Inside a Neo-Nazi Group With Members Tied to the U.S. Military | FRONTLINE + ProPublica

>>THOMPSON: Back in New York, our Atomwaffen source, John, agreed to talk over video chat with me and my colleague Ali Winston. (video chat program ringing)>>THOMPSON: When you say lone wolf attacks, it sounds to me like you’re talking about basically terrorist acts.>>THOMPSON: So, how many… how many initiates would you say there are?>>Or were?>>THOMPSON: Or were?>>THOMPSON: Wow. (radio squawking) ♪ ♪

93 thoughts on “Inside a Neo-Nazi Group With Members Tied to the U.S. Military | FRONTLINE + ProPublica

  1. Eyy! my American neighbors!
    You must begin to study the history of Spanish fascism to understand your present. It seems a lot.
    I hope that one of you will consider my words

  2. It's no surprise to me that neo nazi groups have members of the military. Most of the military members I know are Trump supporters.

  3. Most military are brainwashed individuals who believe that war and murder is patriotic. White personnel see their time in the military as a way of defending THEIR way of life not those of the country as a whole because they’ve also been brainwashed for hundreds of years into thinking that they are the master race. With the white population depleting, it is not surprising that this is happening in many countries not just the US. Germany and the UK have uncovered these types of networks in their military as well.

  4. So concern over the decline white race to below 50 percent in 20 years because of mass migration we should not do anything and accept it. We must always trust the media and government they would never lie to us about all they horrible things happening to americans they all represent our interests . How dumb do they think we are not to see that THEY are the evil organizations a million time worse. Now at least i will never watch this bald headed New World Order shill

  5. I could find you a million guys like this that will skype/hangout/facebook/tweet that they're a member of this group or that group and what they really are is just losers hoping that someone will take notice of them and swallow their bullshit.

  6. These groups idolize Donald J. Trump, a "pendejo" – a full grown man who acts like a cry-baby when things go against his idealized version of reality! He is especially fearful of strong opinionated women and is only capable of lashing out at them with infantile hyperbole unbefitting a reasonably stable adult. Fox News is feeding these character defects with their own brand of delusional farce!

  7. Interesting that Frontline and ProPublica never discuss the anti-white hate exhibited by BLM and antifa groups. The number of violent acts and murders committed by these groups far outnumber anything that "neonazi" groups commit.

  8. Went to a military graduation in Missouri, all I can say is our military is very, very ethnically diverse. Perhaps the issue may be multiple deployments. What do these kids see in war? Many of these soldiers are 18 years old. When they get out of the military some of them are homeless. Some of them have PTSD. We need to re-evaluate multiple deployments. If every parent, even the wealthy had to send their children to war there would be outrage from those parents? We need to help these soldiers so when they return so they do not wind up in hate groups. Otherwise our country is no better morally than other corrupt countries. Another issue, some of enlistee come from areas of the U.S. where there is a lot of social and economic troubles, both rural and inner city. Why not the outrage to old wealthy, politicians who refuse to retire and who send young soldiers to these conflicts zones??? Where is the outrage there??? If we do not want x-military to join such groups, as a community, we must show them love and empathy when they return. Too many wars and conflicts we must do better for our young people. Young people are the future. We must show them good values so they do not join such groups.

  9. Shit, Marx was right, the proletariat is rising up and now we are all getting killed by pizza delivery boys who "don't need college to get an education" Anyone else nostalgic for the time when to use the internet you had to know about computers?

  10. This seems to be a problem caused by MEN.
    Sure don't see many women acting out this way.
    Perhaps we should do something about MEN and their propensity for violence, their luv of hierarchy, their insistence on dominance, and their inability to understand their place in nature.

    Perhaps men have outlived their usefulness, and should be phased out.
    Just think;
    A whole world full of fat happy women!!!

  11. Fat Donny s rhetoric and actions ate are encouraging White Nationalists who are pro Facist and anti Democracy. Trump himself is a draft dodging, sexual pervert Molesting, Banktrumping, POW insulting but North Korean General saluting COWARD . Chubby Donny Chump the Banktrumping draft dodging BOY.

  12. All of these demobilised blue-collar personalities-and-psychologies/mind-set's are ex-security ex-police and ex-military and the majority of them have social-cultural/socio-cultural ties to the safety-and-security apparatus of the state/government/public-sector which includes the security-force police-force/internal military-force and military-force/external police-force they're authoritarian/totalitarian-and-militant/militarist in reality-and-practice in tone-and-texture generally either under-educated-and-under-informed or un-educated-and-un-informed but qualified-or-over-qualified and give their mind-set/mentality/thinking/reasoning/rationality/logic a veneer of legitimacy-and-normalcy through-and-under both organised religion such as and specifically organised christianity and such as and specifically organised islam and nationalism such as and specifically ethnic nationalism/racial nationalism

  13. Bunch of right wing weenies who can't fight their way outta paper bags! Take away their toy guns and they run like bitches! Send em all to Guantanamo bay

  14. This is so fake and staged by this liberal outlet. No one in attomwaffen would come forward and do a video chat revealing his face while speaking of terrorism.

  15. Hyper religiosity, hyper- Militarism and hyper fascism are the same big business of violent misogynistic hate-crimes-committing racist religious fundamental Nazi sociopaths, who just love to kill others and call that shiet: their godgiven duty.

    Nazism is the real religious conservative ( White) men's religion. And Fascism their biggest big business, where all paychos' imaginary "god" is white, extremist Jewish orthodox, and certainly a violent militarism-loving incesteous serial rapist pedophile male with a Mushroom-dick, Kiddos. Ironic, imagine a circumsized nuclear mushroom-like Abtahamic Nazis' god-dick.

    Why all Nazis' big business ( Facebook et-all) and all big religions must globally fail and crumble in global lawsuits…

    Godless Best now, kiddos. Your assimed cognitive supremacy never existed and your white rich religious conservative Frat-boys-assholes' global selfgiven criminal privileges will all legally end, come 19..


  16. Fucking crazy comment section. I love the triggered fascists here. Atomwaffen is responsible for 5 murders. They are a threat just like ANTIFA and any other extremist organization. Fuck off scumbags!

  17. More propaganda by the fake news media. Nice try pbs. Trying to hype Americans to think there are neo nazis around every corner!!! hahahahahahahaha

  18. Why do these ignorant shooters always shoot up innocents? They just give the left wing talking points and engenders sympathy for those you see as enemies. Look at your killings as PR.
    Instead of killing black churchgoers shoot up a BLM meeting, a black gang selling drugs in the street, Cair meeting, Jewish meeting or Antifa meetings.

    Lots of targets and destroying leadership is always damaging. If you are going to die for your cause or just snipe why not go after important meetings, they are publically announced. Or doxx and kill the individual leaders, terrorize them.
    You claim to be smart white guys, well, be smart in target choice. Always claim it is in revenge to some atrocity the other side committed.
    (Btw, I don't think you should murder anyone. I just hate sloppy, counterproductive PR also according to IQ and make more money then East Asians are supreme)

  19. Any Militia that talks about Hate or over throw of a government is not a REAL militia loves it's country just not the people in charge.

    Only use violence as a means of self defense

  20. This sounded so fake, almost like scripted to get police and government to start treating right wing ppl like terrorists just by saying stuff like this the way he said it. Cause no lone wolf cell would ever speak to media not even right wing media because right wing have always thought all media is run by jews and that big companies and government and banks are owned and ran by jews. So if they were nazis with some iq they would not blow up their own socalled Division by giving an intervjue

  21. Fake and gay trying to spread paranoia and cause infighting, this is surface info and he sounds like some random journalist you gave a script to.

  22. This is what will be in America's future if we don't get rid of Trump and 100% treat these hate groups as terrorists. This is horrifying and very real. If you're young and spend a lot of time on political YouTube you know the prevalence of far right propaganda. It's not just a fringe group anymore. They are preying on young white men to recruit.

  23. "We're sick of waiting, it's about lone wolfs like Dylan Roof. and who knows there could be a dylan Roof in the ranks? " Did he hear himself say that.

  24. They have ties with the order of nine angles. Sick people in service to their sick ideologies. What a bunch of uneducated fools.

  25. Lol ha ha this hidden guy is a JEW ADL STOOGE trying to act like a nazi to get government to be more anti-white fucking tire of Jewish lies

  26. Its been 5 years and all the fbi has gotten these kids to do is scream "read seige read seige" mason is a satanic pos and should have thous flags takein from him by actuall fascists who follow hitler

  27. this is some ploy to drum up funding for a racialist-oriented non-profit, or a lobby agency hired by democrats to drum up support from their pliant herd-minded base, easily led by fears and hatreds.
    White people try harder to HEAL and Enrich and Enhance the world, not Violently Dominate it.

  28. They are Mind-Programming you to Fear/Hate your fellow AMERICANS! This is Fabricated!
    THIS is what the REAL Threat in America looks like: Hate-fanning the DEMONIZATION of an Entire ETHNICITY or Race or just plain SKIN COLOR!

    Been fighting that evil since 1800's, and now y'all Lazy-Brained "Woke-puppets" jump in FULL RACIAL OPPRESSION now, just because they FLIPPED THE COLORS ON YOU ??? You were really THAT Easy to deceive???

  29. Just a bunch of motherfuckers who have no brains, and no way to voice their moronic opinions, other than to kill people more intelligent than them.  You cultists make me sick to my stomach.  Get a fucking life!  When you see a person less privileged than your pathetic self, ask yourself one question: Do they deserve to die, or do they need your help?  The answer: You deserve to DIE.

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