Insights from CalPERS Investment Office | Team Member Backgrounds

Providing for retirement security of others
is something that’s a tremendous responsibility. And our job is to basically go out there and
execute those trades as efficiently and cost effectively as we can. Our investment office is a really critical
part of our retirement benefits because 59 cents of every pension dollar comes from investments. I spent 16 years in the private sector in
New York, in Mexico City, in Barcelona, Spain and in London, and when I decided I wanted
to settle down, I decided that CalPERS would be a fantastic place to continue my career. Right before CalPERS, I was doing private
equity here locally. For That I worked a few years in San Francisco
and New York on wall Street. When the CalPERS opportunity came up, it was
a great opportunity to get back trading. Getting back into the public markets was something
I was really looking forward to doing here in Sacramento. I graduated from Stanford with a double major
in Economics and International Relations before coming to the Sacramento area. I started here at a very interesting time,
that was a scary time. It was the global financial crisis and in
the sector where I worked was really at the epicenter of that. But you know, I learned a ton. I always had this genuine curiosity about
what makes certain economies more successful or less successful given the resources they
have. But I also had a passion for doing something
where I felt I was being valuable to society and contributing in some way. CalPERS allowed me to really address both
of those passions. I’m just count myself very fortunate that
I’m able to, as a daily job, do work that I’m passionate about, which is investing. But in the process, the work that I’m doing
has that added benefit of accomplishing that goal of mine, which is serving others. Every day I can come in and potentially have
an impact on the fund. Saving the fund millions of dollars potentially
in transaction costs and in trading profit and loss. That challenge every day is what I really
enjoy about the job.

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