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he says and if you love me you'll guard my commands if you have that love relationship with that that deep relationship you'll guard what I've commanded you now hopefully we can make the connection without a leap that he's talking about all of the Torah not just the things in red letters and some red letter Bibles although I'd love to see a red letter Bible that puts all the words of Yahweh in red too because then we would go with his words properly but it says if you love me you shall guard my commands now all of this leads into verse 16 if you do these things if you love me if you guard my commands if you're doing what's honoring to the father if you're doing these greater works if you're walking in the way and the truth and the life if you're following me which I'm preparing a place for you if you follow me if you're doing all these things then verse 16 I shall ask the Father and he shall give you another helper to stay with you forever this is the Spirit of the Truth whom the world is unable to receive because it does not see him or know him but you know him for he stays with you and shall be in you now let's stop right there for a second he says first of all and I'm not trying to attack anybody in mainstream Christianity or any other belief system but I'm sorry the spirit that you're claiming to have is not the one being talked about in John 14 unless you did everything prior to John 14 and verse 16 am I wrong am I wrong okay I'm out I'm not trying to be mean I'm not trying to pick on anybody I'm not trying to offend or insult anybody there are things that are if if if if then and you don't get the then unless you do all the IPPS I just I don't know how else to explain it it's not very it's not rocket science folks okay now that doesn't mean you didn't have any interaction with the Ruach prior to what he's talking about here what he's talking about here is a different manifestation of what's going on as far as we're gonna get to this in a minute how he interacts with you how he interact with you this is all about him interacting with you he's talking about himself he's the way he's the truth he's life everything about this is about understanding him and your relationship with him now listen how this plays out he's going to give you the Spirit of Truth didn't we already discussed the truth who's the truth yeshua what is the truth the teller the word i'm going to be the spirit of the word of the torah of yeshua now in case it's not clear enough look what it says here very interesting verse 17 whom the world is unable to receive so the world is unable to receive this spirit of truth why because it does not see him or know him okay so it doesn't see him or know him but you know him he's saying you already know him before he stays because he stays with you and shall be in the future in you okay so let's ask the question who is it that the world was not receiving and did not see or know but they knew and was staying with them Yeshua is that a stretch okay in other words this Ruach the spirit that they're talking about this spirit of truth he's saying I'm going to ask the Father to send you something that you already have but I'm not going to be here so I'm gonna have to interact with you on a whole different level and in case that's not clear we simply read verse 18 I shall not leave you orphans I am coming to you how come verse 18 doesn't Trump everybody's Trinitarian nonsense how come verse 18 doesn't fix the problems for everybody right that this is not another third thing Yeshua says I am coming to you the thing everything I just talked about you soothing all this stuff I'm talking about is me I am coming to you but I'm not going to be in the flesh anymore I am the spirit of truth this is the new way Yeshua is interacting with those who love and believe in him and all of the other stuff that he said prior to this verse does that make sense can we kind of wrap our brains around that he says look the Spirit of Truth in the world is unable to receive because it doesn't see him or know him and that was true you need to have eyes to see any ears to hear in a heart to receive and then you can have a relationship develop with him but what did he tell them all the time that they were blind they couldn't see their eyes were closed their ears were closed their hearts were closed the world cannot see him and it says here but you know him for he stays with you and you should and shall be in you now realize this how hard do you think this was for us you would have tried to explain to his disciples who were not by the way receiving up to this point that he had to die and that he had to go away that he had to be resurrected because up to this point he told them dozens of times we're gonna go to Jerusalem they're gonna arrest me they're gonna kill me and I'm you know remember he told them that over and over again and they kept saying things like Oh be kind to yourself Master that's never gonna happen after all your Messiah they're not gonna kill you then I and he was like ah you guys don't get it this is the way it has to be otherwise this whole thing doesn't work right and so here he's finally getting his last words to them remember he's hours away from this ordeal okay he's hours away from all of this and he's trying to say look but don't worry remember these words that when this all happens you'll remember I am coming to you I'm not going to leave you orphans so the spirit that he's talking about is himself they see this all as important in the context of Unknowing understandingly says when you ask whatever in my name well he should be being led by the truth it keeps going back to the truth the Spirit the helper guess who's your helper Yeshua he's always been your helper but notice those ifs if and then he says I'm not gonna leave you orphans I'm coming to you look at verse 19 again a little while and no and the world no longer sees me and you shall see me but you shall see me because I live and you shall live and that day you shall know that I am in my father and you in I in you through what the spirit of truth he who possesses my commands and guards them it is he who loves me doesn't it go back to first John also those who say they know him and don't keep the commands Oh Liars because after all how could you say you love someone you don't know him and so he says look if you love you guard my community look he who possesses my commands and guards them as he loves me that's not he who possesses my commands and plays with them he who possesses my commands and does them occasionally it's he who guards them loves me he guards them and as he who loves me and he who loves me shall be loved by my father so loving yoshua is loving the truth is loving the word is loving the Torah is loving the light you see how this plays out and if you do that you'll be loved by his father by the father he says you it says if you love me that way you shall be loved by my father also and I shall love him it shall men if I manifest myself to him then yoshua will manifest and reveal himself to you who he says he'll do that after you do all these other things not first Christianity tried to flip it upside down he manifests to you first and then other things come and happen no he says if you do all of these things then I will start to manifest myself to you that's hopefully what you guys have been experiencing through these teachings where the more your understanding the word the more he's manifesting himself to you and your understanding the fullness of who and what he is he was a very surface level before but now he's manifesting himself to you because why because you loved him and he loves you and the Father loves you and so what are they doing they're opening up your eyes and opening up your ears and opening up your heart to deeper understanding first 22 is Yehuda not the one from care yet said to him master what has come about that you are about to manifest yourself to us and not to the world ooh what was that he said manifesting to them and not to the world if she was not manifesting himself the world he's manifesting himself to those who believe those whose eyes are open and ears are open whose hearts are ready to receive he'll manifest himself to the world when he returns I won't be very pretty either he's coming with a rod of iron not a tickle feather okay and so he's coming and then the will manifest everybody was all eyes will see him coming he's going to manifest himself to the world at that point so Judah not as scary and says master what has come about that you were about to manifest yourself to us and not the world they still weren't getting it and he answers who said if anyone loves me he shall guard my word my Torah my truth and my father shall love him and we shall come to him and make our stay with him those are the ones that are getting that are getting in that are gonna build a relationship that are becoming the type of person that the father wants to live with forever that's what he's saying he says those are the people the ones who love me and guard my word to the ones the father shall love and want to spend time with and we're gonna stay with that person we're gonna want to stay with them forever he who does not love me does not guard my words and the word which you hear is not mine but of the father who sent me saying look if you're not guarding my word you don't love me and by the way if you don't love me they're not going to my word it says the word which you hear is not mine it says but of the father's his own so so you're not rejecting me saying you're rejecting the father do you understand that rejecting the word is not really rejecting issuing schewe says you're not hurting me you're shamefully behaving before the father you're just honoring the father he says you does not love me again verse 24 does not guard my words and the word which you hear is not mine but of the father who sent me these words I spoken to you while still with you but the helper the set-apart Spirit whom the father shall send in my authority he shall teach you all and remind you of all that I have said this is in trying to communicate this is how I will continue to communicate with you I've been communicate with you in person pnina pnina face-to-face and in the future I will not be doing it that way I'll be doing it through this thing known as the Spirit of Truth ok rueake met the Spirit of Truth and so here he has this verse he goes look and the Spirit is going to do what teach you all and remind you of what everything that I have said to you now guess what the Spirit can't remind you of anything unless you put it in there in the first place we weren't there when you see who was speaking so how do we get to know what he said we get to read it we get to read it so we have to go and read it so that we'll know what he said and he says here again verse 27 he goes peace I leave to you my peace I give to you I do not give to you as the world gives do not let your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid you heard that I said to you I am going away and I'm coming to you if you did lovely you would have rejoiced that I said I'm going to the Father for my father is greater than I does that settle it anyway by the way for everybody are you shoe and the father equal issue what did he think so no he says my father is greater than I greater and what authority he says my father is greater than I he says so in other words you were all excited about me and what I could do for you and my authority and the blessings that I bring in the healings and the miracles he says that's nothing he says I'm going to my father so don't be afraid that I'm leaving you're gonna be getting now the father's blessings my father is greater than I says get more excited about that he says and now I have told you before it takes place that when it takes place you shall believe I shall know that longer talk much with you for the rule of this world is coming and he possesses not at all in me but in order for the world to know that I love the father and that as the father commanded me so I am doing rise up and let us go from here so look all of that chapter was to explain one verse or two verses talking about the name when he talks about authority okay it has to do with reputation and authority and he says look I understand this in John 14 all of this is trying to lead – all of this is trying to get us to the place where we understand that it's still Yeshua helping us it's still the Spirit of Truth the shoe is the truth and hopefully we can embrace that and understand that that's what it's talking about as we go through this study that it's not about these other things and let's please put to bed this whole Trinitarian thing there's a father and there's a son and this sewer talked about in John 14 is just the way the son communicates with us it's not a third person it's the way he he says I'm not going to leave you orphans I am coming to you how in the form of the Ruach of truth the spirit of truth you

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  1. That was a very clear and concise teaching on the helper. I've been trying to figure that out for a long time. This makes sense to me. Great in INfocus Steve!

  2. Boy, the mainstream church is going to love this 😉 Great stuff Steve, always. Keep at it and may the Father bless you and the ministry as much as it has blessed me. Greetings from England

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