Indian family steals hotel belongings from Bali, Rahul Bose gypped; Who loots whom?

breathing you're watching musics with me Megha Sharma and we are debating a very important and pertinent topic today now a video of an Indian family stealing accessories and knickknacks from a hotel in Bali has gone viral on social media now it has happened in this video is and you can also see it on your screens on the left-hand side and a man can be seen scanning the baggage of this Indian family Wilder are on the way out of the resort now the family is seen asking the third star to let them go they can also be seen apologizing after offering the staff to pay for those accessories and those knickknacks that were found from their suitcase which were opened while they were actually deciding to checkout and that's when their entire thing was caught on camera now that's exactly what happened in that first instance now the second instance is about actual drawables now this happened and I'm sure everybody who's watching this debate is also aware of it because it made a massive social media wave it was actually those who had decided to make a social media video on this particular thing that happened to him he was charged with 4 1142 rupees for 200 bananas a big bat 442 rupees for those who banana at a five-star hotel they were staying in Chandigarh now after this video video went viral the hotel was fined for a massive 25000 rupees by the excise and Taxation Department of the state for violation of section 11 of the central GST so these are the two instance that we have brought together and decided to debate about about how these hotel chose these teens who decide to actually on one hand it's a resort that is going about fleecing this actor by charging him exorbitantly for those two bananas and on the other hand there is a family an Indian family at that going to Bali and then deciding to steal those goats from the hotel and gettin caught in the act now then let's listen in in fact see those visuals and that entire dynamic that played out between that Indian family in Bali and the hotel staff that has gone viral and received a massive amount of all right I am in fact joined by bj Mishra is a consumer expert who is in fact going to talk with me about this entire incident these stones event stories are also discussing about this just a while ago and it's good to have you on my show and discuss this entire teammates you're talking about Patel chose on one hand it's the hotel that is sleeping a decent human being it's our boss at this point of time he's a celebrity he's a known actor and an activist as well and he has the gumption to actually decide and record this entire thing on camera and showcase it to the people of the country and thankfully there has been a lot of traction action has been taken by other authorities and on the other hand saw there was this family Wennington family which is going about fleecing this five-star hotel a five-star resort in Bali decides to steal those white coats seal those knickknacks and accessories from the hotel and were caught in the act so social media over yaar plays a massive role when it comes to action being taken on these objectionable that's done either by the hotel or by these individuals for that matter in Bali isn't it you're absolutely right is saying that today the technology has become a very big enabler for the citizens and the consumers and it actually brings in a lot of networking and messaging in a very effective and efficient manner and a very cheap cost so as you can see in Raul boss's case he being a celebrating the moment he was he felt uncomfortable with the charges which was charged for his two bananas he brought it on his Twitter handle and immediately attracted the attention of the law enforcers and the policymakers and immediately the government brought into action and we all know today all our ministers including our prime minister is very active on the Twitter handle or the social media to ensure that the citizens are given promise and that is why they are watching very constantly in in terms of building efficiency in governance so in what we have to understand is that social media now plays a very important role in bringing in good governance in bringing in you know ensuring that quality of service is maintained and people are not cheated or overcharged so this is a very good sign and I'm very happy that the government has immediately responded to the Twitter handle of Raul and taken action appropriate action at the bottom and at the end of the day what we all have to understand that how these celebrities should or well-known people should also work for a common person so what happens if a common man speaks up and talks about their difficulties they are not heard most of the time so and they are made to run from pillar to post to get relief now this is where we feel that the government should become more proactive to make common people you see come in public domain to share the grievances and issues and get resolution rather than running from pillar to post or going to the you know consumer courts are going to the legal system to secret drizzle for small amounts of composition to that thought because I am also joined by humans of ROI here is the former executive branch chef at the Taj Mahal Palace in Mumbai he is builder he was in fact part of that entire team for many many years and I am currently has an independent restaurant chain to his name that he's been running successfully welcome on – argument and I would like to pass to you this question these two instances that have happened they have gained massive social media attention as well so how exactly do you think is it in individuals who tell industries as well especially since you can't under 12 background and UNICEF had to face numerous of those instances where you know gets come in they go about stealing these knickknacks and accessories and there's nothing that you can do about it in finally this seems to be with the other the social media some amount of action that can be taken that immediate redressal that can be achieved by the way of this invention things which have happened industry when we for the law of people some people got a habit of stealing certain things from response from the rules for everything but every time we could not take action and Instagram was not so social media was not so active at that time right but there were times when we had to taking action against one or two because we caught them red-handed because we told them look we have the closed-circuit TVs and we have caught you and they had to they were made to pay the bills but the social media were we would never bring those people to social media to you know talk about these things because if start doing it it probably it'll happen every single day these things will happen all right but how do you think social media at the end of the day with somebody like an actor of the of the stature of Rahul Bose going about filming that entire event talking about venting about the fact that he has been overcharged and then finally action being taken within a week of that instance being happening so authorities did come in so the only thing this is at the end of the day of positive for not just the hotel industry for individuals on a larger scale because there's you know active redressal instant redressal as a matter of fact that is happening and you do not at the anybody have to go to those quotes that's the long-drawn process people try to avoid it because there's a feast there's a lot of time that scale gets wasted there's a lot of bureaucracy that happens so this is instance redressal and everybody is looking to take use of this entire social media platform that is there for everybody to use absolutely social media is a good platform as long as it is used well it should not be misused it should be used in a proper manner and it is very helpful definitely it has the justice is being done in lost cases there but it should not be misused by people I mean seven ways I like the idea of a social media it has justice to a lot of people and a lot sooner right absolutely justice has been brought in one case and I was this Indian family that decided to go about stealing those knickknacks they might have done in the past as well but they were caught in the act and finally that entire video being played on social media of going viral Bejoy my question to you over your this isn't like you talked about you know celebrities doing about change and using the social media for a social good for a better good for a larger good for the citizens of our country and of course on the world platform is that but at the end of it where they will create a few instances in fact a number of them as a matter of fact we're in X from a former Foreign Affairs Foreign Affairs Minister that was Sushma Swaraj who was you know sent across tweets from people when they were not getting these hours from one place to another or they were stuck in a particular place and they are these genuine issues and and our formal External Affairs Minister was very very proactive and she did take action within maybe days of them tweeting them sometimes other than to responding so that social media connect is really really strong over here wouldn't you think it's not just you know we cannot just keep it to the celebrities of course they have a massive traction and that has happened in the past as well not to judges in the case of Rahul Bose but in the case of other celebrities that at the end of the day social media as a powerful tool is not just cartooning they use just to the celebrities that to the common man is wealth yes absolutely you see the the social media has shown that it is extremely powerful it has a very deep reach in terms of messaging and it has even attracted attention as you very rightly said to our former foreign affairs minister including our prime minister you know who keeps watching and following now you know people in terms of what they feel about the government what they feel about the policies but let me come to the Bali incident I mean the Bali incident it's not fair to show in show India in this kind of an image without going into the deep you know causal or the root cause of such an event now it is only unfortunate that a family which has been caught so-called stealing it might be in unintentional see what happens is many a times many a times we don't even understand that when you charge or cost for staying in a hotel room what does the charge entail and what you should do and should not do and I have seen in many hotels very specifically mentioned that if you want as a particular product to take home as a souvenir you have to pay an X amount and they will charge you in your bill now that is the clarity which should be brought in in a bad light over there if you need to actually delve into what exactly happened over there before putting that video viral on social media in fact I would want to bring him chef here melt away yeah because he's had so much of experience walking in in touch that a five-star hotel in Mumbai he won't go out you have had these instances where a number of people number of guests would have stayed and then decided to you know steal these knickknacks or those X accessories from the hotel rooms I do think that's a menace or do you think you talked about you know we were chatting just a while ago and you said that while in India this is behave in a certain fashion which is abundant in any way there when they are going and visiting hotels but the standards you has become very very civilized and reformed when they are in the United States or a European country so you know contradicting years ago you are one on one side it's a my guest who's going about saying that there should be more inquiry made into that video and we should not be Malaya and then the abroad by the way of putting up these videos what do you have to say about this you know it's probably Indians who are there are other foreigners to or involved in stealing whether it's a lotion or the body lotion or the shampoos or other things from the rooms they are up in the instances when the cutlery is listen whatever Kathleen goes to interim banging and there are few pieces missing from the collies and they still goes and that's why we were very strict in scanning but you know we could not open the suitcases like that because it was damaging to the repetition of the hotel also if you start putting all these things in the social media but there have been instances when one of the ladies she picked up at a command and put it in the purse and we knew that she has put it in the purse so we taught her for the same and but I believe at the end of the day the perils of running a hotel industry I mean these instances do happen of course it's not just the Indians that actually do that it happens across the world it happens in United States rather than Europeans so why malign Indians per se that's the question and when I what's the like like my guests over yeah de Jong rightly put on over there saying that there should be an inquiry made before actually humiliating and embarrassing and put already video out there on social media the moment if you can hear me all right I may have lost humans on the foon line over there we'll get all touched yet again we'll listen let's take a look at that instance in Bali where this family is being humiliated and embarrassed with their suitcases being opened and with knickknacks falling out the video that has gone viral gained a lot of traction I'm also joined by sorry Charlene she's a social activist so how would you look at this video that is going viral especially of this Indian couple that has been confronted by the hotel staff in Bali and the suitcases are open and out stumble those the sternum Goods accessories a few of those electronics and some knickknacks as well all right saiyr seems to have gotten disconnected from that phone line i will go back to our i'll come in dijon over here ASAP a turning point via indians maligned at the end of the day and why are the other things in the americans you know will not go off and then put on a pedestrian when they come to india even if they must be doing this exact same thing like indians in life in in my view a serious action should be initiated against the hotel in bali made this viral and we have you know allowed such a you know activity to be made viral and shown all over the world my learning the image of our country and our citizens I feel very hurt the way they have handled the customers they shouldn't have done this once they come to know that if supposing they found in our suitcases that's what I'm saying and in and in case they did not want it they would have returned it back in a very simple you know manner where if you don't like to buy something you can always return okay so my contention is if somebody is trying to take away certain goods from the hotel which they feel they are entitled to take and certain goods which they are not entitled to take and there should be a kind of a Advisory given in every room that these things you can take home as your as your souvenir you have no problem because we have already charged you for those entire thing they should not have been humiliated and embarrassed the way that was done the social media being absolutely so I will in fact want to have human time a lot discuss this issue in it you change the way this family the Indian family was deserting in a Bali return and absolutely yeah they won't have done this because we are Indians and sometimes they people become biased or and racism comes in lot of countries honking cars yes all it should be editing how exactly do you think this entire incident could have been handled in a more dignified and an a nicer manner not even wanting to offend the guests who were there adulterer you see in the Potala are probably when you have the x-ray machine you have the scanners today you can easily check the things and if you find anything objectionable you can take the guest on one side and you can by mistake you have put the things nicely we can pull it across to them and I think you have taken some of the hotel Goods by mistake and it could be treated differently just because Indians are there they have been put on a stopped on the road and everything being taken off sentence splashed all over the whole of India hmm so it puts India in a bad light it's the stereotype that Indians are again and again brought in that circle Bijan what action do you think is possible to take by this family against this I think my question has to be John I'll come back to you these on please go ahead yeah I just wanted to say that the first thing is Government of India should raise a serious protest to the government of Indonesia that such a thing should not have been done and they should refrain from doing such activity in the country and our citizens so the government should talk to the government and protest is in such kind of an activity being shown viral without giving an opportunity to them without giving an opportunity to the opposite party to be heard so that is one point and the I'm sure the customers can also launch a complaint with the hotel and should take action against the hotel because the point which I'm making is that they may not have done this intentionally it might have been done because they must have thought that we would like to carry this as a souvenir and they may be part of the cost of the hotel price which they paid for the night for that stay so my contention is if the hotel is not explicit in terms of giving an advisory that what is charged and what is not charged then the hotel cannot make the customer liable they have to make sure because when we check out from any hotel you know the hotel first checks the room and that makes the bill for tech checking out you're right about that and of course some may be the family is not aware of its right it must be made aware of the tribe it must take action individual action against that hotel for actually you know invading their privacy at the end of the day because if that's what it is and that's how it has been treated it has been treated really brashley we're in a humiliating fashion and putting India on a very bad light but with that I have very little time that I would like to thank Bijan for expressing his views on this subject I would also like to thank Senator gray for being part of this debate and expressing his views and his because of the experience that comes from the hotel industry that he served for many many years now

26 thoughts on “Indian family steals hotel belongings from Bali, Rahul Bose gypped; Who loots whom?

  1. They humiliated india they should asked the management that they wished to buy some hotel items but bravely stole

  2. They got caught when leaving for airport not when deciding to checkout … stop muddying the water. These people stole items from the hotel and got caught. End of the story

  3. Its shameful dude. We can't explain this with argument. Dont think all Indians are like this. Thieves are everywhere in the world and must not be encouraged like Mr. Misra is doing.

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  5. Its not good how the Hotel handle the problem and its 5star resort. But its common sense for the hotel guest to know which one they could take and they could not.

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  8. Are you all aware of the fact that in Asia all hotels have discreet notice especially for the Indian passport holders?The Indians can high class or low class. They can stay in the most expensive suites.. But to the Asian hotels this are just pariahs, which they have to put up with, they are filthiest, smelliest, thieves, rapists, hoodlum, the girls age14 to 18,will behave like whores and dress like one, in the discos, the guys will be trying to hustle for free booze, screw, steal food from the buffet and pack it up with them for lunch. Worst pariahs are the North Indians, they wont bat an eye and eat everything, beef, pork, but claimed to be vegetarian. The ladies will act like they can order the staff around, guys think they can get away with the pinching the butt of the chambermaid, women staff, when police are called this pariahs pretend not to understand English. When they leave this is the result of the Indians pariahs… This is the end result. Not to mention the way they behave in the plane. If they are in the non Indian airlines can you believe it they will be smelling like garbage collectors?

  9. I guess Bejon Misra had done the similar things earlier in the past. The hotel would of taken this step after finding a pattern the Indians take away hotel belonging. Now all the indians who ever wants to steal is a warning and can avoid. The way the indian family talks or argue with the hotel staff shows their money power and trying to bribe.

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