Inhuman Condition | Episode 6 | Supernatural Series ft. Torri Higginson

[Pro-Lycan Protest] Chants [Linc laughs] Like what you see? You’re ridiculous. They think they can keep you cooped up in that house all the way out of the city? Fuck that. [shots or firecrackers ring out, crowd disperses] Damnit. They’re probably checking Walkers. I have to get out of here NOW. Let’s go, let’s go [crowd disperses, shouts] Nice place you got here. Mm, mm, mm. You must make good money. We need to review some factors of your treatment you might not understand Mr. Lincoln? Would you please join me? Fine. Hit me. Well, first off. Last week you left in the middle of a session. Now that might violate the terms of your agreement with the court. Alright, I won’t ditch early. Next? The court has set you 6 weeks of sessions, and that will be based on my ongoing evaluation – I might very well recommend further sessions. So do you mass treat guys like me to make a buck? You planning on keeping me on the hook forever, or… …do they cut you off at some point? Well actually that depends on you, and the choices you’re gonna make in the next 6 weeks. Damn! You’ve got this ambiguous shrink speech down to an art. I can see why the establishment likes you. Non-threatening, middle aged white lady – bisexual, so you tick off a diversity box Mmm. You got it good. I suggest you start taking this seriously. Oh, I take you very seriously doc. The pawn’s one of the strongest pieces on the board played right, and you’re the very definition. Thing is, either you’re a con artist bilking the government of its tax dollars – – which I just think is funny Or you think you’re making a difference. And whether you’re looking for thirty pieces of silver or a pat on the back, you need me more than I need you! You are very likely looking at jail time. You think that scares me? I could mark you down right now as non-compliant. The court would have you set up in a cell, before the weekend. you try that and my lawyer will bury you. What makes you think I’m frightened of Cal Tulley? He’s taken down a lot bigger dragons than you, m’am You know him well? Did my research when I hired him. And why did you choose him? Cal Tulley’s got a history of representing lycans with violent anti-human sentiment most famously the DLA [Department of Lycan Affairs] bomber from ’98 Why would this man go from representing the who’s-who of non-human terrorists… …to you? I’m not sure I agree with that distinction. There is no terrorism in a war-zone. Only insurgents. You consider America a war zone? In ’98 it was. If the Dept. of Lycan Affairs wasn’t an act of war, nobody would’ve bothered bombing it. That’s a very extreme position. The whole point of the DLA is to track and control my people. Lycan lists, Safe Room laws, the works In 97 they proposed a bill that would have defined us a non-human Why do you care? You don’t identify as human. That’s no excuse for your government to try and strip us of basic human rights. which is how that bill was gonna play out So you believe that violence is justified – between humans and lycans? Oh, I never said that. violence is never justified. I am sympathetic to your philosophical position, Mr. Lincoln. Honestly, if I was… …a lycan …I can see myself being very drawn to such organizations as Lycan Superior I didn’t say shit about Superior. But for example. I’m just saying I’m sympathetic – – and I think you should’ve been placed with a lycan counsellor. But I am not your enemy, Mr. Lincoln. I’m not interested in being in your feel-good project. I looked you up. Lots of awards for work with Inhumans across the board. Bloodsuckers, Walkers, Cubes. The whole pretty rainbow of monsters. I’m sure you don’t mind the attention, but I don’t like humans who think they can speak for us. I don’t speak for lycans and I’ve never claimed to – – But you do. Talking over us, soaking up the attention for yourself – Maybe you think you’re helping. But we don’t need you, we don’t even want you. Linc – Let me be clear. I don’t respect you. I think you’re a hypocrite with a saviour complex but I’ll come in here, listen to you talk about nothing for an hour, Maybe work on anger management and coping mechanisms, whatever the hell you like and then I’ll leave and when this is over I won’t even remember your name. How’s that, for fucking compliance?

71 thoughts on “Inhuman Condition | Episode 6 | Supernatural Series ft. Torri Higginson

  1. Pros and cons. It's the best directed, acted, and filmed show on the channel without question. The stories don't advance fast enough yet, Linc episodes were similar which I didn't mind because he's a great actor. I'm curious to see where it goes I'm just hoping it picks up a bit!

  2. So…I binged all six episodes instead of going to bed. Work's gonna be hard…but it was totally worth it!
    Thank you KindaTV! <3

    And I haven't decided yet. I need to see more of Tamar first.
    Anyway,superb writing,directing and casting…everyone involved is doing a great job!

  3. MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!! Please! This is so good!!!

  4. Linc is the charismatic Lycan of my heart. Like literally even the show loves him the most because they feed his scenes with strength and character. Clara is the isolated and eager Zombae that fights for agency though she had little of it left. Tamar I'm excited for because she has the most to gain and she brings Michelle at her best.

  5. ok i wasn't sure i would enjoy this series but i'm hooked now. helping people is great but conflict is what keeps people interested.

  6. this is so good. finished the first 6 and can't wait for wednesday. this is the future of kindatv and it came out of freakin nowhere

  7. easily the best show here after carmilla and I feel like the wait for another great kinda show was so worth it. the acting in this show makes me forget it's a youtube series

  8. unpopular opinion,,,, I don't like linc? idk why but it may just be disrespecting others doesnt earn you respect?

  9. How weird would it be if Carmilla pitched up for a Shrink session? She probably would need one after all the stuff she's been through.

  10. Linc's personality is intriguing. I wonder if he really acts that way all the time or if it's in some way an act to cover up something so much more complicated.

  11. Damn, KindaTV. You put everything I love in one series. Supernaturalism; activism; Lycan, Zombae, and LGBTQ+ representation.

  12. Whoa, Linc is intense! I'm really loving the series so far. Hope to see some more of Tamar as well, bc while I relate to her anxiety issues, she is by far the deadliest of the patients with having killed over 300 people and I'm very much intrigued what happened there.

  13. I was going to say these episodes are too short but they're all 5-7 minutes! they just go by so fast!

  14. I appreciate that there are relatable male characters. they are typically throwaway in other shows but linc is speaking to me even though he's an ass

  15. Holly fuck! Did I missed a memo about Dr Elizabeth Weir ? Just finished all six episodes. Actin is on point! Camera movement and montage top notch, I even like this little camera "shake" it feel like head movement. At last script very fucking captivating!!! I love you KinaTV for allowed us watched it for free. THX

  16. I can't say I like or dislike Linc's company, I don't enjoy conflict, but he may turn out to be a really good guy, plus really good actor, like Annie Briggs!

  17. I made a good decision for waiting till I start watching this series the "premiere" happened to be on turning in papers and exams week…Lord I d have probably failed some or most of them hadn't I listened to myself…I mean Im already hooked and there are still episodes to go. Good call ME 😀

  18. Is this series based off of books, by any chance? It reminds me of this great book called Vision in Silver.

  19. Linc reminds me of Lafayette from True Blood. The deep voice, the slow, purposeful speech, the threat-like undertones to his words and the slight accent are just so similar Lafayette it makes me like the character more.

  20. Linc is bae! Love Clara too. I don't know much about Tamar yet though. The therapist is a tad annoying but I don't hate her or anything. Great acting all around.

  21. I don't know if I should hate this guy cuz he's kind of a terrorist or if I should love this guy cuz he makes some legitimately valid points

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