Information Dissemination and Socialization with the use of technology in the 21st century

we are poor and we're going to share some insights and knowledge regarding different information dissemination social and social education now the use of technology and by giving an example in but before we start our discussion we will first introduce ourselves my name is Kavita and we're dare you let's begin first let us know what information dissemination socialization and acknowledging means information is a knowledge that you get about someone some facts are details such as so other people technology is the Machine visual equipment method that is created in Jews as we do or – so the communication there is this dissemination of information through socialization and these values of Technology you Murphy so this eager to know beauties and happening in his brothers and it's regime condition has defecated and keeps an instigating my research purpose simply using social meters in Michigan colleague will be to Mali when using the technology we have today it is by looking into same do you have any updates on mother will not really the bigger having moved me about the neccessity tomorrow but she says that he'll be giving the announcement but in our genes we have different schedules okay okay

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