Instagram influencer accused of going black for followers

35 thoughts on “Instagram influencer accused of going black for followers

  1. So what! White people got Michael Jackson!
    Lol they stole him.
    Actually, he came running, because he thought some blacks behavior was ridiculous and criminal.
    He was scared of them and I don’t blame him.
    They always act like an obese man getting the last piece of pie.

  2. Wow
    Here we go again.
    Blacks think everyone wants to be them and have to make a complaint. Lol
    She looks Latino to me.
    I didn’t see black on her skin, but of course people think she is copycating blacks.
    She just has her own natural tan skin.
    She is beautiful on her own.

    Some pal people are beautiful and so are tan and black people.
    Everyone has their own natural beauty.
    My uncle can get dark like a black guy and he is Italian.
    Some Latinos can pull off the black look without trying.
    Stop acting like she is doing it o purpose.
    And maybe if whites were treated good again then maybe black peoples wouldn’t think everyone wants to be them.
    Get over yourself.
    Not everyone wants to be black.
    Like yourself for who you are.

  3. Nothing wrong with the girl she just wanna show that black is cute so if these white people wanna hate just go somewhere and she cute if she white or black.

  4. *"Black women are the least attractive", they said.
    *"NOBODY would ever want to look like a black girl" they said.
    -however we got THIS crap happening now,

    I think not….

  5. That’s just wrong. I’m not even black but I am not ever gonna pretend to be black just because I’m thirsty for followers. That’s just and idiot move.

  6. She has never told anyone that she was black… i don’t understand… Just because she looks the way she do you can’t just asume she are pretending to be black.

  7. “Changing race” makeup

    Black youtubers do it: crickets chirp

    White or Asian youtubers do it:
    “Omg blackface holy shit! Wtf! So racist!!”

    In this situation it is extremely wrong (don’t pose as something you are not for followers), but for art and for the fun of it… why not?! People can have fun, most of the time people do really pretty cool makeup as “another race” and do not play into stereotypes or try to make the makeup look ugly as “another race”.

  8. This is the only thing that makes me hate white people!
    They try to imitate us in everything but never want to admit it!
    Stop it!!
    Don't try to be artificial blacks!

  9. What about when blacks bleach there skin or dye there blonde hair and straighten there hair or better yet when conservative real Christian's(that are Pro-Life) that vote for Trump. Blacks become the 21st century racist KKK. Retard Liberals Dummycrats become PC sensitive and play this retard race card game get a [email protected]#$ing life.

  10. But why is it okay for black people to bleach their skin and not okay for white people to darken their skin color? I find it okay as long as she isn't being racist or rude about it. Many people change their appearings some people do a nose job some people do plastic surgeries that make their eyes look bigger…

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