Inhuman Condition | Episode 23 | Supernatural Series ft. Torri Higginson

It’s kinda perfect, huh? You’re quiet today. Ya it is kinda perfect. You need to tell your father, Clara. Linc hasn’t texted me. Hasn’t called.. I’d worry, but he’s still tweeting plenty. I could’ve really loved him. Could’ve built a whole life with him. But it doesn’t change my reasons of wanting to go. I know. I need to confess something. I didn’t tell my dad. Actually we don’t really talk about .. anything. I can’t. Wow. Okay. Do you wanna talk about that with me? Are you worried that he might react the way Linc did? Maybe. Or.. Maybe.. That he wouldn’t survive. And I was trying not to think about it, it’s just.. Frank, he just said something, and.. Do you think you’ve maybe.. Avoided the conversation by focusing on other decisions? I thought I grew out of that. Well.. Coping mechanisms – They’re pretty hard to shake. Especially in times of extreme stress. But Clara.. You have to speak to your father. I can’t talk to him, I mean.. I literally can’t. Would you like to do it together? Yeah.

29 thoughts on “Inhuman Condition | Episode 23 | Supernatural Series ft. Torri Higginson

  1. Wow I'm /never/ this early to a new video! Cool~
    I hope we get more Frank lines, it's nice to actually hear from him. AND LINC. CMON. Clara needs you right now and you'll really regret it if you aren't with her before she goes :c

  2. WOW!!! His tongue is usable and can make shapes that somehow communicate thoughts!!!!!πŸ™πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» POWER OF WORDS!

  3. Thing I noticed: Clara is sitting on the couch with Kessler, on the side where Mira usually sits, instead of in her chair. Intentional parallel? I say yes.

  4. This series is bad for my heart, mannnn.
    It's the only one that i faithfully follow, other Kinda TV shows were too cheesy or common, but this one…
    Where do all these talented actors come from ? Linc blew my mind from the beginning, a lot of nuance in the character and subtle acting made me change my opinion about him twice an episode. He doesn't fall into the "rough but sensitive" cliche, is quite charismatic and i constantly navigate between wanting hapiness for him and being wary of his personality/what he is capable of.
    Clara freaked me out so much in the first episodes ! I know people nicknamed her ""Zombae" ; I couldn't be further from that. She was desperate, moody, and all around dangerous, and horrified me when she took out a bit of her hair. I don't mean that in a bad way, i love the transformation of the young actress into this suicidal almost-zombie subject to mood swings! So it really is a testament to the actress that i was more afraid of her than of a woman with infinite powers or an angry man who transforms into a wolf..
    Hope to see more of Frank, his dynamics with Clara are intriguing. Loved that quiet moment in the car.
    I cannot say a lot about Tamar. WOnderfully played, she makes me anxious just by watching her stammer through the ep1. Storyline is more linear, i expected the way it would go, not much (or too much if she gets really angry ) is at stake so i'm not so invested. But we'll see πŸ™‚
    Finally i find myself captivated by Dr Kessler, her level of empathy and the array of emotions she conveys is fascinating. She's lived a full life, her story is unique and well crafted, but what makes me come back to this series is how the actress embodies this overly-involved therapist, extremely competent but too sympathetic to be perfect. ANd the emotions you see appearing on her face always feel genuine, i'm speechless.
    Oh, and i appreciate the political and social background, the reflections on activism and minorities, the debate stays open and IC doesn't deliver a message but invites to think together, nicely done.
    And a word for the camera work : LOVE YOU people, it's visually pleasing, high standards on this show!
    I have no idea how many episodes are left, but i hope to see this kind of quality show soon again on the internet πŸ˜€

    PS : sorry if i misused some adjectives, i'm 21 and french. i also sometimes speak english like a 60 years old.

  5. I found a show on Netflix to fill the gap between episodes. Being Human (UK) is similar to this in a way. Also nice to finally hear from you Frank. I hope we meet Clara's father. Does anyone think the knife point hold up was set up as a reason to lock Tamar up?

  6. okay but where do the things that Tamar vanishes go? that's what i wonder. do they just show up in random peoples houses around the world. Like "…when did that lamp get there?"

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