Indian family stole everything from a hotel room. VIRAL WORLD

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40 thoughts on “Indian family stole everything from a hotel room. VIRAL WORLD

  1. Ahh look at their faces🤮
    I’m ashamed to be called an Indian because of people like them
    Honestly I don’t have a word to describe such cheap people.

  2. It's a sick mentality to take public property as a souvenir. Such mentality people had vandalised our Tejas Express.They should be punished harshly so that others can learn a lesson.

  3. After stealing then said sorry. Hindianstan cultures. Steal, lie, cheat and scam.

  4. Indians aunties pls learn lesson frm this,otherwise next time u wll b caught , whts wrong with Indian public .wht a crazy for stealing things?
    Are u can buy all this frm market.

  5. Bali is tourist destination for people from all over the world…. all bird Hollywood stars… europeans…. americans…. canadians…. only these Indians had to unfurl their national flag there… that too like this… and pls why am I not surprised…?????

  6. I have lots of friends from Bali and other islands…. they are the sweetest people…. humble ,respectful and peaceful…. I love Indonesian people…. they have always respected me… even though I am Indian…. I am happy that these Balinese people fixed these louts and showed them how to respect and how money cannot buy everything
    … gosh…. when will these people learn…. shameful… how they conduct themselves in their own country you can only guess…. disaster…. bravo my Indonesian friends….. teach them some manners…. and respect…. " Gaelang gaelang"😉

  7. Bastard's It's not about paying. It's all about what you are teaching your next generations. When you are going out with a indian passport, you are not the who taking my countries pride, discipline and on top of this it's the rich heritage culture where India had been told to the whole world. You bastards destroying all.

  8. Shame on the family. Pity we don't know more details about this family or we would have ensured a backlash of such level that they would never dare venture out of their homes.

  9. Cow pee drinking culture. nothing to be surprised that they steal. See how they steal.

  10. Saale in logo ko chodna nahi…jail me daal dena…aukat nahi hai to kyu jaate hai….india ka naam kharab kiya….bali choda to India enko saja dena chahiye

  11. Arrre hamara ek ek politician chor hai, ek ek industrialist chor hai, ek ek builder chor hai, police chor, sarkari afsar chor.. judges chor, journalist chor.. to in logon ne wahii kia jo ye ghar pe dekhte hai..

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