Influencer's Guide – Learning the Ad Rules

hi I'm Emma from Kats copy advice team everyone in the outworlders be talking about influencer marketing and we've been working hard behind the scenes and talking to influencers and agencies to find out how we can work together to help everyone stick to the adverts the main thing we learn was that our guidance could be clearer and more accessible so we've teamed up with the CMA and that's exactly what we've done don't worry the rules are still the same the influences guide just tells you everything you need to know and sets are the easiest ways to stick to the admiral's while keeping your content engaging and authentic as it should be it also includes some information about the workings of the NSA in case someone does complain you can check it out the link below and please share it too

1 thought on “Influencer's Guide – Learning the Ad Rules

  1. This video is borderline useless, you really should be doing an explainer video and making sure people see it. I'm part of a network of creators and people are loosing their minds over this because their first encounter has been as terrifying headlines in the news. 211 views as a write this.

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