Ingraham: Trump wins another Democratic debate

laura ingraham ripped the Democratic
field Wednesday night and accused the party of changing their policies in
order to oppose President Trump specifically with the Syrian withdrawal
the president has worked tirelessly to drain the swamp with massive
deregulation phenomenal judges and a tax cut for working families markets are up
wages are up unemployment is way down across all key demographic groups and on
foreign policy he has likewise been remarkably consistent on his pledge to
put America first ingre ham said on the ingre ham angle making the case for
trump he said it was gonna do this and he’s doing it he’s winding down foreign
entanglements long-term military interventions that I seem to recall
Democrats used to be against ingre ham criticized Democrats for not supporting
Trump even though a bomber made the same points regarding foreign conflicts
during his presidency she also accused the Democratic presidential candidates
of opposing the president for the sake of opposing him by the end of the
evening it was obvious that the Democrats will say and do at this point
almost anything including contort their own views on key issues just to oppose
Trump Ingram said referencing the debate Tuesday night the host criticized former
Vice President Joe Biden Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for their
policies the candidates think Trump’s a menace and he’s got to go but other than
that their policy prescriptions are kind of a mishmash Angra hem said Biden
thinks that if he wins things are just magically go back to Obama that whole
era when Democrats were partying at the White House with Stevie Wonder and Tom
Hanks as for Warren and Sanders you know adopting a european-style
socialist approach which last time I checked isn’t working anywhere in the
world now

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