Indian family steals accessories from a Bali hotel; video goes viral on social media

a video of an Indian family stealing accessories from a hotel in Bali has gone viral on the social media in this video man can be seen scanning the baggage of an Indian family while they were on their way out of the resort the family can be seen asking the hotel staff to let them go and then they offered an apology and agreed to pay the stuff for the accessories for more such videos subscribe to the news x youtube channel hits the belacan

29 thoughts on “Indian family steals accessories from a Bali hotel; video goes viral on social media

  1. They are punjabi…from jalandher cant.
    Irrespective of the state first they have brought shame for the nation.
    Yeh saale badbole chutiye log dikhwa karne mein toh puri duniyo ko pichhe chhod dete h.
    Ashamed being a punjabi

  2. This family has paid fine of USD 250 for the damaged hotel electronic items, returned all the hotel ammenities, and the police did not charge them. However the provoncial Balinese immigration office of the Republic of Indonesia has put harsh notice on these Indian citizens for their illegal act. As a note we Balinese welcome all visitors to our island, respect all despite of their ethniity, race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and others and we do expect the visitors to respect our culture, law and our way of life.

  3. Sorry to say but chori bemani hum Bharatio k khun me hai same on us hum apne mahan Desh ka Naam khrab kr rahe hai

  4. they should have lynched these motherfuckers… reflect the true nature of whole indian society, how brazenly defending their act…like they did nothing shameful…..shame on endia shame on modi

  5. Let us forgive them; give them a chance! Imagine the trauma they are going through now; they are still humans!

  6. By the by, what is the name of the hotel in Bali where this happened? It may be a good idea for Indian travelers to avoid this place for a while because they all will be treated like sh*t for the next year or so, even if they are honest good people.

  7. Those things were not for sell that you will pay! This is embarrassing! Indian immigration should question them upon arrival!! 😡

  8. Tarak Mehta Serial kay Tappu Shadi Episode mai Shetty naam ka ek Hotel Owner jethalal ko phone karke batata hai ki uske saale Sundar kay Gujarati Dosto uske Hotel se Chamach, Thali, Bartan, Razai, Sabun, Takiye, Chaddar, Razai, Nal etc sab churakar chale gaye. Ye saale bhi Jethalal kay uss Gujarati saale aur uske Dosto jaise hi hai😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Very good example of Indian people thinking to do a crime and trying to escape the consequences by paying money in exchange. Dont you guys think this sounds familiar ? Yes unfortunately its the mindset of lots of Indians that money can buy anything.

  10. 'Agreed to pay' implies the staff were asking for payment. No such request was made. There's no reason for staff to be angry when accessories are stolen. They are not investors, they are not shareholders, they do not hold stake in the establishment. However, the staff did mention the family was shouting prior to the unveiling of stolen property. Makes more sense when a bunch of criminals are shouting at you, that should anger anyone.

    It is your culture to always shout and make a ruckers whether you're in the right or wrong and in some misguided archaic adherence to 'The Customer is Always Right'. Yes it's a convenient mantra but it's only meant for reasonable people. You think that making a loud stink would always make management's knees quiver and kowtow to your demands. Every culture can be guilty of that. But when it's a mainland Indian, no one is surprised.

    Mainland Indians are only second to the Mainland Chinese in terms of being a pain in the arse to deal with in retail or hospitality. But at least the latter spends obscene amounts of money no matter how uncouth they are. The former prefers to play 99 questions and walk out the door and as can be seen in the video, pinch a few freebies, as if it's some sort of moral victory. Certain retailers are openly aggressive to Indian tourists. Just not worth the trouble.

    The Chinese are no better and in fact worse. But they spend more.

    If you are not guilty, no need to spout holier than thou messages here against your people. Just make sure your own family and relatives practice what you preach. The rest of the world thanks you.

  11. firstly this hotel staff needs to be sued, these bloody south east asians other than malaysians have no idea of respect, they don't know how to behave with the guests, yes yes stealing is no way justified but the behaviour of this staff is not acceptable as well. if Indians stop visiting bali their revenue will fall to 40% as 60% of tourist are from India. But no we Indians are someone who will scold their child for someone's else child's mistake because we want to show our greatness, now plz stop blaming this Indian family and ask for explanation from this hotel and stop visiting this hotel, then u will see they will never dare to defame any Indian and will ask for apology.

  12. Cheepad bc! How embarassing it was! That what happens when such people get free economy tickets and visit abroad for the first time. They either bombard their Facebook with so many pictures like wannabes or indulge in such low class acts! And put their country to shame.

  13. I will pay extra money ..😆😆..pachas lakh ka mall dila dunga🤣🤣🤣🤣.. rassi jal gai par bal nahi Gaya…

  14. I work in the hotel industry.. this is not how you publically humiliate what looks like the job of a kleptomaniac and make a video viral. Discreetness is also very much a part of our job description. The person who stole was wrong but the way the staff is behaving is also not good. Situation could have been handled delicately. They couldn't dare to behave this way with American or EU citizens.

  15. So what did they take ? The fridge , the beds the bathtub ? it's a given that guest pinch things – I took stuff from a 5 star hotel in Mauritius – 1 bath towel, a few soaps , little shampoo bottles just reminders of a wonderful time I had there – suppose they really went overboard !

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