Influencer Insight: Lindybeige — Thinking Outloud Episode #70

hello from DC today we have a very very special influencer insights edition with you we are here with none other than the Nicholas Lloyd aka Lindy beige Thank You Boyd for doing this today yes good evening good morrow good afternoon so let's just divert any that we've got a few lines for you if you if you'd be so kind okay okay why don't you decide to dive into YouTube I understand there's a convoluted story and we'd love to hear a little bit more about how you happen to start Lindy beige oh it was all an accident I was trying to break into telly this was before you Jim even existed this was late 1990s and I wanted to be on telly with a series that had this idea for called built for the Stone Age was all about human evolution I've been hired as a researcher and whilst doing the research for this show that another company wanted to pitch I thought actually I think they're going about it all wrong they should do it this way they should do it as a comedy and it'll be much fun you and the people who like it more and they'll remember it and and no one believed me so I had faith in the projects I shot it myself with my own money which is perhaps silly and loads people told me it was very stupid and I had this pilot which I couldn't show to any new commissioners with the power to actually put it on television because I wasn't famous as they wouldn't watch it and after eight years of touting it about I gave up but during that time something called YouTube came along and I thought oh yeah I'll stick it on that and someone out there could possibly decide that it's worth worth turning into a series and and if you are out there and you are a television Commissioner did watch bill for the Stone Age it's still one of the best things I think on my channel and you can find him on Mindy base channel it's on the linee base keeps growing keeps growing yeah it's 2008 I think five years later one of them went viral because someone on reddit discussed it and somehow it got voted up I didn't know what read it was but whoever that was I didn't know who you are wherever you were who started that discussion on reddit that led to my fire point one viral video thank you very much because it launched my youtube career and and now Here I am well tell us a little bit more about your interest right how would you describe yourself because well here's what here's what I know ballroom dancing history military particularly British history I am interested in stuff occasion people will ask me you know about this that it does occur because I'm interested and if you're interested in something then you tend to find out about his hand we tend to remember that what'd you find out I was being interested in tanks and military history and knights in armor and all those sort of things since I was tiny and that didn't go away I got a degree in archaeology which ties in with ancient Greece and ancient Rome and all that stuff and it seems that I'm reasonably good at talking to one of these you were you remarking earlier that I'm did I come across when when net pretty much as I do on camera that's a fact yes I do find it odd that some people as soon as they start talking to a camera they change their they're turning out really old and they haven't they have a different way of sitting and they you start gesticulating in a strange mad way maybe this lot of them start moving their head around quite a lot I don't know why they do that but they do and I find that some not just exhausting to do but exhausting to watch as if I hated people can sniff out inauthenticity like that you do a wonderful job of advocating for brands that you actually care about or are interested and so what's the process like for you to determine one if a brand is a good fit or not and to to figure out a way you can communicate the brand's values in a way that your audience is still going to be very interested in it if it ties in with the topic that I am talking about that's easy say the history of the Mongols in India yes if there's someone selling Mongols then I can I can it's and if you want to buy one of these I can I can segue into that advert very easily if it ties into a subject matter that's just a gift sorry because I can segue from into the advert sometimes it doesn't tie in with what I'm talking about it's not at all in which case that's been the gift as well because like I can I can use the fact that it's such a non sequitur right but it becomes a joke and I try to react to the product as my spot I do I react to the product as myself right so if I I'd really do not know very much about it I will make it quite plain I really don't know much about this recently I did a an advert for men's grooming products and clearly I don't use any of them and I just I just talked about what he said on the outside of the tube but your audience loved it and it seemed to do very very well where people are much more likely to buy a dollar shave because of it even though you were quite clear about I'm not into men's grooming products I think I got away with it yes so just reacting ask myself if something is interesting then it's very easy for you to talk about it because if I'm interested in something I will sound interesting right should there be an invoice it's a miraculous concept if you're interested in something your son is interested in it and if you're not actually there you're so uninterested yes but you can make yourself into be interested by by not I'm the same law but I had this phrase I just notice taking the bits it's an English phrase to mean to to mock but necessarily in a jeering way yeah give someone a hard time yeah you did friends take the piss out of each other you're making someone aware that there is this product that there is this offer and however you do that could work so if you do it with a joke and it becomes memorable because there's a joke and they find it funny I mean hey have you seen this guy he's he's advertising something even though he doesn't know what it is and it's funny then people will share that and so the in terms of raising awareness that can perhaps work better than yet another advert for something that everybody knows to last questions for you okay number one is if you were to make one recommendation to someone who's leading a marketing team the best way to work with influencers what would that piece of advice be be patient be patient I as you know I do tend to do things at the last minute that's it's never planned that way I always give myself plenty of time but then something comes up right it's always easy to do it tomorrow but for a good reason and yes so so a certain amount of patience and tolerance play to their strengths ever tried to foist on someone an approach style an idea people know usually what they're good at and want to stay in their comfort zone and play to their strengths so yes let them let them advertise their way we like to say give creative control to the creators right that's it you're best at is you know how to connect with your audience we always say to brand let go let them let the creators connect to the audience in the way that they know how to do so yes you oftenly know how to connect with your audience better than any particular brand and so when a brand like Dollar Shave lets you go and do your thing it's going to be much more effective than if they were to say you have to do X Y & Z if I have to compromise my on-screen presence by on-screen reputation long term by clearly doing something that that goes against my character then I think it's not worth it if I have other sponsors and not gonna starve thinking long term I would stand down and I've also yes been quite adamant that I'm going to do it this way I did one where four was cast by Matt Matt yes I said okay yeah I will do it on the sole condition that I am allowed to do it my way and it will be mocking and then it was an unboxing video of a mattress and the Fox was colossal as we'd imagine it was a mattress but they said nothing in the contract that that I had to I had to do the unboxing but I I didn't have to necessarily talk about the mattress then you great like a box so I talked about the box and all the things that you could do with the box and that made it memorable and so people presume he did share it because then every time they share it last question for yes because they know we got it we got a run here but as a Brit what's the one amusing thing you find about being in the u.s. could be very very small about the way we say a word or it could be big but what's what's an amusing thing that you see America Americans to us seem quite instant quite so looking and it is sometimes amusing begging your pardon America a little they know about several times people have said so you from Australia oh this accent is nothing like an Australian accent or England that's in London isn't it I've had a few times right it's not I haven't picked a good one because it may sound so I'm being critical but you do Ostrom music I did but now you think yes look look at the map guys so I picked it up I feel bad by having to pick that one but I yeah that was like that's hey let us know what you think in the comments feel free to share your own he was synchronic amusement with the United States well why did we apart we appreciate you spending a few minutes with us here here today and until next time goodbye from Washington DC [Applause]

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