Indian family caught stealing from Bali Hotel…(Original) Viral Video!!!

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37 thoughts on “Indian family caught stealing from Bali Hotel…(Original) Viral Video!!!

  1. Shame on u guys..u r not indians. U r there to visit Bali n doing this stuff???..m proud that though I can't afford visiting Bali, I would not even think of doing this..

  2. Damn !! They still do it?? Shameless ! They should have called the police ,naam kharab karte Hain ,50 lakh ki baat karte Hain ,akad to dekho choro ki , disgusting !

  3. this crazy aunty was yelling like hell at the hotel staff before they got caught red handed … these aunties are really retarted and such a theif

  4. Call the cop and get they punished for their bad attitude and as well for such a disgracefully act. Being an indian saying this, feel ashamed.

  5. Please give them credit that they packed all the stolen stuff so carefully tied in towels 😂😂😂
    All the Indians ashamed of being Indian today

  6. Such thing bring so much bad name to your nation because these people are being addressed as INDIANS…

  7. Bc puri family hai I think 2-3 lake ka family package hoga 300 k dibbe piche behn—d admi ko jalil karwa diya.this is not India where u tryin to fix wid money

  8. And they were yelling at the hotel staff just to get away with it. Shameless , hopeless people. India's image has taken a beating. When he said " it's not about money. I know you have lots of money. It's about respect". They tell at people and now they want to pay after getting caught

  9. Last main uncle per pakad rahe hai…fuck man…you guys really don’t have any self respect…becoz of people like you other Indians will have to suffer …

  10. sad to see but the hotel could have shown some sympathy to the guest by not letting the video out. It may be a mistake from the kids side no one knows the reality

  11. Last year me and my friends went to Europe and stayed in Airbnbs, I used to clean all the utensils before leaving the place just because we were in some sense representing our country. Many of the owners even gave us reviews like "these were the best guest we had", "they gave us the place back as it was before". Now there are these idiots who are ready to steal pitty things from a hotel room. Shame on you people. Why do you even book a flight ticket to foreign country when you can't even buy a hairdryer. Fuck you.

  12. Dubai main kiya hota to Zindagi bhar nahi bhulte. Itne kode padte sabke samne. Humari beizzati karadi Bali main. Send them to police.

  13. What a disgrace! Please cancel their passport.. These snakes should have been reported to the local police station and should have been deported…

  14. I really feel very bad when I see highly educated people do such kind of things and then tell their friends proudly about that. Disgrace to our nation😡

  15. Bloody North Indians.
    Embaracing India since beginning to Eternity.
    & then we think a Shitty nation like us would be world power.Shame.

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