Indian Family Busted For Stealing Hotel Items In Bali

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22 thoughts on “Indian Family Busted For Stealing Hotel Items In Bali

  1. Trains ke led screen bhi chura liye the kuch chutiyo ne Express highway se lights, valves bhi chori hue the.

    You Cannot Discipline Indians. Sad but true

  2. Whether whole family was involved in this act? family member tried to stop the otherfrom pilfering the items? If you vacate your room, you know detailing of your items?.

  3. Who asked them to stay in a 3 star hotel 😂 to be treated like this…if this happened in 5 star or above im sure they don't make a big fuss.. Probably just let them know… Because the items u took aren't as expensive as u pay… Facts

  4. Guys chill.. they have been embarrassed enough. It's ok the hotel authorities should have taken triple amount of the stuff and just let them go. Also blur the faces of the family. I mean c'mon there are kids out there and it's not like they killed. And please stop getting embarrassed about all Indians Isreal and Russian drug peddlers are fuking India and we won't speak a word word instead will lick their white feet but making such a hue and cry about this incident. Westerners come to screw small children in India and we are sooooo embarrassed about Indian family. It's just a small incident, which hippies do all the time.

  5. I've seen people take soap sachets and tea bags which in one way is slightly ok because you are paying for it but this one is another level! Even decorative items, towels and others!😄😄

  6. These are this Guj*rat*… m**rv*di kind of business families who have lot of money but no manners…uneducated filth

  7. From now on all the hotels in the world should check indian people no matter they are from india or anywhere from the world check them properly most of the indians are thief's specially with the family

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