
Arii let her followers know that the very few who did purchase merchandise would be
refunded. But before finishing her length post she did
throw some shade towards her unsupportive friends and followers. She wrote “I sent out PR packages to friends
but i didnt get any feed back from them, which I can understand people are busy and i don’t
expect to be their number 1 priority) aside from that, the people i thought would suppport
me, really didn’t nor did they share any of my posts (all I asked for), sounds bitchy
but like no shade to anyone, ive supported everyone’s music or whatever theyved asked
for my support on and i couldnt even get it in return”. Kinda sad, but also kinda a good wake up call. The internet didn’t quite love Arii’s
post and had a lot to say about it. One user tweeted “The Influencer bubble
is bursting. This young lady has well over 2 million followers
and couldn’t sell 36 shirts. Focus on genuine engagement and not followers
cuz they ain’t gonna buy a thing!” Others were quick to point out that she didn’t
really have a set brand, saying “skimming her ig, it looks like she just didn’t have
a real “brand” other than taking cute photos of herself, there was no videos, no
comedy, nothing inspirtational. I think she mistook people liking her asethetic
as “a brand” Now I’m not Marketer but I do no a thing
or two about Instagram, and as one twitter user Jack Appleby wrote in a Twitter thread,
there’s a lot to consider about this failed clothing line. For starters when you compare the product
to her actually feel they aren’t eben close to the same aesthetic, if her followers can
invision her wearing any of the clothes then why would they want to buy them. NEXT ISSUE, she announced the clothing line
with a video, did one promo post and THEN she announced it failed only after 13 days. These things take time, why do you think people
heavily promote their albums, movies, and books MONTHS in advance before the release
it?! It’s because marketing works! Unless you’re Beyonce or Drake you can’t
just drop something and expect it to succeed right away, you got to work at it. Influencers can build successful brands and
product lines on their own. But they have to know their audience, understand
how to develop and market those products. The other thing is is that this girl is only
18 years old, she has no much to learn and this will be a great learning experience for
her. Some of her fans tweeted “Constructive criticism:
nothing about your brand is new or innovating, we’ve seen it before. If u want to sell, sell something original
and creative, good luck ari!” another chimed in by saying “your merch was super basic.. You’re living in an influencer bubble. No follower really gives a fuck about you,
they just follow you cause you look pretty but thats about it, try to be genuine”
Arii ending her post off with “this is a setback and a wake up call to work harder
for what i want and to never give up!! this isn’t the end of my brand”

38 thoughts on “Instagram Influencer With 2.6 Million Followers Can’t Even Sell 36 Shirts

  1. Personally I don't like it when people tell me what to buy, watch, listen to, like, etc…..I decide that for myself. I don't really care for influencers. Maybe her brand isn't all that good or original? Most of what they sell is expensive, not the greatest quality and basic, like Jaclyn Hill's lipstick for example.

  2. okay this is really random but charlotte looks like she could be my mom, i have red hair, i’m 13 but 5’4 1/2 (above average), our skin tones are very similar, same with weight, and the biggest difference would probably be our noses.

  3. Haha this girl is funny it's like she expects people to buy her merch and cause they didn't she is throwing a temper tantrum and blaming friends and fans grow up…..

  4. Just make sure such influencers are legitimate before engaging, sometimes it can be honeytrap when you don't audit them properly via auditing platforms such as influencer auditor , and it turns out they are fake influencers w/ fake followers

  5. So we talk about how basic the tshirt is but not talk about white shirt with supreme logo on it……im disappointed

  6. Being an influencer or having millions of followers don’t make you a business person. You have to know how to sell and intrigue the person.

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