1. Hackers in pubg is a serious issue, you guys have to do something about it, pubg can ban them but they just don't want, what if for one month we don't play pubg? Only hackers will be playing , we shouldn't stand against hackers ,we should stand against PUBGm

  2. Are Leon Walkthrough Bhai Se Pooch Lete Abe Vo Poland Me Job Karte Hai,Saala Sb English Jhaad Rahe Hai.

  3. Wanna know why I dont like Indian streamers , they fuck around too much, too much messing around as if playing a mobile game on PC isn't bad enough, right now I just saw Alpha kill two of his teammates and was all lols and shit, disappointed after IT , thought people might get just a little serious , got some names in mind who are a fucking disgrace to the IGC .

  4. The visa is issued by the German embassy or consulate of Germany in India, as Germany is part of the Schengen zone it becomes difficult to get a visa till the time you don’t have a specific purpose for travel. The Indian government has no role to play in issuing the visa but yes it can write a letter to the german embassy for consulate to issue the visa. The Pubg team should have sent a specific letter for team India defining the duration, travel purpose and etc as per the format provided by the Schengen visa country. Never tweet such things as the consulate takes it personally. In such cases it’s better to drop a mail to the German ambassador or the visa issue team in the German embassy

  5. Bhai saw your gameplay in pmco prelims … Your play was OP … And best thing was Bridge camping was literally awesome

    U got new subscriber bro

  6. Don't loose the hope bro , you can do it and we all know that. Just show them what you got and beat them in next pmco match . All the best

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