Inhuman Condition | Episode 18 | Supernatural Series ft. Torri Higginson

Hey, how about if I get us some tea.. No! I got it. Mera, c’mon. Mera? Dr.Kessler are you– Oh, Clara.. I completely forgot we changed your time Oh, Linc dropped me off. Would it be cool if he said hi? Yeah, I’d love that. You look great. You’re very kind. An obvious lie, but kind, nonetheless. Look, I’m… I’m sorry about what I said last session. Hey, it’s ok. Everything’s fine. And thanks for meeting with me. I know you’re not quite back to work yet. Dr.Kessler. Hey Linc. Hey. Wow. You look really good. Lycan healing. Lucky. Just wanted to say hi, we didn’t want to cross any lines. I know you care about that shit. Linc, you saved my life. It’s more than appropriate. Oh! You must be my mom’s patients. Hi.. Hi, oh my god. Hi. I’m Clara and this is Linc. Pleasure to meet you. Well, likewise. Never met any of my mom’s patients because she has this adorable little speech about boundaries. Mira! Mira, you… forgot… the milk. Good afternoon. Thanks. My ex wife. Ouch. So you and Linc seem to be doing really well. Six weeks? That’s a good anchor for a relationship. Yeah. He’s.. smiling all the time, it’s.. weird, but.. good. How about you? You look healthy. Yup. And… How’s your father? He’s great. Loves Linc, loves that I’m in a relationship, won’t shut up about it. I mean, we all have dinner together every night. So everything is going really well it seems. Yup. Is it? Nope. It isn’t. I’m not. I don’t want you to think from our other conversations that I… That I ever thought you should be with a man that you don’t love for his benefit. No, That’s the thing. After all this… I do love him. Everyday.. I wake up. And I tell myself… ‘Do it for Linc.’ ‘Do it for your dad’. Except… I’m in the same place that I was three months ago. Except now there’s Linc. And it’ll kill him. He’s strong. And.. This choice can’t be about him. No. You don’t.. You don’t get it. He’ll think that it’s something he didn’t do. But what he doesn’t know is all I’m doing for him. Just for him. Clara… I still have your form. I can’t… I cant, can I? Linc… It’ll kill him— It’s not your responsibility to live for Linc. He has to live for himself. In any relationship. Each side has to love and support the other’s decisions. and I am so sorry I didn’t see that before now. Thank you.

45 thoughts on “Inhuman Condition | Episode 18 | Supernatural Series ft. Torri Higginson

  1. Yes! Kessler’s alive and well! What a great episode! I can’t imagine what it would be like for both individuals in a relationship to be inhuman. I can’t imagine how hard it would have to deal with BOTH parties’ afflictions, especially when their symptoms are so different from one another (In this case, Lycanthropy and Living Dead Disease).

    I have a friend who is married to a Lycan and though they no doubt love each other dearly, they have problems that everyday couples don’t even have to think about!

  2. Nice to see Rachel. And man, was this epi was heartbreaking for Clara & Kessler (and Linc's future…) the clara who plays clara is so talented.

  3. Decided to watch this 30 mins before my final exam and I'm just a blubbering mess right now. Pretty sure my classmates think I'm crazy lol

    BUUUUT this episode was seriously amazing. Well worth the wait. Now please excuse me as I run to the washroom to dry my eyes and look more human and same before my final 😭😭😭

  4. Ugh, I feel like this is all wrong. Clara isn't being honest with Link, and Kessler should have signed that form so long ago, but now it's even more complicated. God, what a terrible therapist.

  5. Okay this has me in tears. Clara looks so freaking happy, just look at the love and adoration in her eyes when she looks at Linc. It's gonna kill him, and it's gonna kill me to when/if she goes through with it, but I'm respecting her decision.

    I just, it's so real to see someone being in love and loving someone, but still feeling the same about themselves. Kudos to the actors and the writers for making it so real.

  6. Just discover this series and is so good. 18 episodes in and i need too sleep, you don't control me internet tv show!

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