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hello welcome to SM Bo's chat here on YouTube and as you can see behind me there's some rides they're not going around anymore so that's sad anyway I'm joined by Linda Kaplan gab ie sorry I'm trying to make sure I don't get people's names wrong these days who is the global social media manager at Tiger I love Tiger most of your stuff basically is all all over my house everything apart from like a for playing cards and things like that bit yeah yeah your favorite item in your house favorite item in my house I don't know it's like it's something that I've plumped it heads in but my problem is the herbs just dying it's like it's nothing to do the products good we need to do with me not being able to plan anyway and we're there in Denmark for a lovely special at Falcon so shop Falcon die oh and so my first question to you is the same question I ask every guest on this is like how did you get into the role of social media manager global social media manager at Tiger like where did you start well I never thought I would be here I started as a student in Denmark I moved to Denmark bit more than five years ago I studied business communication in Oh host which is a small city in Denmark and then I moved to Copenhagen while I was studying I was still working in tourism and then further in fashion in Copenhagen as I was working I was learning do's and don'ts of social media and that's I basically started from being an intern to coordinator and now manager for Tiger it's really interesting they say you started in fashion a nice like a bit off-topic bit I'm either it's a third or fourth individual we've had on the show who's like roots has started with in fashion and then they found a way into doing social media management or marketing was it just a general curiosity question is it's something that whilst you're studying that you maybe like you learned more than you actually realized whilst learning about fashion or like the way the world sees fashion I think it was more about the community around it and how we could engage with our community that made me want to find out more and learn more about social media about engaging with communities on social yeah you mentioned engaging in like the fashion community and over Tiger you've recently done like an Instagram influencer campaign which I'm gonna let you talk about in a sec but people watch the show to get insights and to get a little bit more knowledge so my second question is like what would be your five go-to action points for those wanting to start an Instagram influencer strategy I don't know how so please Wow me I don't know how to start this Ariana's the ground I am on Instagram yeah okay well I didn't know either when I started this but now as I learning by doing now I can maybe give some tips on it so first of all I think it's very important to define the influencer and kind of find out okay what is an influencer for you is it someone who has a huge following where you can tap into with your brand and your communication or is it someone who has maybe not that huge of a following but great engagement levels with their own niche that's what I did in the beginning then I reached out to the ones that I thought that would be on brand with Tiger we didn't do paint so we didn't really target them based on oh my gosh she's super huge in UK she's a fashion blogger she's definitely gonna fall in love with our cups and I don't know what you know that was not the way we did it actually I was doing a lot of research on them before and I kind of thought okay do they like Tiger have they posted before on their own would they be interested if we would be reaching out to them and that's how I built up a small network of influencers and we obviously use the listen tool in Falcon social to group those influencers and listen to the hashtags and the products we're going to push and so on and then step two would be reaching out to them what would your tact be when reaching out like menu day like influences on Instagram because on Twitter it's fine because you can do that whole that whole hey could you follow me and then you do the whole DM campaign but on Instagram what's what's your procedure like your personal one well I think as long as you're being friendly and authentic and not not try to sell them something but more on building up on the relationship you're having with these influencers because it might be that a couple of months from now you might be reaching out to the same segment of maybe fashion or DIY or whatever it is um so yeah but trying to be personal and not to advertise you not to salesy not to yeah the salesy power is something that seems to be a lot of it you get wrong yeah so for instance would we never send our press releases or our super official communication to official communication needs these in them yeah but we don't we don't just try to make friends would that be point three so you got so got find them define them find them reach out to them its and while while being authentic what's been authentic oh yeah I don't throw something in for that the fifth the fifth would be building the relationship or maintaining the relationship so I think the very final step I don't know if I could nail this down to five but the final step would be analyzed analyzing the whole collaboration so basically do what you do on Twitter but listen to that like it's the tact basically it is listen and see how see how the content they create influences your content and the other way around see how it works see if you could reach out to them again yeah and just try to be as friendly as possible yep so like we're talking Instagram and as all these mm-hmm influences here up in arms reasons I know the algorithms coming in on their notifications aren't there notifications are okay so for the house I know like okay so you how do you think the algorithm change is going to affect influencer marketing in general do you think there's going to have to be a big shaker or continue rig up like continue as our it's a good question um I think it really depends on what the brands are doing right now so obviously it's going to be a lot of more pressure on content on the quality of the content shared on Instagram so if before you could have got away with any kind of not any kind of picture but more or less now you really have to pay attention to it being on brand and communicating to right target group and also thinking a bit outside of the box how can you reach new followers in this situation you have to make sure that like every image you do is now a good image it has to be not just spammed out but people actually care and you've done the research behind it you've listened to what people want and you're engaging with them in the right way that's like the perfect way if your audience to just understand what you're doing and enjoy what you're doing good and that's about it really well it's lovely yeah it's all done it's all done we're gonna we're going to go on some rides in a second but before you need to introduce yourself to that so yes you say your name in your Twitter handle sure my name is Linda garbine and my twitter handle Linda carbine basically just just that it's that simple as mine is at baking chin I'm a deliberate ear each and every week we invite on different guests and if you want to be on like just send me a cup for example and like I brought you some cops here Oh like like Linda has and will display them oh no it's just samus is causing havoc with the sound yeah he's nothing so we've got some Tiger cups now to put on the back and there's some playing cards maybe I'll just need to do 52 card pick up again um thank you so much for coming in give you a handshake and then we're gonna end it with saying thank you to everyone so we got stand behind the camera Nikita as well and Alex who have joined us from Falcon to IO and yeah let's have a stare off you're really good at this don't there oh did you where we're probably gonna be changing him soon anyway so don't get used them I'm joined by Xavier Baron CEO and founder of audience and so tell me a bit about yourself I've got a few notes here did some research like in January 2011 you found it so

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