Inhuman Condition | Episode 11 | Supernatural Series ft. Torri Higginson

Tamar are you alright? Yes, Dr. Kessler I’m merely thinking about my long-term goals. that’s an excellent subject to consider what have you come up with? I want…stability. I want self-respect. And – I want love. everybody does, right? In the long term, Tamar, a relationship is a fantastic goal. But… before we can love someone else…truly, I mean in a way that respects their autonomy – we have to be able to love ourselves otherwise, love is difficult and we end up putting the object of our affections up on a pedestal, and… and using their love as a way to accept ourselves Is that really a bad thing? well if you rely on someone else to love yourself? it’s like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound and it lays a very unstable foundation for the relationship and if it ends, which… most do you have to be able to take care of yourself otherwise love can be very dangerous Linc? sorry you alright? um… I read your paper. Yes, I know I listened to your video blog thanks for the shoutout I thought you’d like that um… Ah, shit. you alright? you seem distracted Yeah, I’m distracted. Give me some goddamn space! You told me to commit So consider this me proposing, ok? I’m here, I’m engaged, I’m your bitch. Is that what talking to a therapist means to you? that you are…having to submit to me? yeah when the court orders me here! Well – the court sent you here because they want to help you I mean they had every right to throw the book at you whatever. No, Linc, listen – this is not punishment, okay? this is more like um, well, like a test one that I think you can pass or maybe I’m wrong am I wrong? No. Good. You had a hard time growing up. I know. I mean, 10/95, it was hardest on Inhumans of your generation who were…old enough to see what was going on, but you were too young to understand why and – you’re not alone Why do you think the majority of members of groups like Lycan Superior are in their late 20s and early 30s Who said anything about Lycan Superior? I mean, It’s just – an example My point is – the need to fight for clarity of who you are …of strength, of pushing against oppression those mean a lot to people of your generation I guess that’s true And your politics, Linc your politics are not rooted in violence I have listened to hours of your video blogs, and I mean, your politics are rooted in empathy! you’re angry because your people are being hurt are being killed I don’t want to go to jail, you said I didn’t have any long term plans that’s changed Good, let’s talk about that I met someone that’s nice to hear will you tell me about her? Or…him? No, you got it right the first time Um, is she a…Lycan? A Werewolf, like you? No actually that’s what messes with my head Wow, um – [laughs] Well that’s a big step In what direction? Well, hopefully one that’ll give you better coping mechanisms than starting barfights I guess that’s fair So why this young woman? Why now? Hell if I know. I mean…we’ve kind of been dancing around it for months. She got a medical condition, and you know – didn’t want to make any promises long term So we kept our distance Okay, well what changed? But I guess… and don’t take too much credit here because I still think you’re 90% full of shit and I know it’s empty platitudes But… I think it’s all this… self-analysis and thinking for the future crap you’ve been talking about is that such a bad thing? I’m likely gonna think short term keeps me from getting disappointed mmm. Well if there’s one thing that I can teach you, Linc, it’s that we can always be disappointed. true. So… what’s her name? so we can stop referring to her as she Clara. That’s a lovely name. Made me think about some of the shit I’ve gotten myself into like, uh like joining Lycan Superior Ah Yeah… and, uh… it’s just been a long time since I’ve looked more than…a month ahead of me I think I’m ready to change that …with her. and how does she feel? I don’t know I hope she feels the same way. and maybe… maybe I can convince her to.

39 thoughts on “Inhuman Condition | Episode 11 | Supernatural Series ft. Torri Higginson

  1. Looks like Kessler's making strides with Linc! You can't blame Linc for being a member of Lycan Superior. The way our society treats inhumans is dispicable. Perhaps a seperatist state IS the solution! I for one am for it.

  2. So Clara has made Linc think about his future, while she want to end her life (undead?). well. what could possibly go wrong??

  3. I love Linc, don't get me wrong and this episode was good because we got to see character development with Linc and Dr. Kessler is one to his plans but I wish we could have seen more of Tamar.

  4. How many Clara's is the doctor seeing? She was told it was a woman with a serious medical condition, then adds the name to that, and it still takes her a while to put 2 and 2 together. Loved the episode. Might need some info on how her condition works. Is it something that could be weaponized? Wouldn't put it past Linc to do that.

  5. Awe I love Tamara!! I just want to hug her and tell her everything is ok!! And she'll get what she wants!!! Oh wow Linc finally showing some vulnerability and sharing things finally!! The protective momma bear showed through the when Linc said Clara!! Oh can't wait to see what happens there?!?

  6. Oh Clara hasn't told Linc about her long term plans. I'm now wondering if them hooking up was her living in the moment while he thought it was a sign of a future together.

  7. Fam we need to talk about Cara Gee. Like she's literally unbelievable in this role, I can't believe this is only her 3rd episode. in her three sessions we've seen progression in her body language, how she controls her anxiety, how she speaks, how she's affirming herself, not to mention the raw emotion and vulnerability. like goDDAMN she's such a good actor. it blows my mind. now i gotta look for what else shes in.

  8. I love Tamar and I'm fascinated to see where her story goes, and how it eventually connects to Linc and Clara, but I love Linc and the actor who plays him so much right now. I'm also so sad and scared for Kessler and the position she's in. I really hope she lives up to Linc's growing trust in her.

  9. aaaa two of my babies at once ❤❤❤ 👍👍👍👌👌👌

  10. Just caught it and can't wait for the episode today! I always miss the friday episodes, please stop releasing on friday!!!

  11. Oh no! I feel so badly for Linc. He's making plans for the future and moving on and all that good stuff and Clara just wants to die. In my opinion she only slept with him to get back at her therapist. Poor guy! And poor Kessler for not being able to say anything. I mean she has to keep it all to herself 🙁

  12. and remember, if you can't love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else? can i get an amen?!

    ~RuPaul, the queen herself

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