Inspire. Anthropology and Sociology

as a trans person it's really important for me to first of all study trans issues because that's what I relate to it's what I experience and to bring attention to marginalized experiences. sociology came along at a time of my life when I needed more than just well you an individual are responsible for the world around you I mean yes but also there are social forces at work here as well. my thesis is about masculinity and body image and specifically I'm looking at the experiences of plus-sized actors in the film and television industry. so I think one of the challenges over the past let's say three years have been to find my identity in Montreal, so as a Canadian citizen also Haitian born and Haitian raised. How do I identify myself and how do I express my understanding of the world and how do I understand the world actually. For example like I did a research study and my methodology was a queer methodology and I felt the need to state that because some of my peers were like well you're privileging certain people in your work and of course it's important to privilege certain people in your work especially minority people because they don't get the space in the texts and they don't get the space in the Academy to have their stories heard and actually represented accurately and not voyeuristically. How do people differentiate the religious expression of voodoo and its cultural expression and I think that's a main thing that my project seeks to tackle, it's to demystify voodoo. I think anyone who is curious about life and the world around them can benefit from sociology it's like those app commercials there's an app for that I wish I could understand this phenomenon better well there's a sociological theory for that society doesn't really want us to have free thought essentially and so it definitely changed my life because I don’t, I try to not have such a egocentric view of the world and I think that awareness can be taken in whatever you do in life and I think that's what that's what I love personally about Anthropology is that awareness

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