Indian family gets busted for stealing hotel accessories in Bali

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37 thoughts on “Indian family gets busted for stealing hotel accessories in Bali

  1. Imagine your going with your neighbors in some place and your family caught of stealing
    Bhai kitna embarrassing rahaga

  2. What is this indignant "I will pay, I will pay" after being caught red handed? Hope they were handed over to the police.

  3. Uneducated people like them make it difficult for decent law-abiding Indians travelling and living abroad. This is shameful and embarrassing. These people feel no shame, I hope they are made to pay for their crime fine them, imprison them ban them whatever it takes to teach them a lesson.

  4. One month back I went to Norway with a predominant Gujrati family group.They took huge number of eggs and apples or oranges per family.Next day, Hotel put a security guard to watch Indians.No such security man was posted for Japanese or Chinese groups.most Hotels remove tea kettles and other stuff if Indians are checking in. The same group took off all cream and lotion bottles from flights.In the past I experienced over dozen such stealing and cheap behavior from Gujrati groups.After spending lacs of Rupees for tour, they are unwilling to spend few thousand Rupees for toilets for urination or coffee or snacks.Since Gujratis are almost 40-50% travelers, these acts are mostly done by them only.There are many other dirty acts by these groups.Tour operators from Gujrat must train and warn these people before tour.If need be take an undertaking on stamp paper.I am ashamed of being an indian with such terrible acts by my countrymen.All well behaved Gujratis must forgive me for my frankness.

  5. Stupid people degrading our Indian culture and value….
    Please make sure they are punished…
    And please don't judge every Indian based on their stupid act…

  6. Very sad πŸ˜₯ they never think about what Will happen..I don't know what the Indian people would say about them. They will never get trust again.Their Family will be all affected also πŸ˜ͺ

  7. Agar ye koi southwale hote to sabhi milke madrasi bolke usko gaddar bana deta thaa…ye to gora chamde wala paisa wala hai…apna admi hone se problem kuch bhi nahin…minor issue..leave it.

  8. Total disgrace to the nation absolutely unacceptable bloody the entire world is blaming the Indians for theft

    Seriously they should be handed to police

  9. Sala Indians Ka Nam kharab Kar rakha hai in chindi logo ne. Arrest them no mercy from our side. Disclose the family who was caught. Society should know who are these people.

  10. See, basically everyone steals or as we can say lifts from big hotels. Weather it be rich or poor. As I can afford to go to a big hotel or foreign trips I know know people do or meet their expensis their. Weather it be indians or anyone around the world all are same in that shit. But ehat this family did is that they took it far ahead. You dont fucking steal accessories and shit.

  11. Such a shame !
    These idiots don't even think twice before committing.
    These idiots are doing in front of their children. Big time shame.
    Spoiling Our Country name

  12. This is not a matter of affordability. This is a matter of mentality.
    Mentality can't change.
    Shame on Indians.

  13. They Shouldn't be Humiliated so much..
    Bade Bade Desho Me Chooti chooti galtiya hoti rhti Hai..#vaise
    Foreigners hi kon sa bde Sarif Hote HπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Inki history Padho vo to sabse bde chor h

  14. They shouldn't be allowed in india anymore aur koi jarurat nahi tum jese families ko india me.. pehli fursat me nikal madarchod

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