IN YOUR FACE – The Neil Zlozower Story

(phone ringing) ‫- Studio. ‫- Generous. ‫- Do not give them
‫one fucking photo. ‫- Heart and soul. ‫- Retarded agents. ‫- The language that Neil
‫Zlozower is capable of. ‫- Retarded, fool,
‫nincompoop, idiot. ‫- Could level Pacoima. ‫- So you just got fucked. ‫♪ Get some, get some, get
‫some, get some, go again ♪ ‫(hard rock music) ‫- Highly developed in some areas ‫and not very highly
‫developed in others. ‫- He would definitely be on that ‫Mount Rushmore of photographers. ‫- A mad fuck. ‫- Hey Carmine. ‫- The salt of the Earth. ‫- Benevolent asshole. ‫- He’s kinda the A to Z. ‫- He’s real. ‫- Loud! ‫- Neil’s the definition
‫of rock and roll. ‫- He’s a real fucker (laughs). ‫(hard rock music) ‫♪ Get some, get some, get
‫some, get some, go again ♪ ‫(rock music) ‫♪ Get some, get some, get
‫some, get some, go again ♪ ‫- Neil Zlozower, first
‫of all, what the fuck ‫kinda last name is that? ‫- Zlozower, I mean, ya
‫know, that has to be ‫a rock photographer’s name. ‫- Zlozow (blabbing). ‫- Like it’s just so perfect. ‫- I never knew how
‫to pronounce his name ‫for the life of me, man. ‫- Are you Neil? ‫Neil Zlo (stuttering),
‫yeah that’s me. ‫- Til he went to me,
‫”Hey, it’s Zloz.” ‫Like, that’s way easier. ‫- My friends call me Zloz
‫anyway, so does it matter? ‫(rock music) ‫- You ain’t mean enough, mother
‫fucker. ‫Good. ‫- Go fuck yourself,
‫I’m outta here man. ‫- Everybody said, “Oh,
‫Zloz, you gotta go to Zloz.” ‫I’m thinkin’ who is
‫this guy, ya know? ‫- I saw him on Sunday at
‫church and we just hit it off ‫right there and ever since then, ‫we’ve been rolling together. ‫- Up to MTV doing
‫videos of everyone. ‫Before that, if you
‫wanted to see the bands, ‫you had to buy the
‫magazines with our pictures. ‫- Back then, it was
‫totally different. ‫All you had was the magazines
‫that came every month. ‫- He was the king of magazines. ‫- I would read every
‫magazine there was. ‫I would look at every– ‫- Creem magazine, Hit
‫Parader, those were the ‫magazines I’d never
‫have the money to buy, ‫so I’d just look at em forever
‫in the store and go home. ‫- You’re going like, “Cool
‫photo,” but you’re wondering– ‫- Well, who took these pictures? ‫- After a while, I started
‫reading the photo credits ‫and you see this guy
‫with a weird name. ‫Ya know, Zlozower, it’s
‫like this is a fake name. ‫- And I opened it up, it was
‫Van Halen II and I remember ‫looking at all the
‫shots and I thought, ‫”Fuck, these are killer.” ‫And I wanted to know who took em ‫and it was a name I
‫couldn’t pronounce, Zloz. ‫- Then I saw a couple other
‫photos with other credits ‫and thought that must be
‫the guy’s name, Zloz, Zlozower. ‫- So I kept on seeing Neil
‫Zlozower, Neil Zlozower, ‫Neil Zlozower. ‫- I kept seeing this
‫reoccurring name. ‫Photos by Neil Zlozower. ‫- It added to his mystique. ‫He was there and took
‫the photo, amazing. ‫- This mother fucker’s
‫in there listening ‫to their conversation. ‫Like, how did the show go? ‫- He must’ve been there. ‫He must have been
‫that close to the guy ‫onstage when you see
‫these incredible photos. ‫- How can he just be
‫in this shit quietly, ‫a fly on the wall,
‫like we wanna be. ‫- He kinda changed my life. ‫- His photos make
‫you wanna be that. ‫As a young musician,
‫that’s what made me, ‫”Oh, I wanna do that.” ‫- It gave me something
‫to shoot for. ‫I go, “Wow, look at that. ‫”There’s a million
‫people there.” ‫- This mother fucker
‫who’s taking the photo ‫is with them all. ‫- I’ve gotta have that! ‫- He’s inside it all. ‫He’s backstage, he’s
‫in the fuckin’ pit, ‫he’s getting sweat
‫fuckin’ dripped on him, ‫he’s seeing all
‫the Van Halen shit ‫that we wanna see of
‫how he’s doing the shit, ‫he knows too much. ‫- Every picture of Eddie Van
‫Halen that I’ve ever had, ‫he’s taken and they were
‫actually right over there, ‫like my favorite
‫picture that I had ‫is right where she’s
‫standing right there. ‫- This is a lot of great
‫shots, backstage after a show ‫where the adrenaline’s pumping
‫and they’re all soaking wet. ‫- We presented a world people
‫wanted to fantasize in. ‫- Were they pissed? ‫Was it great? ‫Are they bangin’
‫somebody in there? ‫What is happening? ‫- Here’s Dave making
‫out with some chick. ‫- Pictures of
‫Zeppelin and Stones ‫and they’re lookin’
‫right at Zlozy, ya know, ‫they’re lookin’ at
‫him and we’re going, ‫”This is magic here,
‫this is what we want.” ‫- Is this guy like part
‫of the band or something? ‫- And Neil, he was like almost
‫a 5th member of the band. ‫- Neil has a tendency to be
‫able to integrate himself ‫like he’s almost
‫like one of the band. ‫- Ya know, it became
‫kind of an icon ‫with fans as well. ‫- He was kind of invisible
‫because the bands ‫respected him enough
‫and he was not a goof, ‫he was just like them. ‫- Here’s Eddie. ‫He used to drive to my house. ‫Of course, Ed had to park
‫his jeep on the front lawn. ‫He couldn’t park it in the
‫street like a normal person, ‫so you can see the jeep’s
‫parked on the sidewalk. ‫- Went immediately to some
‫sort of like God-like status ‫in my mind, him taking all
‫these fantastic fuckin’ ‫photos of all these rock icons. ‫- In my brain, I had this
‫guy up on like this pedestal. ‫And then you meet him and
‫it’s just like, you’re him? ‫- And just like this
‫rough growling (growls), ‫and he’s just like this loud. ‫I’m like, “Man, that
‫guy, who was that?” ‫My friend said, “That’s
‫that Neil Zlozower guy, ‫”the famous photographer.” ‫I’m like, “No way.” ‫- All those feelings we
‫had all went immediately ‫out the window as soon
‫as he opened his mouth ‫and we realized he’s just
‫another idiot just like us. ‫- He wears who he
‫is on his shirt ‫or on his shorts with
‫his motorcycle boots ‫and you better be ready. ‫- There’s only a handful of
‫guys in the history of rock and
‫roll ‫that were really good
‫at really capturing ‫a timeless moment onstage. ‫So, he was one of those guys
‫and still is one of those guys. ‫- This is with film, so it
‫wasn’t like I shot 50,000 shots ‫and this was the best one. ‫Ya know, you get like one
‫or two frames and you know, ‫you get one good one, the
‫next one’s either too soon ‫or too late. ‫- Someone like Neil
‫Zlozower, he can explain ‫the technical aspect of
‫what he does to everybody. ‫He can write volumes of books,
‫but nobody’s every gonna see ‫through his eyes the
‫deeper than the technique. ‫- I think somebody
‫touched him and said, ‫”You’re gonna shoot pictures.” ‫- He can capture a mood and
‫a moment and make it stick ‫where 10 years later,
‫20 years later, ‫30 years later, you
‫look at that photo ‫and it still gets you. ‫- I owe him so much
‫because he did capture me ‫in a way that I think I was
‫embarrassed or shy to project. ‫- Neil was able to dig
‫into their personality ‫and bring it out. ‫- My hero has always
‫been Jimmy Page. ‫- I just want the
‫ultimate Jimmy Page photo. ‫- If you capture him just right, ‫it’s the epitome of rock. ‫- He just captured the essence ‫and the heart and the
‫soul of who Jimmy was. ‫- That’s the money shot. ‫That defines who he is and
‫why everyone loves him. ‫- That’s when I put it together
‫and kinda went backwards, ‫”Went oh, I’ve been looking
‫at this guy all my life.” ‫- There’s times where
‫he was on my drum riser ‫leaning against
‫one of my cymbals ‫that I’m about to annihilate. ‫- The finger just
‫automatically clicks. ‫It’s not like, “OK, I
‫gotta, OK well you know–” ‫There’s no time for thinking. ‫- I’m like, “Dude, I’m
‫gonna… you rip your arm off.” ‫Then, he’d like right at the
‫last second pull his arm out, ‫I’d smash the cymbal,
‫boom, he’d shoot. ‫- And then I’d see later on
‫the results of his photos ‫and it’s amazing. ‫His photos speak to me of
‫someone who’s so in it, ‫who loves the music so much,
‫who’s so in the moment with it, ‫it’s almost as if
‫he’s got the guitar ‫and it’s just happening
‫where he just can’t not ‫take the right photo. ‫(hard rock music) ‫- Right? Right. ‫♪ I don’t need ‫♪ I don’t need anyone ‫♪ Stop telling me, telling
‫me you’re someone ♪ ‫♪ I don’t care ‫♪ I don’t care, I’m havin’ fun ‫♪ I got a new flame, new flame ‫(rock music) ‫♪ Yeah ya got me spinnin’ ‫♪ Yeah ya got me dizzy ‫- Every time we’re
‫together, I wanna know ‫something about Van Halen
‫and he’ll tell me stories. ‫- He’ll tell you a story
‫from a long time ago, ‫but when you tell him
‫the story years later, ‫”Hey, remember that
‫cool story ya told me?” ‫”No! No man, it didn’t
‫happen that way.” ‫- That’s one thing about Neil. ‫He could tell you
‫what year, what time, ‫what somebody was wearing. ‫He’s very amazing with his
‫memory, remembering dates. ‫- So he’s got a
‫really cool story. ‫He’s in Texas with Van Halen. ‫- We were in
‫Jacksonville, Florida. ‫- Him and Alex Van Halen are
‫in a four seater Ferrari. ‫- Alex never, no, I
‫was never in a Ferrari ‫with Alex Van Halen. ‫- There was a couple
‫ladies in the backseat. ‫- So we got in some
‫car with some kids. ‫- And the song Hot
‫For Teacher comes on. ‫- All of a sudden, the
‫beginning of Hot For Teacher ‫which I never heard
‫for some, and I said, ‫”Hey Al! Who’s this? Carmine
‫Appice on his Synsonic drums?” ‫- Alex sorta looks
‫over him and he goes, ‫”That’s me, you asshole.” ‫Years later, I ask him, like, ‫”Neil, remember that story?” ‫He’s like, “No man!
‫There was no girls. ‫”Wait, was that a Ferrari? ‫”No, no, no, no.” ‫- Of course, he’s known as
‫the Van Halen photographer. ‫- My live of Van
‫Halen, my live view, ‫I’ve seen pictures, but his
‫pictures brought the show to me. ‫- When somebody knows you
‫that well, it’s not just ‫knowing you as a musician
‫but knows you as a friend. ‫- They can shoot stuff of you
‫on stage, they almost know ‫what you’re gonna do or when
‫you’re gonna do something ‫and they wait for that moment. ‫- He got David Lee Roth straight
‫out with his legs kickin’, ‫man, that was I mean, it
‫wasn’t here, it was out here. ‫- Which was the most
‫important thing and I can’t ‫stress that enough that he
‫came out and lived with us ‫on tour and I think that’s
‫why he got so much good stuff ‫of Van Halen. ‫- For the US Festival, probably
‫Dave came up with the idea ‫to rip off that photo. ‫We looked at the Polaroids
‫and as you could see, ‫the band really blent
‫in with the backdrop ‫and when you looked at
‫the original photos, ‫it didn’t quite cut it, so Dave, ‫”Nah, Zloz, this ain’t
‫quite cuttin’ it.” ‫So then, we went
‫to this location ‫which was literally right
‫alongside the freeway ‫and we did this. ‫This is just ya know,
‫pretty close rip off ‫of the raising of the
‫flag of Iwojima, a world famous
‫photo. ‫- He’s got loads of
‫pictures of us that ya know, ‫we’d probably prefer be burned. ‫(laughs) ‫- That’s the dirt bike shit. ‫- He ate with us,
‫he drank with us, ‫boy did he drink
‫with us, ya know? ‫- Ah! ‫- “Hey Anthony, come on man! ‫”Let’s go out there and
‫let’s go hit the bar.” ‫That was Neil, that was kinda
‫my relationship with Neil. ‫- He partied like us. ‫He got the girls like us. ‫And bottom line,
‫he was one of us. ‫He was like another band member. ‫- So I went on tour
‫with a lot of bad boys, ‫Poison, Guns N’ Roses,
‫Ratt, Motley Crue, ‫but the things that
‫we did and I did ‫and I saw and I participated
‫in with Van Halen ‫were by far way over the
‫top than any other band ‫I ever toured with. ‫Closer, chin down a tad,
‫there we go, same thing. ‫I like the tongue out. ‫Get the hands in, I’m
‫only seeing one hand. ‫I’m so close, there we go,
‫that’s good right there. ‫Get the hands a little closer. ‫- I thought Zlozower
‫was Italian. ‫- Fuck no, I always
‫thought I was German ‫when I was a kid. ‫I’m a good old
‫Polak fuckin’ Jew. ‫- What country is that from? ‫You make that shit up? ‫- I think it was
‫something like Slotchiver. ‫- Dad’s family came
‫here from Poland. ‫They went into, I don’t
‫even know what it’s called, ‫New York. ‫- Ellis Island, you
‫know how they would ‫change everybody’s name. ‫- You come in here,
‫what’s your name? ‫Zlozovara, OK well you’re now
‫Zlozower, that’s close enough. ‫- You know, I don’t even
‫know how to pronounce ‫my name anymore. ‫- Then over the years, it
‫just became Zloz (laughs). ‫- When I was younger, I worked
‫at my dad’s liquor store. ‫I made 50 cents an hour. ‫I worked 10 hour days and
‫at the end of the day, ‫I came home with a whopping
‫five dollars in my pocket. ‫- Neil’s dad was awesome. ‫He was my buddy. ‫We’d go buy six packs at
‫the market, come back. ‫- Had a great time
‫working with my father ‫and that’s really where I got
‫my first sense of business. ‫- My Dad, he was a
‫really sweet man, ‫but he was so passive. ‫- I grew up in a
‫Jewish household ‫where usually, the
‫woman is the boss. ‫- Neil used the terms like ya
‫know, she was real kick-ass. ‫She wouldn’t take anything. ‫- She was the one who
‫really disciplined me, ‫yelled at me. ‫- And I think Neil’s like her. ‫- He had to be that way to
‫make it in this business. ‫- I’m wearing my
‫mother’s dog’s dog tag ‫’cause I was there. ‫My mother liked that dog
‫more than she liked me. ‫My sister, she was 180%
‫the opposite of me. ‫- We have an interesting
‫relationship. ‫- I was like the little devil. ‫- We were close
‫when we were little. ‫Neil had this sort of perennial
‫little smirk on his face, ‫like, “I can’t believe
‫my sister’s so square.” ‫I think Neil enjoys
‫intimidating me. ‫- I like teasing girls. ‫- We didn’t have a lot of money. ‫So, we would just,
‫you know how kids are, ‫they’d just make
‫games outta nothing. ‫We used to take the handles
‫off of our tricycle, ‫we’d take off all our
‫clothes and wash them. ‫- This camera here was
‫the very, very, very, very, very ‫first camera I ever
‫got in my life, ‫probably back in 1961 and it
‫even has my name on the bottom. ‫I used to like walking down
‫Fairfax and shooting the old, ‫Hasidic Jewish people
‫that looked like ‫the people that time
‫forgot, with the payis ‫and the dandruff
‫on their shoulder ‫and ya know, the big hats
‫that look like Davy Crockett ‫and stuff and that
‫just fascinated me. ‫Saved up enough money, went
‫to a camera store with my dad, ‫bought this camera. ‫It was 330 bucks brand new,
‫which was a lot of money ‫in 1972. ‫- Went to the Hollywood
‫Bowl, shot some pictures ‫with Todd, went out
‫hustling and selling them. ‫- We liked each other because
‫we were putting together ‫model race cars and
‫then we both discovered ‫that we liked rock and roll. ‫- We grew up with a lot
‫of reverse prejudices ‫and one thing I really
‫appreciate about my mother, ‫in particular is she
‫wasn’t like that. ‫It wasn’t like, “Oh, my
‫son’s got a black friend.” ‫It was just Todd is Todd. ‫- It’s young Oliver
‫and he was like ‫playing Ritchie
‫Blackmore, “Highway Star”. ‫- That’s what it was. ‫(babbling) ‫- I remember this
‫like it was yesterday. ‫- He gave me this fucked
‫up nickname that I ‫hate to this day, which
‫was Out of Focus Ollie ‫- Well we didn’t call you
‫Out Of Focus Ollie for nothing. ‫- No you were the only
‫one that called me ‫Out Of Focus Ollie. ‫- Yeah, but then
‫you had that exhibit ‫like five or 10
‫years ago I went to ‫and every photo
‫was out of focus. ‫- Todd was so much
‫classier than we were. ‫- Tell her the story how
‫your dad used to think ‫me and you were two (beeping). ‫One day my dad came up to me, ‫”Hey Todd, I gotta
‫ask you something. ‫”You spend a lot
‫of time with Neil. ‫”Are you guys uh, ya know?” ‫Did you ever hear that story? ‫- [Man] Yeah, he
‫tells it all the time. ‫- Todd or his Dad? ‫- How do you remember it? ‫How do you remember it? ‫- That he caught
‫you guys fuckin’. ‫(group laughing) ‫- I was like, “Oh, oh, oh.” ‫- Why would I wanna shove
‫my dick up your (beeping)? ‫I mean, we were still
‫to this day like family. ‫- This is my dad
‫talking right now. ‫- Oliver’s about the
‫closest thing I have living ‫to a brother. ‫I’ve known him
‫since Junior High. ‫Fuckin’ break it motherfucker! ‫Like you’re
‫de-virginizing some chick. ‫- I mean, I only have three
‫friends from back in the day ‫and Neil’s one of the three. ‫- Back in 1961, we
‫had here in the U.S., ‫which was called the
‫Cuban Missile Crisis. ‫- There was a whole scare. ‫Ya know, if there’s a
‫retaliation, it’s gonna come ‫from over the Pacific. ‫- I remember it like
‫it was yesterday. ‫Me and my sister were
‫out in the backyard ‫and my mom and dad came
‫out there and said, ‫”Hey kids, do you
‫want a swimming pool ‫”or do you want a
‫fall-out shelter?” ‫- Everyone built bomb shelters. ‫- Hey mom and dad, we
‫want a swimming pool! ‫(yelling) ‫- That was, to me, the
‫most embarrassing thing. ‫- Well, two weeks later, ‫they were putting in
‫that bomb shelter. ‫- So, in the back of his house, ‫there was a big door that
‫opened from the ground. ‫- You walk down about 15 stairs. ‫- So, we put speakers,
‫we hooked up the stereo ‫from his bedroom, dropped wires
‫down the air filter shaft. ‫- It was perfectly pitch black. ‫It was the ultimate
‫perfect dark room. ‫- And of course, we’d get
‫bombed in the bomb shelter. ‫(laughs) ‫- Not just as a dark room
‫but as a place to go and ‫do whatever drugs he
‫was doing at the time. ‫- People started hanging
‫out while we’re ‫developing film and making
‫prints and just kicking back ‫and smoking. ‫- His dark room was
‫in a bomb shelter. ‫I can remember so vividly
‫’cause there was that smell. ‫- Not knowing when we got
‫out, we must have reeked ‫like crazy. ‫- Baret’s used to
‫be in the Valley ‫and I always hated driving
‫there, so I’m like, ‫”OK, I gotta go to
‫the fuckin’ Valley, ‫”let’s smoke a joint.” ‫So ya know, when you’re young,
‫you don’t think that you ‫smell like fucking
‫pot wherever you go. ‫So I’d walk in there,
‫ya know, I’m in the car ‫driving, smoking, the
‫fumes are just soaking ‫into my clothes and my hair. ‫Baret would tell
‫me that I’d like ‫walk in there and
‫I would just reek ‫and everybody’d look at
‫me like, “Oh, this fucking ‫”degenerate person’s
‫been smoking marijuana.” ‫- My mom would go, “Honey,
‫what is that smell?” ‫I’m like, “Mom, that’s
‫called marijuana.” ‫- Everybody after
‫school was sorta like ‫going to Zloz’ place and
‫hanging out in the bomb shelter. ‫- That turned out to be
‫one of the greatest things ‫in my photography career. ‫If we got the swimming pool, ‫I never would’ve
‫been here right now. ‫(upbeat rock music) ‫♪ I see you from
‫across the room ♪ ‫♪ Is there something
‫on your mind ♪ ‫♪ I’m thinkin’ about taking
‫the roundabout route ♪ ‫♪ I’m thinkin’ about
‫the straightest line ♪ ‫- You see how skinny she was? ‫Her fuckin’ legs are this big. ‫I wanna see her in a
‫little bathing suit. ‫Feels alright when
‫it’s good and tight! ‫♪ Love, so heavy ‫♪ Love, so heavy ‫♪ Can you catch me
‫as I’m fallin’ ♪ ‫♪ Past your windowpane ‫♪ Love, so heavy ‫- Man! This little girl
‫with this little ass! ‫There was this, it was that. ‫Just on and on and on and on. ‫And on! ‫- Yummy! ‫- He grew up a nice
‫Jewish boy in California. ‫I mean, his parents tried. ‫- He goes, “Yeah, ’cause
‫I was looking at you ‫”and I thought man, I’d
‫like to squeeze her.” ‫- [Neil] Here’s when I
‫wanted to bone Sandy. ‫- Since I’m best friends with
‫him now, that never happened. ‫- It trips me out when
‫Neil talks about chicks. ‫I’m like, “You’re 60.” ‫- [Neil] She looked
‫like she liked me, huh? ‫- I think obviously, one
‫of the reasons he’d like to ‫hang out with the band
‫too because ya know, ‫when you are, then you
‫got the backstage passes ‫and hey, I know the band. ‫Come on up to my room
‫and we’ll talk about it ‫and all that kinda stuff. ‫He hung out with Dave a lot
‫because Dave would always have ‫chicks around him. ‫- Imagine that in
‫a reality show. ‫He should be “The Bachelor”. ‫He should be “The Bachelor”, yes! ‫- He kicks his feet up. ‫I said, “What the heck is that?” ‫- Half man, half boy, I
‫would say that to him. ‫- He had no problem,
‫no shame, sat there. ‫I go, “I’m gonna
‫take your picture.” ‫So I took his
‫picture, that’s fine. ‫- He’s more like
‫half boy, half man. ‫- He’s very proud
‫of that picture. ‫It’s disgusting. ‫- ‘Cause he’s like a 16
‫year old in his head. ‫Like the day he dies, he’ll
‫be 16 years old in his head. ‫- Little Poo-Say, look
‫how skinny she is. ‫- Neil definitely has
‫some weird shit going on. ‫- Neil, like most
‫of us, is quirky. ‫- Won’t keep it a secret,
‫he’ll let you know ‫exactly what he likes
‫and how he likes it. ‫- We all went to dinner. ‫You know Neil, he’s not
‫quiet about anything Neil. ‫And Neil, he just pulled
‫out his phone and said, ‫”Hey Kenny, check
‫this out, man. ‫”This porn site, the
‫chicks on this site man, ‫”let me tell ya dude.” ‫- Just Neil, so
‫like it’s normal. ‫- I can’t deal with
‫people that aren’t cool. ‫I was hanging with
‫some English girl ‫and I called her a
‫chick and she’s like, ‫”I’m not a chick, I’m a lady.” ‫I’m like ugh, that
‫sounds old and boring. ‫- The really big old titties. ‫So anyway, here’s Neil like– ‫- Boing, boing, boing, boing. ‫- I wanna do this
‫album cover takeoff of ‫Jimi Hendrix, “Electric Lady Land” ‫where all the women are
‫naked and they’re holding ‫a picture of Jimi
‫Hendrix and ya know, ‫he perked right up
‫and he’s like, “Oh! ‫”I’m just the guy for that.” ‫- I don’t know if
‫you know “Seinfeld”, ‫the television series, there’s
‫a character called Kramer. ‫Kramer had what he
‫called the “Kavorka”. ‫He just drew women to him. ‫Neil had it. ‫It’s an amazing thing,
‫I saw it over and over. ‫- I think it was like,
‫I don’t know how many ‫naked women around,
‫there were like ‫20 or something like that
‫but they were really naked. ‫(rock music) ‫Ya know, he was
‫very professional. ‫- Like even when he starts
‫talking about chicks, ‫I’m just like ugh. ‫Ya know, he’s my mom’s age. ‫We call him Grandpa Neil,
‫like he’s so sweet to kids ‫and he’s just as loving
‫as he is dark and twisted. ‫(laughs) ‫- I swear to you, one
‫beautiful woman after another ‫would come up, it was
‫like I’m on “Candid Camera”. ‫This woman is beautiful. ‫This woman makes this
‫woman look like– ‫- [Neil] One more! ‫The dog’s gonna be
‫psycho after this. ‫Hold that, don’t move, ‫stick your chin out a little. ‫That full swing, there we go. ‫Lean towards me. ‫Like you’re leaning away
‫from me, you scared of me? ‫Hold that right there. ‫That’s it. ‫Good. ‫Chin up a little bit
‫’cause when you do that, ‫it’s going into your hair. ‫So if you could somehow
‫keep it like that. ‫More, more, more, more, more. ‫Joel, all the fuckin’
‫way over there! ‫I’ve got a dead spot
‫there, get the fuck out. ‫- When I go over to the
‫studio, he’s got those, ‫there’s a picture of I
‫think it’s Pete Townshend, ‫one of his earliest
‫pictures that’s so good. ‫I think Townshend’s got
‫the white jumpsuit on. ‫Oh my God, it’s just, ‫it’s one of the
‫greatest pictures I’ve
‫ever seen in my life. ‫I go, “Neil, this is so good.” ‫”Eh”, I mean, it’s like
‫he’s embarrassed by it. ‫- It was 1970, there were a
‫lot of drugs going around. ‫I was too young, I was pretty
‫straight, in 70, I was 16 years
‫old maybe, ‫16 years old, maybe
‫15 when I shot that. ‫I started off my photography
‫career as a glorified fan. ‫- Zloz was the technical person. ‫Zloz knew everything
‫about photography. ‫- But Todd had a big mouth. ‫- Then we started a company,
‫”Gray-Zlozower” or “GZ”. ‫- We had a friend of ours
‫and his name was Greg Brown. ‫- Made the best
‫counterfeit photo passes. ‫- [Neil] We were going
‫to shows together. ‫- And getting the other
‫photographers really pissed off ‫’cause we were these little
‫15 year old assholes. ‫- Back then, they didn’t
‫have the big gooney bouncers, ‫so you could bring a
‫camera into a venue. ‫- Once Capital Records
‫saw our portfolio, ‫they put us on. ‫- Marshall Chess Jr. who was
‫managing the Stones back then. ‫- Four months, I’d
‫been calling him. ‫20 messages I must have left ‫and then all I know is I
‫called this time and I hear, ‫”Who the fuck is this and why
‫are you fucking calling me ‫”so much, you know how
‫much you’re costing me?” ‫I said, “Oh, Mr. Chess, I’m
‫Todd Gray and I wanna shoot ‫”the Rolling Stones.” ‫He was like, “Oh yeah? ‫”Well be at my office
‫tomorrow at 3:00.” ‫Slam. I went whoa! ‫- He had a rental
‫house in Hollywood. ‫And I’m sure Marshall Chess
‫was not expecting to see ‫two teenagers. ‫Goes to the portfolio
‫and there’s Eric Clapton ‫that we shot. ‫Then he gets to Little
‫Richard and goes, ‫”Oh, that’s good.” ‫Turns the page, BB King, hm. ‫Turns the page, Chuck
‫Berry, and he goes, ‫”If you guys can
‫shoot Chuck this good, ‫”you can do whatever you
‫want with the Stones.” ‫We get walked onto the stage
‫right before the Stones. ‫- Mick was my idol,
‫he could do no wrong. ‫- And shit, ya know,
‫Jagger’s like this far away. ‫- Mick had this terrorizing
‫look on his face. ‫- We see lines of coke on
‫top of the Marshall amps. ‫Keith would go back and (sniffs)
‫and come right at you. ‫- I could never wait til the
‫end when I pulled the film ‫and undid it from the roll. ‫Oh my God, there’s
‫that shot of Mick! ‫Is it sharp? Yeah,
‫it’s razor sharp. ‫So, that’s probably one of
‫my all-time favorite shots. ‫- Three weeks later, one of our
‫photos got in Life Magazine. ‫Neil’s path and
‫my path diverted. ‫- Did he tell you
‫about it? Oh okay. ‫- [Todd] At a YES concert. ‫- So after the show, I
‫come out, I’m sweating. ‫- He was fighting to shoot
‫’cause it was an open pit. ‫- Soaking wet, just
‫worked my butt off. ‫He said, “So, what’s up?” ‫- “Ah, it was too
‫crowded, so I just went ‫”and talked to some
‫chicks the whole night.” ‫- He just sorta blew up. ‫- I’m like, “What?” ‫I started yelling
‫and screaming at him. ‫- I’m out there breaking
‫my balls, sweatin’ like a ‫motherfucker, all this, and
‫you don’t even shoot anything? ‫- Look Oliver, if you don’t
‫wanna shoot any photos ‫anymore with me,
‫just let me know. ‫- I said, “You know
‫what, that’s it man.” ‫- I didn’t think he
‫was gonna say that. ‫I was like, “Oh no, I
‫wanna keep on working.” ‫- In any event, we ended it. ‫(hard rock music) ‫♪ Illumination comes so hard ‫♪ Makes me see but
‫it leaves its scars ♪ ‫♪ At times I wish that I
‫didn’t know what I know now ♪ ‫♪ Thought and thought
‫until I lost my mind ♪ ‫♪ Looked and looked
‫until I went near blind ♪ ‫♪ The path is fair
‫but so unkind ♪ ‫♪ Illumination ‫- I thought literally,
‫when me and Todd broke up, ‫I thought I was done. ‫- 40 years down the road,
‫we’re still friends. ‫- I hooked up with
‫a writer back then. ‫It was a friend of
‫mine, Steve Rosen. ‫So here’s Steve right there. ‫He looks a little different. ‫- He has been sort
‫of my champion ‫literally since
‫the day I met him. ‫If there was ever any
‫work, he would call me, ‫to be around him, made
‫me a better writer. ‫I mean, I feel like, oh my
‫God, look at these photos ‫he shot, I mean, the story’s
‫gotta be up to that level. ‫He knew people,
‫he knew magazines. ‫He would make calls for
‫me, he would open doors. ‫He was really supportive of me. ‫I’m really lucky to know him. ‫I’m lucky that he likes me. ‫- He knew we were
‫building this new company ‫called “Mirage” and I was
‫always looking for people ‫with great eyes that
‫were smart, aggressive, ‫and had a personality. ‫- Barry, to me, single
‫handedly changed the face ‫of rock and roll photography. ‫- Most photographers were
‫capturing a great moment, ‫whereas Barry was
‫designing a moment. ‫- Barry taught me
‫how to basically ‫use a band’s body language
‫instead of four guys ‫standing like (moaning). ‫- He was perfect. ‫He came in right after
‫I was doing Motley. ‫- There’s early Motley. ‫This is before “Shout At
‫The Devil” was released. ‫- I mean, I did everything on
‫”Shout At The Devil” with them. ‫- Musicians aren’t models. ‫In general, they don’t
‫know how to pose. ‫- We’re posing,
‫right? I’m all… ‫He said, “Michael,
‫lift up your chin. ‫”You look like
‫fuckin’ Meatloaf.” ‫- I want someone to
‫give me direction. ‫Obviously, I’m not a
‫professional model. ‫- Give me a little lean Lindsey, ‫everybody in my
‫face, that’s perfect. ‫That’s great, spread
‫this leg a little bit ‫’cause I wanna see
‫a little light here. ‫If you go like this,
‫you’re gonna look like ‫you have one leg, yeah,
‫that’s good right there. ‫Courtney, cock your head. ‫- He does not let
‫things just happen. ‫Everything in the frame, ok, is
‫because it had to be there. ‫The persons tilt of their chin. ‫- [Neil] Give me a little
‫fuckin’ attitude brother Zakk. ‫- I want you to give
‫me attitude, I want
‫ya to lean forward. ‫Just lean in my face,
‫come on, more, fucker! ‫- With a person standing
‫behind and a person ‫standing in front, every
‫single person in a frame. ‫Neil doesn’t just hit the
‫trigger and get a picture. ‫He tells them what he wants. ‫- [Neil] Zakk, come on, bring
‫your leg up a little bit Zakk. ‫You’re hangin’, put that
‫little foot and ankle in ‫a little more, now bring
‫the back one towards me. ‫There we go, that’s better. ‫Looking good guys. Here we go. ‫Joe, try to get it that the
‫headstock’s not going in his
‫chin. ‫I don’t care what you guys do ‫as long as you got instruments. ‫As long as you don’t
‫mind the face like that, ‫you like it like
‫that though, right? ‫- Yeah, it looks fuckin’ badass. ‫- [Neil] That’s
‫great right there. ‫- Before he shoots the
‫frame, he knows exactly ‫what he wants it to look like. ‫He knows what he’s after
‫and he knows when he has it. ‫So when he has it, he doesn’t
‫have to continue shooting. ‫He doesn’t really
‫need me at all. ‫He can do it all by himself but, ‫when we work together,
‫it’s just that much more ‫that we can accomplish together. ‫We really are a very
‫close knit team, ‫almost as if it was like
‫a pit crew for a race car. ‫- Quarter inch, chin
‫up, quarter inch. ‫- Yeah, chin up! ‫- [Neil] Chin up a
‫little, go back this way ‫a little with the face. ‫Turn the chin. ‫- Dude. ‫(laughing) ‫- You know I don’t
‫even have any film ‫in this camera, right? ‫I don’t really say,
‫”Put your chin out.” ‫I usually go, “Stick
‫your chin out.” ‫It’s not because, I
‫don’t like that look. ‫It’s like, “Hey man,
‫give me your money man. ‫”I’m gonna a knife ya” ‫- Give me that “fuck me look”. ‫It works just as well on
‫men as it does on the women. ‫- That’s good, you knw my
‫motto:, ‫”Feels alright when it’s good
‫and tight.” ‫(laughs) ‫People come up to
‫me in this day and age, ‫I don’t know what they’re
‫thinking but they’re like, ‫”Hey Neil, so when you do
‫a session in the studio, ‫”how do you know what to put
‫your camera settings in.” ‫Well, you use a
‫flash meter, duh! ‫Light meter. ‫- Just like Neil directs
‫the motions to the person ‫and what they should be
‫doing in front of the camera, ‫he also is definitely directing
‫the direction of the light. ‫- This guy really knew
‫what he was doing. ‫His lighting was impeccable. ‫- Now I learned stuff from him. ‫He was very good which
‫I’m sort of ok on, ‫at very simple lighting and
‫making it look more than it is. ‫- His lighting
‫technique, awesome. ‫Takes 10 years off any face. ‫- I always liked using one light ‫’cause that’s what mother
‫nature is, one light, the sun. ‫Here we go guys. ‫Paul, pay attention,
‫stand up a little. ‫- He knows the sun, he
‫knows the power of the sun, ‫the power of light. ‫- So if they’re blurry,
‫you don’t care right? ‫OK, hold this. ‫- He didn’t look
‫like a photographer. ‫- First, I was like, “Don’t
‫leave me alone with this guy.” ‫- And he had an afro
‫like Neil Schon, ‫ya know, like in the Journey
‫days, this big, big afro ‫and mustache. ‫- Some girls are like,
‫”Neil, if you grow ‫”the Jew-fro back,
‫I’ll fuck you.” ‫- And especially after a
‫week or a couple of weeks ‫being out with us, he
‫looked worse than a lot of ‫the fans sitting out there. ‫- When I first worked with
‫him, he had this shaggy, ‫curly hair and he wore
‫these different T-shirts ‫with holes in them and shorts ‫and his motorcycle boots. ‫I looked at him and
‫I went, “Oh my God.” ‫- Once I had to shoot actually ‫one of my favorite actors
‫which people may laugh, ‫but I think the guy is
‫fantastic, Steven Seagal. ‫He looks at me and he gives me
‫the once over and he goes, ‫”Man,” he goes, “You
‫look like shit.” ‫And I go, “Look, I don’t
‫have to look good. ‫”I just gotta make
‫you look good.” ‫- What I noticed when I
‫did my first photo shoot ‫with him was, I felt very
‫comfortable because he doesn’t, ‫there’s no treating
‫you differently
‫because of who you are. ‫- Huge stars, like I’ll
‫be recording and I’ll see ‫Paul Stanley walk up to
‫Neil going, “Hey man, ‫”I need those photos.” ‫Like, “Paul, you’re
‫gonna have to wait ‫”’cause I have this going on.” ‫Ya know, he’s talking to
‫Paul Stanley like that. ‫And Paul’s like, “OK.” ‫- Some bands are nervous. ‫They usually think I’m some
‫old guy with a suit and tie ‫’cause you know, I’ve
‫been doing it so long. ‫They think I’m like 200
‫years old and ya know, ‫gonna have a cane and a
‫walker or something like that, ‫but you know, they come to my
‫studio and I just treat them ‫like anybody else. ‫- If you’re incompetent,
‫Neil tends to treat you– ‫(phone ringing loudly) ‫Get your phone, God damn it. ‫- [Neil] I got it, God damn it.
‫”Studio!” ‫- When you’re with him, I don’t
‫care who the hell you are, ‫you are getting the
‫authentic individual. ‫- You ever get an
‫email from him? ‫- Doesn’t give a
‫fuck what he says. ‫He will say anything to anyone. ‫- He’ll write one line
‫in capitals with like ‫20 exclamation
‫marks, in red, bold. ‫It’s like he’s yelling at
‫you from behind the camera. ‫- That’s the best
‫way I can put him. ‫He’s just the most straight
‫up person on the planet. ‫- I have no second thought about ‫getting in someone’s face
‫and reaming em a new butthole ‫if they deserve it. ‫- If he’s in his mood, oh
‫man, he can fuck you up good. ‫You know, I own a
‫couple restaurants. ‫If he’s not feelin’ it, if
‫something’s slightly off, ‫I’m gonna hear
‫about that one plate ‫for the next two fuckin’ weeks. ‫- Working for Zlozower
‫was “Hell’s Photography”. ‫- He had me assist him
‫on a couple of shoots ‫and he was really hard
‫on me and he made me cry. ‫- If you could
‫survive this boot camp ‫and you didn’t sissy out,
‫it’s gonna make you tougher. ‫- He was a mean bastard. ‫- I had that look on my face,
‫like a little puppy dog, ‫”Don’t yell at me”. ‫And he never did. ‫- I don’t think he would’ve
‫been as tough with me ‫if he didn’t want me to succeed. ‫- Ya know, in hindsight, it was ‫such a good working experience. ‫- I absorbed two years of
‫really fantastic knowledge ‫from somebody that
‫was my mentor. ‫- Told me if you can work with
‫me, you can work with anyone ‫and it was 100% true. ‫- The both of us really
‫worked well together ‫because he was such a
‫perfectionist and so was I. ‫- Ya know, when you’re
‫doing a photo session, ‫he starts yelling at
‫ya if you’re not doing ‫what he thinks you
‫should be doing. ‫”Hey, come on Anthony. ‫”Let’s have a big
‫smile, do this or that.” ‫- But I think at the end of
‫the day, hopefully they respect ‫me more ’cause most of the
‫people that I deal with, ‫no one speaks their mind and
‫everybody’s scared of em. ‫And they, “Oh, Gene Simmons,
‫Paul Stanley, Eddie Van Halen.” ‫- He will tell you right
‫away, “You look like shit. ‫”Get back in there and
‫fuckin’ tighten up.” ‫- I don’t ever see Neil being
‫disrespectful to somebody ‫who can hold their own. ‫- Like Steve Vai once said, ‫”There’s no stop
‫valve on my mouth.” ‫- There were stories. ‫- “You’re gonna wear
‫that crap in this shoot? ‫”Really? You’re gonna
‫look like that?” ‫- Ya know, he
‫terrorizes his subjects. ‫- I’m like, “Yeah, I’m
‫sorry sir, what do I do?” ‫- He yells at ya until
‫you throw a cymbal at him ‫or ya drop a bass. ‫He’s taken many pictures
‫of me where I just ‫drop my guitar or throw it down ‫and it turns out
‫to be a great shot. ‫- This is normal, when
‫you’re behind the camera ‫with Neil Zlozower, this
‫is what you’re hearing. ‫”Come on Vai, fuckin’
‫give it to me. ‫”What’s wrong with you? Chin up. ‫”Chin up, I said. ‫”What, you don’t hear me? ‫”Think about what you’re doing. ‫”Look here, look
‫here, no no no.” ‫- [Neil] Don’t lean back,
‫always lean in my face. ‫- Don’t move. ‫I said don’t fuckin’ move. ‫- Don’t move. ‫I have longstanding
‫relationships ‫with a lot of the bands I shoot. ‫I may abuse em and thrash
‫em and make fun of em. ‫You guys are losin’ it, give
‫me some fuckin’ animation boys. ‫This is The Struts,
‫not The Sleepers. ‫But they know at
‫the end of the day, ‫it’s all for me to try
‫to get what I’m trying ‫to get out of em. ‫- When you shoot
‫with somebody else, ‫we’re like, “Hey, where’s
‫the Zlozy attitude, man? ‫”Come on, you’re not
‫pushing us to do anything. ‫”You’re just going, OK
‫guys, get together.” ‫- Well, you gotta know what
‫you’re getting into with Neil. ‫- If you’re too
‫thin-skinned about yourself, ‫then don’t go work with
‫Neil ’cause he’s gonna ‫get something out of you that
‫another photographer won’t. ‫- He can be very annoying
‫during a photo shoot ‫’cause he talks the
‫whole time and he’s like, ‫”Do this, do this.” ‫- Neil went that
‫extra little bit ‫that sometimes would
‫piss the shit outta ya, ‫but he got the shot, ya know? ‫Then we’d all go out
‫and get fucked up. ‫- Studio shots of
‫musicians, for me, ‫are the most boring photographs. ‫Bunch of dudes with ya know,
‫long hair standing there ‫looking into the camera. ‫Not Neil, he’d scream
‫at em and tell me like, ‫”You fuckin’ ugly fucks.” ‫You know, he’d get
‫something outta nothing. ‫And the energy that
‫he got in the shots, ‫they came from him. ‫So the energy, he’s
‫like, “Come on, let’s go. ‫”Come on, let’s go, let’s go. ‫”Yeah, that’s it, you got it! ‫”Let’s get a fan. ‫”Let’s get smoke. ‫”Let’s start you on fire.” ‫- This book says “Fuck You.” ‫That’s a Zlozower book. ‫This says everything. ‫- I’d end up going,
‫”Neil, you fucker.” ‫- Because it was pushing
‫it to the extreme which is ‫who he is and keeps it
‫lively and animated. ‫- Because he’d always be
‫pulling some kinda shit. ‫- [Neil] I don’t know
‫where the “Fuck You” book is. ‫He’s got that, you’ve
‫got one of those. ‫- Yeah, yeah. ‫- When you’re on the
‫toilet taking a dump, ‫this is what I tell em is good. ‫- If you go in this
‫bathroom right there ‫and open the door,
‫there’s a “Fuck You” book. ‫- It’s all the rockstars giving
‫Neil the big fuck you. ‫- The “Fuck You” book
‫is classic though. ‫- That’s probably why in his
‫little “Fuck You” book, you know, ‫you got the pictures of
‫everybody flippin’ him off ‫every which way. ‫- Here’s Steven Tyler,
‫1988, in front of about ‫18,000 people just
‫flipping me the finger. ‫- That’s how Neil gets
‫the shots though too. ‫- Funny, I went to go pick
‫up my kids at my exes house ‫and I had that in the bathroom, ‫when you first
‫walk in the house, ‫and I went in there to take
‫a piss, it’s still there. ‫- He’s without pretense ‫and he doesn’t
‫apologize for himself. ‫- He’s who he is no
‫matter who he’s with. ‫- He’s a no bullshit guy. ‫- I remember once, I had
‫some friends of ours, ‫very wealthy, very
‫wonderful, kind people. ‫I introduced them to Neil
‫’cause they were backstage ‫at the same time and I
‫just thought to myself, ‫”This is gonna be good.” ‫This is gonna be good. ‫I mean, it’s a barrage of
‫onslaught of filth and dirt ‫with a comedy edge to it. ‫- He’s like the Don
‫Rickles of photography. ‫- And there he is just going
‫off with his (mumbling) ‫and everything is sex and pussy ‫and, “Oh that guy’s a
‫dickhead,” or something. ‫Ya know, whatever it is. ‫Here’s my friends that
‫are just like in shock, ‫in shock! ‫- I mean, ya know, he
‫screams and he shouts ‫and it’s like the Zlozeroni
‫performances, as I call it. ‫- I never really had
‫a good head of hair ‫for rock and roll anyway. ‫So I could tell
‫working with Neil, ‫he’d give me that funny look. ‫What’s up with
‫your hair, ya know? ‫Years later, when I
‫finally just said fuck it ‫and just shaved my head, he
‫was a real champion of it. ‫- I did a shoot
‫with Joe Satriani, ‫I think it was right
‫after we shaved his head ‫and that was all
‫posted on Melrose. ‫That was pretty darn cool. ‫(upbeat rock music) ‫- He was the one
‫that really, I think, ‫took the best iconic shots of me ‫sort of coming out
‫with that look. ‫Partly it was because I
‫think he was just happy ‫that he got the hair
‫stylist out of his studio. ‫I love the picture that
‫we used for “Crystal Planet” ‫because that was him
‫sort of giving me courage ‫to stick the bald head
‫right into the lens. ‫- [Woman] Where are you today? ‫- Hi, this is Joe Satriani,
‫I’m at Zloz’s place. ‫You told me to say that. ‫- Yeah ’cause he can’t think
‫what to say for himself. ‫- Because he’s not here,
‫it’s easier for me to say ‫”Thank you, Neil”. ‫(laughs) ‫’Cause if I tried to do
‫that to him to his face, ‫he’d probably just blow me off ‫and say, “Ah, get outta here.” ‫- Now say you’re a metal
‫band and you wanna look mean. ‫- I will shoot with him and
‫I’m usually straight-faced. ‫- It’s really hard. ‫- He’ll make me laugh so much. ‫- Chin up, hide the camel toe. ‫- She’s taking her
‫fucking clothes off. ‫(silly laugh) ‫Shouldn’t have done that. ‫Here we go. ‫- I think if you look
‫at all my pictures, ‫most of em, I’m laughing. ‫- You kinda need that
‫because you want people to ‫look themselves. ‫- If you want the look,
‫you have to get over ‫the laughing first
‫to get into the zone. ‫- So, that’s the problem. ‫- My mouth hurt from laughing. ‫I couldn’t take anymore. ‫- I’ve been in photo
‫shoots where it’s serious. ‫Ya know, you’ve gotta,
‫”OK, look a little happier ‫”and give me a little smile.” ‫Where with Neil, a lot
‫of times we can’t use it ‫’cause we’re all
‫laughing in this one. ‫- You gt over the laugh. ‫He’ll bring you up and
‫then you can shoot. ‫He’s really got a
‫method to his madness. ‫- He makes you feel comfortable. ‫- It sounds like it’s
‫all joking but Neil knows ‫how to work, he studies
‫people and he’ll know ‫the right thing to
‫say at the right time ‫to get em to where
‫they are comfortable. ‫- [Neil] No leaning back. ‫- I’m trying to stand up. ‫(laughing) ‫- [Neil] Stand
‫up, motherfucker! ‫- Back in the day, Neil
‫used to like to drink ‫this malt liquor from
‫Mickey’s Big Mouth. ‫- He doesn’t drink on the job. ‫- There was more than
‫one occasion where ‫we’d be shooting, he’d be
‫shooting and all this stuff. ‫- Absolutely not. ‫- Ya know, he’d
‫get a little drunk. ‫Everything’s going
‫along real smooth ‫and I thought, “Ah man,
‫we’re doing a great session.” ‫He’s all, “Ah shit, ‫”I don’t have any fuckin’
‫film in the camera.” ‫- He’s very, very professional. ‫(laughs) ‫- You can’t get much
‫more casual than that ‫when you’re shooting. ‫- Did you put film
‫in the camera? ‫- He gets you to that
‫comfortable part. ‫It was like, this isn’t a
‫photo shoot, it’s a hang. ‫- He was just quick and got the
‫job done. ‫- I’m fast and I’m painless
‫and you’ll have fun. ‫- Neil is an asset, as
‫opposed to an asshole. ‫He’s a good one to work with. ‫(guitar solo) ‫- What’s going on in here? ‫What’s all this nonsense? ‫What’s all this then? ‫Mr. Zlozower, what’s
‫going on in here? ‫- Glen’s got his cock
‫out, everyone look. ‫(laughs) ‫- Neil’s shot of Nugent
‫backstage where he’s kinda ‫grabbing the strings
‫of that big Birdland, ‫kinda glaring at the lens, ‫that is my image of Ted
‫Nugent since I was like ‫in 10th grade to now. ‫- Back then, I was
‫probably shootin’ em ‫and I was all fucked up
‫on Quaaludes or whatever. ‫So I was probably like,
‫”Hey man, (blabbering).” ‫Ya know, if you look at
‫that look on his face ‫and you could see him,
‫he’s gripping those strings ‫and just bending em. ‫I always tell people yeah, he
‫probably was thinking that was ‫my neck and he
‫was strangling me. ‫- Here’s the Zlozower we love. ‫That one’s pretty good. ‫- I remember the reason
‫why I like that photo ‫because when I was younger,
‫living at my mother’s house, ‫I had the same shag carpet. ‫I had the same Garrard turntable ‫and I had the same
‫Marantz amplifier. ‫Spinal Tap. ‫- Oh wow, British group, I’m
‫making up a British group ‫and then, they put these
‫wigs on and I went– ‫- They all came in and
‫they were pretty much ‫just like regular
‫people, ya know? ‫- I said, “Oh, what’s
‫the name of your group?” ‫They said, “Spinal Tap.” ‫I said, “Spinal Tap?” ‫I said, “Oh, cool.” ‫- Once they put on the
‫makeup and the hair, ‫the wigs and so on,
‫they became Spinal Tap. ‫- So I was telling
‫all my friends, ‫”Oh yeah, I’m making up this
‫group called Spinal Tap. ‫”They’re from England.” ‫They looked at me, “Liz,
‫that’s not a real group.” ‫I went, “That’s
‫not a real group? ‫”You’re kidding me! ‫”You mean they’re imposters?” ‫”Yeah, it’s like a joke.” ‫I was so upset, I
‫couldn’t believe it. ‫But ya know. ‫- So, I figure we’ll take
‫you in front of the Whisky, ‫shoot at the Rainbow, we’ll
‫take you in front of ‫the Hustler store, maybe in
‫front of the tattoo place, ‫trying get the lights all behind
‫you and shit like that. ‫But I don’t want you
‫guys standing (groaning), ‫I want some fuckin’
‫attitude and shit. ‫- I’ve seen him crawl
‫through a dumpster. ‫- Vai said my balls were
‫hanging out and everything. ‫- In shorts and
‫motorcycle boots. ‫- [Neil] He was probably
‫getting excited. ‫- On a blistering August day, ‫to get the shot he wanted, .. of me. ‫- He could be happy but
‫that doesn’t mean I’m happy, ‫so I’ll keep on going
‫til I’m happy in my mind. ‫- There’s not a minute that
‫Neil’s not 100% engaged. ‫- Ya know, I think
‫Neil gives it 110% ‫whether he’s like
‫shooting Led Zeppelin ‫or working on a motorcycle
‫or helping you move. ‫- When I go home and go to
‫sleep, I know I gave it 1,000%. ‫- Neil is like a Marine. ‫He’s able to go
‫somewhere and improvise ‫and immediately
‫adapt and overcome. ‫- Years ago, I
‫remember he said to me ‫that what he wanted
‫to do was be the best ‫rock and roll live
‫photographer there was. ‫- It takes balls to get up there ‫and do what he does. ‫- The photo pit got
‫dangerous with Slayer ‫and Pantera and Anthrax. ‫- I’ve seen so many
‫kicked heads and gashes. ‫- The crowd starts
‫going ape shit. ‫- Stage diving and stage diving. ‫- They started pulling
‫up the seat covers. ‫- And stage diving, after
‫a while, I’m sick of it. ‫- They had metal
‫hinges and springs. ‫- Elbows and stuff
‫like that coming over. ‫- Throwing em towards the stage. ‫- Sometimes, if you see it
‫coming, you try to want– ‫- I’m like son of a bitch! ‫- You know, they think
‫I’m making a face. ‫I’m not making a face. ‫All of a sudden, ya know,
‫it’s a gash across the head ‫and a boot comes and
‫slashes the poor guy. ‫- I’m more like this
‫trying to fend off things ‫and there’s bodies flying over. ‫- I’ve seen him crawling
‫around in the pit ‫in front of the band. ‫- You’re lookin’ here. ‫- He’s just shooting,
‫he doesn’t give a shit. ‫- He knows to not have
‫the microphone in front ‫of your face when
‫he takes the shot. ‫He’ll go all to the side. ‫He’ll wait for the
‫light to be behind you. ‫He’ll wait til your head
‫is blocking out the light ‫so you get a halo. ‫He knows how to
‫position that stuff. ‫- You get a big boot in
‫the back of your head. ‫- ‘Cause he didn’t see
‫it, he was shootin’. ‫- Ya know, lookin’
‫when to get the spot. ‫- Nailed him, you see this. ‫- Took my elbow and
‫elbowed him in the head. ‫- Like it was a
‫natural reaction. ‫- So after the show,
‫Frankie came up to me, ‫”Hey Zloz, I saw
‫you elbow that guy! ‫”That was great, man.” ‫- A lot of people are too
‫afraid or too timid – not Neil. ‫- If I have any problems,
‫I’m just gonna kick ‫someone in the head. ‫- Most honorable thing about
‫Neil is that he’s unstoppable. ‫- That’s just me being Zloz ‫and the guy deserved it, OK? ‫How many times you gonna
‫jump in and push me, ‫and disrupt what I’m doing? ‫- He was pissed. ‫He got hit and it
‫was really quick. ‫Thank God nobody sued. ‫- After a while, I started
‫wearing steel tip boots ‫in the photo pit. ‫- So we do hardcore photography. ‫Down to the core. ‫- It’s very hard to get
‫a band to make a photo ‫where you look at it
‫and they kind of lean ‫out of the page at you. ‫- It’s not real blood. ‫Why do you call
‫it the “Blood Session?” ‫That was real blood. ‫- [Neil] It was pig’s blood. ‫- Was it? ‫- [Neil] No. ‫- See? ‫We were introduced
‫by Henry Rollins. ‫Said, “Henry, I’m
‫looking for another ‫really good photographer
‫to represent.” ‫He thought about it
‫a second, he says, ‫”Call this guy, he’s the man.” ‫- [Beate] Henry Rollins? ‫- Henry Rollins. ‫No one less than Henry
‫Rollins recommended this guy. ‫- [Beate] Did you
‫know that, Neil? ‫- I knew it after he told me. ‫- Here’s our little
‫Neil Zlozower section. ‫We don’t like to give
‫him too much exposure ‫because it goes
‫right to his head. ‫- Yeah and it goes
‫right to his wallet. ‫- Rollins was right,
‫he is the man. ‫- Like, who hasn’t
‫he photographed? ‫You’re like, he’s
‫kind of the A to Z. ‫- Neil, in my opinion has
‫made people’s careers. ‫- Zlozy is my man,
‫he always has been. ‫- He’s the last of a
‫breed of photographers. ‫I mean, he’d be the Led
‫Zeppelin of photographers, ‫ya know, because those
‫kinda people just aren’t, ‫I mean there’s tons of
‫brilliant photographers but ‫not photographers that
‫would go and put as much ‫heart into it as he did
‫even way back in the day, ‫like I said, to get a shot. ‫- He goes the whole mile, man. ‫- I took a camera body
‫and I took the lens off. ‫So I put the strap
‫around my neck, ‫but I hung the
‫camera body behind me ‫and then I put a neck
‫brace on like I was ‫in a car accident, OK. ‫So I had the neck brace
‫so you couldn’t see ‫the camera strap and then,
‫I had this big long lens ‫because I knew I was gonna
‫be shooting from my seat, ‫so it was this long. ‫So what I did was I took
‫the lens and I stuffed it ‫like right down the
‫crack of my butt here. ‫So it was sort of in
‫my pants but it was ‫stickin’ out here and then
‫I put a big, heavy coat on. ‫So I walked through the
‫front door of The Forum ‫and I was walking
‫like this, ya know, ‫sorta, ’cause I
‫had the lens here ‫so I couldn’t stand up straight
‫’cause the lens was here. ‫I had to arch my back to
‫make sure the lens was there. ‫So I walked in and the
‫guy looks at me and goes, ‫”Neil, what happened to you?” ‫”Oh, I was in a really
‫bad car accident, ‫”I could barely walk but I
‫don’t wanna miss David Bowie.” ‫He goes, “Go on in.” ‫So, got to my seat, off
‫comes the neck brace, ‫out comes the camera
‫body, 300 millimeter lens. ‫That’s probably the show I shot
‫that photo with over there. ‫Hey, you gotta do
‫whatever you gotta do ‫to get the photo, ya
‫know, I was really, ‫back then, I was, gotta have it. ‫Gotta do what you gotta do. ‫- We’d drive all
‫around town sometimes. ‫All around LA. ‫He’d say, “I know this
‫wall that’s got all this ‫”graffiti on it.” ‫And he’d take you
‫there and you shoot on ‫and you’re the only
‫one that he shot there. ‫- So Steve called me
‫up and he had this idea ‫to paint him with silver paint. ‫So, he came and we
‫painted him but the paint ‫that we used, it was
‫like the movie “Goldfinger”, ‫where in the
‫beginning, the girl, ‫they find her dead
‫on the bed because ‫they didn’t leave a place
‫for her skin to breathe. ‫So we painted Steve,
‫basically 90% of his body. ‫He’s running around in underwear ‫all covered in silver
‫paint and he got sick ‫after that shoot. ‫Then, a year later, he did
‫”Ultra Zone”, and once again, ‫he wanted to do the paint thing. ‫We started off with a
‫little and by the time ‫we got done, he had tons
‫of paint everywhere, ‫all over the studio,
‫on him, on his guitar, ‫on the backdrop, eveything. ‫- That guy works his ass off. ‫He works his ass off. ‫- I remember we went to
‫so many different places ‫with Neil that day
‫and we ended up ‫underneath a parking ramp. ‫I’ll never forget
‫that as long as I live ‫and just how great those
‫pictures turned out. ‫They’re some of my favorite. ‫And the “Iowa”
‫package, altogether, ‫there’s a lot of politics
‫that goes with the art of it ‫and I like it, it’s
‫kinda like it’s cool when ‫art has drama. ‫I like it. ‫- Fuck you! This fuckin’ hurts! ‫- [Clown] Arms straight
‫down Sid, arms straight down. ‫- [Neil] Get that fuckin’
‫mask in my face, hold it. ‫There we go, that’s it right
‫here you fuckin’ animals. ‫Hold it. ‫That’s better, I like
‫that there, that’s sick. ‫Hold it.
‫-I’m not gonna go out
‫front. ‫- That scene is good, hold it. ‫- Taking it back
‫or am I doing this? ‫- [Neil] Hold on a second, guys,
‫ok here we go. ‫- He had a little trampoline
‫brought in for me. ‫- Let’s see what you got. ‫Don’t move – in one, two– ‫So, there was like a
‫series of ads we did. ‫There was a concept. ‫- Allison, you gotta
‫stand right there ‫’cause I gotta have the– ‫- Allison from The
‫Donnas, whom I love, ‫one of the only girl
‫bands I’ve ever liked ‫in my whole entire life. ‫- I’m like on this trampoline
‫thing with my guitar. ‫- So one guy would
‫be doing their thing ‫and the other guy
‫would be filming him ‫with his video camera. ‫- Bouncing up in the
‫air and legs going out and
‫arms and… ‫- [Neil] …two, three ‫Ya know, I’m
‫doing all these air poses ‫and I’m trying not to
‫kick her in the face. ‫I’m going up and my
‫foot’s, dude I’m gonna ‫kick her in the head. ‫He’s like, “Just keep doing
‫it, just keep doing it.” ‫It was kind of a
‫trippy photoshoot. ‫I had never done
‫like aerobics before ‫and a photoshoot
‫at the same time. ‫- I’m more of a music
‫freakazoid than a photographer. ‫- His attitude is
‫very rock and roll. ‫Neil’s the definition
‫of rock and roll. ‫And I think that comes out
‫in his photography. ‫- So if you said to me, ‫”Neil, you could never
‫ever shoot another picture ‫”or Neil, you could never
‫ever listen to music again ‫”as long as you live,” that
‫would be an easy choice. ‫It would be OK, get
‫rid of the photography. ‫I wanna hear music
‫til the day I die. ‫- I know 20 amazing
‫rock photographers. ‫Neil’s different than the
‫rest of them in that way. ‫The rest of them are not
‫as rock and roll as Neil. ‫- He’s synonymous
‫with rock and roll ‫and that’s a big accomplishment. ‫You go around and you ask
‫every artist so you asking ‫people that’ll go like,
‫”Fuckin’ Neil Zlozower, ‫”of course, from Van Halen
‫onward and Zeppelin onward.” ‫Everybody would go
‫like “Neil Zlozower”. ‫There is no bigger honor
‫than to be considered ‫that much of a rockstar. ‫You are a rockstar in
‫your own right, period. ‫- Because his ears
‫are blown out, ‫he gets four inches
‫from your face and goes, ‫”Hey! How are you?” ‫(laughs) “Neil, I’m
‫right here man.” ‫- No one has a
‫problem hearing me. ‫- Hello, I’m Dweezil
‫Zappa and I’m sitting here ‫at Neil Zlozower’s studio. ‫We just shot the cover of
‫Guitar Player magazine. ‫I don’t even know which
‫month it is, do you know? ‫- [Neil] American. ‫- American – Guitar
‫Player magazine. ‫- [Neil] American Guitar Player. ‫- ‘Cause too many
‫nights at the source ‫right there and if that’s not
‫real, I don’t know what is. ‫- The great thing
‫about Neil is that ‫he’s never lost his love
‫of music and rock and roll. ‫- I think it has formed
‫his life and his activity. ‫He’s the moth, that’s the lamp ‫and he kind of flicks
‫around it, bounces off it, ‫but he’s never far from it. ‫(solo drumming) ‫- Make sure you let me know
‫if the flash doesn’t flash. ‫It looks like it didn’t
‫flash on a few of those. ‫I don’t know if I’m
‫shooting too fast or what. ‫Oh, well no wonder, it’s
‫pointed over here, look! ‫- What the fuck, it’s
‫not my fuckin’ job! ‫- [Neil] What the
‫fuck you doin’? ‫- What the fuck are you doing? ‫- I’m like, “Why are some
‫of these really dark? ‫Hold on a second. ‫Come on, we gotta do
‫some more, here we go. ‫They’re lightin’ Declan over
‫there. ‫- Looks great, he needs it. ‫Look at him. ‫Look at that fuckin’
‫guy, look at him. ‫- [banter] … come on more. ‫- [Declan] That’s a
‫stupid question. ‫(laughs) ‫- That’s a stupid question. ‫- What the fuck’s the light
‫pointing over there for? ‫What can you say about
‫Chadius but I love the guy. ‫- Boom! ‫- Isn’t this exciting. ‫- This is great! ‫(cheering) ‫Darling, Chadius darling. ‫- [Neil] Darling. ‫Oh is that good? ‫(laughs) ‫- I love cake! ‫- Three– ‫(screams) ‫OK, OK, I got it. ‫- If you ever are around him
‫for more than five minutes, ‫you feel like you’ve just
‫been boxing 12 rounds ‫with a heavyweight and
‫got hit by a truck. ‫- And it gets tough sometimes. ‫I mean, you know you’ve
‫been around him and Neil ‫is a loud guy. ‫- And you have blood
‫coming out of your ears ‫because he’s so loud! ‫- When I talk, it blocks
‫out a fuckin’ buzz saw ‫or jackhammer. ‫- Seriously, his
‫normal speaking voice ‫is like this! ‫- Hey! Dum dum. ‫Now that’s more fuckin’
‫right, OK come on, ‫give me some fake playing ones. ‫(mouthing drum solo) ‫- He’s probably the
‫craziest, goofiest, ‫funniest person I’ve worked with ‫in my photographic career. ‫So now, he’ll yell
‫at me and I’d just be like, ‫”Fuck you man. ‫”Shut the fuck up.” ‫So I just yell
‫right back at him. ‫And then, actually,
‫he kinda likes that. ‫I think if he’s just
‫like, “Come on!” ‫Hey fuck you Neil, you
‫fuckin’ piece of shit! ‫You fuckin’ asshole! ‫Eat my fuckin’ dick, you
‫cocksuckin’ motherfucker! ‫- Hold on, a little
‫more spit this time. ‫Good, five more and
‫we should have it. ‫- Mm. ‫- [Neil] That’s
‫good right there, ‫do the mm with the mouth closed. ‫Good, good, hold it. ‫- I don’t think we can go up
‫to the Hollywood sign, Chad. ‫- He got dressed in
‫this little loin cloth, ‫something like you’d
‫see Ted Nugent wear. ‫- “You mean like Nugent? ‫”That’s what Nugent does.” ‫I’m like “Eh”. ‫He hooked this frickin’ rope
‫over one of those letters ‫and I was gonna swing. ‫- Back and forth, it
‫looked like he was ‫wearing a diaper. ‫- Frickin’ Tarzan. ‫- I mean, who’s gonna do that? ‫It looks sick. ‫(evil laughing) ‫- Woo! ‫- We got the call, like hey, ‫you’re gonna go to Neil
‫Zlozower’s and do a session ‫with him on his roof
‫where a billion bands ‫have shot an amazing photo. ‫So, we were all a
‫bunch of kids, ya know, ‫still like “Oh my God,
‫we’re shooting photos ‫with Neil Zlozower”. ‫- He just shot Korn on his roof. ‫- One of these billboards
‫right up above the roof, ‫you could climb up, access it
‫from the roof of the studio ‫and there was this one
‫that said “Avoid Wet Stops” ‫and we climbed up on
‫there and did some photos. ‫- I obviously love guitar
‫players and he would shoot ‫a lot of guitar players. ‫Steve Vai, Eddie Van
‫Halen, Zakk Wylde ‫and there was always this
‫infamous shot he would ‫always take and it
‫would be on his roof ‫when the sun was going down. ‫When I got the privilege
‫to have him shoot me ‫for a magazine and then, I got
‫pictured on top of the roof, ‫that’s when I feel,
‫”Oh, I’ve made it.” ‫Here I am at the top of
‫the building, you know, ‫with the famous rooftop and I
‫felt pretty good about myself. ‫(drumming) ‫- [Neil] You even go
‫on the street anymore? ‫You’re so
‫distinguishable, ya know? ‫- Well, normally, I just
‫wear my hair in a ponytail. ‫- [Neil] I was gonna say, well
‫if you don’t wear the tophat ‫and stuff then you
‫know, but you’re pretty ‫easily identified. ‫You drive past em? ‫- Yeah, the hat’s
‫asking for trouble. ‫Yeah, it’s outside. ‫- I didn’t have no
‫clue who Tom Waits was. ‫So I was supposed to go
‫to this office building ‫on Sunset, do a
‫photoshoot with Tom Waits. ‫So OK, I sit down, about
‫three minutes later, ‫I see this guy I thought
‫was some homeless bum ‫walking in off the street. ‫So, three minutes
‫later, she’s like, ‫”Neil, come over here. ‫”I wanna introduce you to Tom.” ‫So she takes me over
‫to the homeless guy ‫and I’m like, “Oh,
‫that’s Tom Waits?” ‫She goes, “Neil, this is Tom. ‫”Tom, this is Neil.” ‫(growling speaking) ‫So we took him out in the
‫alley here and we shot ‫those photos. ‫I did a lot of work
‫with Tom after that. ‫The guy’s a great guy. ‫Shot him many times. ‫- [Declan] After
‫leaving that shoot- ‫- No. ‫I didn’t know any of these
‫photos would ever be timeless. ‫I mean, who back in 1975
‫thought Led Zeppelin photos ‫one day would be worth money ‫or the Rolling Stones
‫or even Van Halen ‫when I was shooting em. ‫I didn’t know that 30 years
‫later, that would help me ‫support my lifestyle, ya know? ‫- We paid Neil to
‫take photos of me. ‫I just took for granted,
‫I own my photos. ‫Only recently did I find out,
‫I don’t own my photos of me. ‫Whoever took the
‫photo owns the photo. ‫I said, “That’s ridiculous.” ‫- Carmine’s a drummer. ‫I love Carmine. ‫He’s not the smartest
‫cookie in the world. ‫- What did you say? ‫- Hey Carmine (laughs). ‫- He probably did and it
‫cost me a lot of money. ‫Millions, I forgot that. ‫He did, yep. ‫I’ll never forgive him. ‫- I got married ’cause I
‫met my dream fantasy girl. ‫- I was working at a hospital. ‫It was the furthest
‫thing from my mind ‫was a long-haired rock
‫and roll crazy guy. ‫- When I met her, I
‫was like oh my God, ‫this chick’s amazing. ‫I gotta hook up with her. ‫- The very first time that
‫I introduced my family ‫to anybody, it was a doctor. ‫And they were like, “Yes,
‫she’s gonna marry the doctor.” ‫- Boring! ‫And then she hooked up with
‫me and she had a lot of fun! ‫- He’s a character. ‫- Met her in 83, 84. ‫- And I think that’s basically
‫what attracted me to him. ‫- Hooked up with her in 88. ‫Got married in 93. ‫- Thank God he’s marrying
‫somebody with a brain. ‫- My son, Zak, came
‫96, and divorced 2002. ‫That’s a pretty
‫long streak for me. ‫- Neil could have
‫anybody he wanted. ‫I know he had his own
‫little groupies even. ‫- When I came home
‫with Neil, I said, ‫”Oh, he’s a rock and
‫roll photographer.” ‫In rolls Neil with
‫his leather jacket ‫and his long curly hair and
‫my whole family just went– ‫- Now we’re getting married at
‫7:00 on the beach in Carmel. ‫- We spent months before this
‫preparing his XKE Jaguar. ‫- She spent about a
‫week and a half packing. ‫- And we were gonna get the
‫car ready for the wedding. ‫We didn’t tell anybody. ‫- The day we were leaving,
‫at nine in the morning, ‫she got down there and
‫the suitcase wouldn’t fit ‫in the boot of the Jaguar. ‫- I had so many clothes. ‫- So now we had to repack. ‫- Reduced it down to nothing. ‫- Well we had about an
‫hour and a half out here. ‫The Jaguar’s just running
‫amazing, it’s purring. ‫- It was a nightmare. ‫- All the sudden,
‫I look at the dash ‫and there’s this
‫little light on. ‫- The Jaguar breaks down. ‫I’m like, “This is a sign.” ‫This is a sign, we should
‫not be getting married. ‫Not only did my suitcase
‫not wanna get in the car, ‫the car broke down. ‫- We had to turn
‫around in Oxnard. ‫- We came back to Los Angeles. ‫We switched cars. ‫- We left here at 12:00. ‫- We ended up being six hours
‫late for our own wedding. ‫- She had some makeup
‫artists that she hired. ‫- She put all kinds of
‫baby’s breath in my hair. ‫- I looked at her, I’m like,
‫”I don’t know if I wanna ‫”marry you anymore.” ‫I mean, this makeup artist
‫was like Grandma makeup. ‫I want, my ex-wife was
‫pretty smokin’, ya know? ‫I wanted smokin’ hot chick. ‫I don’t want an ugly old
‫ya know, Granny Goose. ‫- I ended up redoing things
‫quickly and it was great. ‫It was overcast and cloudy. ‫We get out to the cliff
‫and the clouds all move. ‫They’re gone and it is the most
‫beautiful, beautiful sunset ‫that you can imagine ‫and Neil and I
‫wrote our own vows. ‫It was really, really funny. ‫- I was driving the
‫photographer crazy. ‫I’m like, “Dude, open
‫up the shutter speed. ‫”Why don’t you over
‫expose it a half stop.” ‫- It was a great wedding,
‫it was a great time. ‫It was the simple times. ‫Very simple times. ‫- Like I said,
‫everything changes. ‫So, we did good, I had a good
‫long run with her, ya know? ‫- We loved each other
‫for a long time, ‫but opposites separate. ‫- When they split
‫up, I was like, ‫”Oh cool, now I get like
‫two houses, two rooms, ‫”all this stuff.” ‫My Dad teaches me
‫about business ethics ‫while my Mom teaches
‫me about care and love ‫and all that stuff. ‫She’s a mom. ‫- We’re really close. ‫I love him to death. ‫He’s the love of my life. ‫- She’s like the best mom. ‫- Oh, little Zak,
‫he’s awesome man. ‫- When my kid was
‫younger, they’d go, ‫”Oh, he’s so cute,
‫what’s his name?” ‫I’d go, “His name’s Zak.” ‫”Oh hi Zachary.” ‫I’m like, “No, no,
‫no, his name’s Zak.” ‫- Me hangin’ out with him, ‫playing guitar and stuff
‫like that, yeah totally. ‫- I named my kid Zak
‫Zlozower basically after ‫Zakk Wylde. ‫- He loves Zak, there’s
‫no doubt about that. ‫- I was fortunately raised
‫with a silver spoon. ‫- He was the coolest
‫dad, like ever. ‫- I took everything for granted. ‫- This is a good like long
‫distance cruising car, ‫ya know, when I go to Monterey,
‫this is our car of choice. ‫- I think I was like 16 and
‫we’d always go to Monterey ‫every year and we
‫were driving the car ‫and it’s like a six hour drive. ‫It’s just a boring
‫part of the drive. ‫All of a sudden, out of nowhere, ‫he’s like, “Zak, I need to
‫talk to you about life.” ‫He’s like, “First of
‫all, this point on, ‫”life’s just gonna
‫get shittier.” ‫- He’s teaching Zak
‫lessons that may be harsh ‫at the moment, but can be
‫beneficial later on in life. ‫- That’s what he started
‫with and I was like, ‫”Oh my God, what are you
‫trying to say right now?” ‫- He’s not the Dad, “Oh come
‫here and let’s talk about it.” ‫- He’s taught me a lot of
‫really, really good things ‫about life. ‫- He’s gruff, he’s rough. ‫- That’s when it really hit
‫me that I needed to start ‫living on my own and
‫start acting like an adult ‫and be mature. ‫- “Figure it out!” Ya know? ‫- He doesn’t take
‫any shit from me. ‫- That’s Neil. ‫And he’s really gruff. ‫- Oh, you leave the
‫lights on in the bathroom, ‫that’s $10 you owe me. ‫- There’s a lot of shell. ‫- Who should eat that? ‫- He treats me basically
‫like a roommate. ‫- It’s fine. ‫We’ll give that to Zak. ‫(laughs) ‫- Sometimes yeah,
‫he could be a dick. ‫It’s hard for that
‫guy to say sorry. ‫- All you have to
‫do is make sure ‫that this is in the shadow. ‫- I know, I was doing that. ‫See look, it’s in
‫the shadow right now. ‫- There, see? There. ‫- I fucked up, like
‫when he says that, ‫it puts a smile on my face. ‫- Photography is his
‫way he makes a living. ‫Cars is, that’s his passion. ‫(upbeat rock music) ‫- My dad’s been loving
‫cars ever since like, ‫way long before I
‫was even a thought. ‫Like a thought in God’s head. ‫♪ Sometimes the truth
‫cuts like a knife ♪ ‫- Enzo Ferrari said
‫this was the most ‫beautiful car ever
‫made and he made some ‫pretty nice looking cars too. ‫- It took him God,
‫I wanna say 20 years ‫to get that car running. ‫- Took the car apart in 1977. ‫Here’s me building the Jaguar. ‫That’s the Jaguar. ‫- There’s one thing in his
‫life that he put more love ‫and sweat. ‫- I mean, every nut and
‫bolt, I took apart this car. ‫I don’t even know
‫how I finished it ‫’cause I took it apart
‫in sort of my hay day. ‫You know my motto, feels alright
‫when it’s good and tight. ‫- He was into that car. ‫(upbeat rock music) ‫(engine revving) ‫- [Neil] That’s good,
‫Steven, hold it. ‫Right here. ‫Good, hold it, hold it. ‫Steven, hold it. ‫- Late 82, early 83,
‫we do our six song EP ‫and we do the
‫photo session here. ‫For the cover, we
‫had Tawny Kitaen. ‫We wanted her legs. ‫We came up with the concept
‫and we wanted to get ‫rats on her, ya know, five
‫rats as the band members. ‫So, we called a company
‫called “Rent-A-Rat”. ‫- I’m like, “Rent A Rat”, there’s
‫a place that rents rats?” ‫- OK, when I count
‫to three, ya know, ‫Zlozy’s all, throw the
‫rats on her and then we’ll ‫collect em and then
‫we’ll keep doing it ‫til we get the right shot. ‫The crazy thing about
‫that EP photo session was ‫if you look at the photo, on
‫Tawny’s legs, there’s six rats. ‫Somehow, another rat
‫got thrown in there ‫or we found somewhere. ‫Which is crazy, because
‫we only rented five. ‫- I used to have a pet rat. ‫It was probably one of
‫the best pets – I had ‫fish and turtles and
‫lizards and hamsters ‫and dogs and parakeets
‫and canaries, ‫but literally, rats were
‫probably the best pet. ‫Go see Emma, there she is. ‫Oh, you can always go
‫(dog barking). Emma! ‫- His love for animals,
‫his love for prostitutes, ‫I mean, it’s awesome, he’s
‫just got a heart of gold. ‫- Yeah, this is the
‫Zlozower Zoo, yeah. ‫- Dude I can’t travel,
‫I got sick animals. ‫- Yeah, he’s got a pet
‫hospital going for sure. ‫- Oh yes. ‫Yeah, Comando. ‫Comando, well the story
‫is behind Comando. ‫- Comando came from
‫an exiled Zakk Wylde. ‫- We called it “Exile
‫On Zloz Street”. ‫- Zakk was living at the
‫house here for like a week. ‫- The immortal beloved,
‫she wasn’t too happy ‫with my drinking shenanigans. ‫- I guess he was
‫bored one day maybe ‫and he went down to
‫the Beverly Center. ‫- To buy another
‫Rottweiler for his house. ‫- This little guy was in
‫there and he was just like ‫shivering and shaking and
‫I was just lookin’ at him. ‫He was with all these other
‫dogs and just lookin’ at me ‫like “Oh please, for the love
‫of God, get me outta here”. ‫- He walks in with
‫this little thing ‫that looks like a rat. ‫- Which, if I remember right,
‫was many thousands of dollars. ‫- Then, we had him at Neil’s. ‫- Zakk leaves the next
‫day without the dog. ‫- I was just like, “Zloz, I
‫want you to have Comando.” ‫He’s had Comando ever since. ‫So ya know, he pisses his
‫bed, craps all over the place. ‫- It was sick all the time. ‫- We had to shoot this medicine
‫down his throat every day. ‫- One, two, three. ‫Open up. ‫Don’t push me away, come on. ‫Open up. ‫Open up, come on. ‫I don’t think I got much,
‫I got more than him. ‫He’s gotta get more. ‫- We’d had this bucket of
‫paint and we’d walk outside ‫my room and his whole face
‫would be covered in green paint. ‫- Shit, see? ‫Come on. ‫Then we came out again and then, ‫after we wiped off his
‫face, it was green again. ‫He found it and he got to it. ‫He just liked eating
‫paint, I guess. ‫- But he’s like the
‫best guy in the world. ‫Ya know, he has the
‫greatest life ever ‫’cause he’s hangin’
‫with Zloz all the time. ‫- He just told my Dad
‫to keep the guitar ‫and same with Comando. ‫(laughs) ‫- My animals are
‫my best friends. ‫Well, (laughs) can’t
‫go about my cat ‫’cause my ex-wife doesn’t
‫know I have a cat. ‫I said, “Hey Zak,
‫Daddy’s lonely. ‫”I think I’m gonna get a cat.” ‫So he went home and told Bongo. ‫- Bongo, I had no idea
‫where that came from. ‫- “Hey mom, Dad’s
‫gonna get another cat.” ‫She goes, “What the
‫fuck do you mean ‫”you’re gonna get another
‫fuckin’ flea bag cat? ‫”Don’t you know our
‫son’s allergic?” ‫- Apparently I annoy him ‫where it sounds like there’s
‫bongos going off in his head. ‫(laughing) ‫Part of me is proud of
‫that because somebody ‫has to get in his head
‫and give him bongos. ‫- We would take these
‫dogs for a walk. ‫It was like a comedy show and
‫Neil was totally fine with it. ‫I’m like, so do we
‫just lift the dog? ‫What do we do here? ‫They’re both totally slow. ‫So it’s like just going down
‫one road took like 30 minutes ‫and then to top it off,
‫Neil has to stop and talk to ‫every neighbor. ‫- They give me enjoyment
‫that no other human being ‫can give me that same
‫type of enjoyment. ‫- He’s so tough and trust me, ‫I’ve been through
‫the mill with him. ‫But I think he’s got
‫that really tender heart ‫deep down inside. ‫- Underneath all that
‫salty, cooky kind of ‫exuberant attitude and even
‫aggressive visceral attitude, ‫there’s really a very,
‫very warm sensitive, ‫incredibly sensitive guy. ‫- There, I said it,
‫so fuck you Neil. ‫- Then it was always– ‫- An Asian chick. ‫- Asian girls. ‫- Yeah, Asian ladies. ‫- I don’t know that Neil
‫has ever dated a lady. ‫They may become
‫ladies, but not today. ‫- Definitely loves Thai women. ‫- Yes, that’s top on the menu. ‫All the time. ‫Asian cuisine. ‫- Ya know, it’s like
‫I like the color pink. ‫He likes Asian. ‫(giggles) ‫- I have my girlfriend
‫in Thailand. ‫- I like exotic girls. ‫I don’t want white
‫American anymore. ‫I was married to one. ‫Their thinking in my
‫mind is sort of fucked up. ‫I used to walk down the
‫street with my ex-wife ‫and being a photographer,
‫look, if you walk ‫down the street, if
‫you see something ‫that catches your eye– ‫- You could just see
‫that look in his eye. ‫He gets this– ‫- You have to look before
‫you know what it is. ‫So, it could be an old lady,
‫it could be an old man, ‫could be a fat lady, a fat guy. ‫- Did you see that over there? ‫- So every time I’d look,
‫if it just happened to be ‫a hot chick, I’d get, ‫”Oh, I never saw
‫your head move so fast. ‫”You want me to take
‫you to the hospital? ‫”You must have a broken neck. ‫”I’ve never seen
‫it move that fast.” ‫- He’s like a little old lady. ‫- One day it backfired
‫’cause we were sitting in ‫one of my cars and we
‫were stopped at a light ‫and I look over and
‫here’s this hot chick ‫driving a 911 Porsche. ‫So I looked at her
‫and then I’m like– ‫I could feel here,
‫Bongo glaring at me ‫like steam coming
‫out of her head ‫and I didn’t look at her. ‫I finally looked
‫at her, she’s like, ‫”Oh, you like that girl, you
‫wanna go out with her huh? ‫”Excuse me, excuse
‫me, he likes you ‫”and he wants to
‫go out with you.” ‫- The girl was like, “OK,
‫let me write my number down ‫”and give it to ya.” ‫Well she never pulled
‫that trick again. ‫- There weren’t a lot of girls. ‫It was just me for
‫all those years. ‫- Kyoko’s Asian. ‫- Back in the day, I thought
‫that Neil is kind of like ‫a bad, horny photographer ’cause ‫he was hitting on my friend
‫and he sort of screwed her. ‫- I just think
‫he’s done with it. ‫He’s got a really
‫nice girlfriend. ‫I mean, it’s a long distance
‫relationship or whatever. ‫- He’s much better
‫person than I thought. ‫- Kyoko is probably the
‫nicest, sweetest girl ‫I’ve ever met in my whole life. ‫- My image of him started
‫to change ever since. ‫- Oh, look who it is. ‫- He said, “You know, I
‫don’t wanna cheat on her ‫”’cause she’s just the
‫nicest person I’ve ever met.” ‫I’m going, “Is this Neil?” ‫- We started to talk a lot. ‫We went out to dinner and then, ‫I think I fell in love with him. ‫- [Neil] Awe, she’s so pretty. ‫So nice. ‫- That’s who I like to
‫think he is, ya know, ‫because she’s so nice. ‫I don’t wanna do that to her. ‫So that’s a huge change. ‫- My body right now is changing. ‫Unfortunately, it’s
‫getting older and uglier. ‫- The Neil that walked in
‫this studio a few minutes ago ‫was not the Neil I
‫met 30 years ago. ‫- I’m beginning to understand
‫that he’s really honest ‫and good person. ‫- He’s always been the playboy. ‫He’s always been
‫with different girls, ‫like a lot of girls. ‫Now he’s settled down
‫but he’s still the same. ‫He doesn’t cheat, or like
‫I said, he doesn’t lie. ‫He’s a good, standup dude. ‫- But the one thing
‫that has stayed the same ‫is his love of
‫young, exotic girls. ‫That’s never changed.
‫(phone ringing) ‫- [Neil] Clown was at
‫my house one night. ‫- And he was telling
‫us that he had lost, ‫basically a rubber. ‫- [Neil] The night before, I’d
‫boned this chick on my couch. ‫- I’m just like this. ‫I’m just like,
‫”Pfft, whatever man.” ‫It’s just Neil. ‫- [Neil] I couldn’t
‫find the rubber. ‫It just disappeared. ‫- They were eating oysters
‫and then all of a sudden, ‫he’s like, “Oh my God,
‫there’s that rubber.” ‫He goes down. ‫- Oh Neil, oh my God! ‫- And right under
‫my buddy’s leg, ‫he grabs the rubber
‫and he picks it up, ‫he’s like, “I knew!
‫I knew it fell off.” ‫- I go, “Oh, I was wondering
‫what happened to that.” ‫- I don’t know where it
‫went and then there it was. ‫It was the most disgusting
‫thing as we’re trying ‫to eat fuckin’ oysters. ‫- I don’t know why
‫it was up his butt. ‫- My friend got up and
‫walked out of his house ‫and walked home and I
‫just laughed so hard ‫and I guess what I’m saying is, ‫Neil’s the real deal, man. ‫He’s like a rockstar,
‫that’s my friend Neil. ‫I wouldn’t take that
‫back for anything. ‫That’s why I got
‫into rock and roll, ‫to be around people that
‫just are open and cut free ‫and just are just maniacs ‫and Neil is definitely
‫a fuckin’ crazy man. ‫- He’s still a party guy but
‫he still works really hard ‫to this day. ‫He’s in the studio
‫like all the time. ‫He always works on his
‫cars and his motorcycles. ‫I think that gives
‫him some peace. ‫- The Dalai Lama is
‫one of my heroes. ‫He’s one of my mentors in life. ‫- Everything changes. ‫- Nothing stays the same. ‫- Everything changes. ‫- Nothing stays the same. ‫- I can hear his
‫voice right now. ‫- He says that all the time. ‫- Right action,
‫right effect, OK? ‫So, it’s karma. ‫So I try to help people. ‫- [Man] My door’s
‫open all the time. ‫- I know. ‫They’ll probably tell ya
‫Neil’s got a big heart, ‫he helps everybody. ‫Yeah a lot of times, I help
‫people and I get fucked. ‫- If he says he’d do
‫something, he’ll stick to it, ‫but if you, for one of a
‫better word, fuck him over ‫or lie to him and the
‫same is to me, ya know, ‫if you lie to us, you’re done. ‫- I don’t wanna get
‫fucked unless it’s by a ‫hot, young Asian girl. ‫- He’s just always been
‫the same awesome person, ‫same sweetheart since
‫before the Buddhism ‫and then after. ‫- He has like no judgment
‫and he has compassion. ‫I mean, he’s truly
‫like a Buddhist. ‫- When Neil talks
‫to me on the phone, ‫he’s definitely not a Buddhist. ‫- His bark is a lot
‫worse than his bite. ‫I think because he has such
‫a genuine heart of gold, ‫he bites hard. ‫- I come into his studio
‫one time just to visit him, ‫and there’s some guy
‫that looked like he was ‫painting his walls. ‫Later on, I asked, “Who
‫was that guy anyway?” ‫He’s like, “Oh ya know, it’s
‫this homeless guy outside.” ‫That guy ended up
‫spending, I don’t know, ‫I don’t wanna say exactly
‫but I think it was a month ‫on Neil’s studio. ‫- One of the things that
‫was so interesting to me ‫about Neil was in all of
‫his animated, exaggerated ‫expression, he really
‫got the deeper meaning ‫of these incredibly esoteric
‫spiritual principles. ‫- If you sorta remember
‫those two philosophies, ‫everything changes,
‫nothing stays the same, ‫and no one escapes old
‫age, sickness and death, ‫that right there is the
‫beginning of a new you. ‫- And that’s what Neil has
‫always been is the Buddha. ‫But is he a Buddhist?
‫Not a chance. ‫Not a chance. ‫(bike engine revving) ‫- One of the tricks of
‫being a great rock and roll ‫photographer is knowing
‫which bands are gonna be big ‫before they get big. ‫- I just shot the biggest
‫bunch of fuckin’ assholes. ‫- Neil, this is Kurt, Kurt
‫this is ya know, Neil. ‫- I said, “What was
‫this band called?” ‫- “Nirvana! You
‫ever heard of them?” ‫- He was like (blabbering). ‫They basically just ignored me. ‫- He goes I didn’t
‫even finish the roll. ‫I shot six frames
‫and like, “Fuck you!” ‫- After one roll of film, I was
‫like, “OK guys, we’re done.” ‫They were like, “We’re done?” ‫I’m like, “Yeah,
‫nice knowing ya, ‫”meet you in the next world,”
‫ya know, and that was it ‫and it was like, to me,
‫probably the most pathetic, ‫worst photo shoot I
‫ever did in my career. ‫- I got a little glimpse
‫of that with Guns N’ Roses ‫back in 1987 when they
‫came into my studio ‫before they were popular. ‫- He was getting to know
‫Guns N’ Roses which is a very ‫uncooperative bunch of guys. ‫- They really changed the
‫whole rock and roll scene. ‫So after Guns N’ Roses,
‫everybody was more jeans, ‫T-shirts, nasty street
‫vibe, all the hair spray ‫was gettin’ less and
‫less and ya know, ‫they just changed everything. ‫They were really trendsetters. ‫(chattering in background) ‫- I do but then I get
‫bombarded in that place ‫by the people that work there. ‫- Listen, you
‫probably get bombarded ‫every fucking place you go. ‫- Once people started wearing
‫cut off shorts at gigs, ‫(gasps)– ‫- Their response
‫to all that glamor ‫was to come out in
‫combat boots and shorts, ‫but guess what happened quickly? ‫That became a uniform. ‫- The whole industry
‫has changed. ‫The whole industry of the glam. ‫- From the 80s, all the
‫bands like Ratt and Poison ‫would be pointing and they’d
‫ham it up for the camera. ‫You could sell the same shoot
‫to 50 different magazines. ‫I mean, in the 80s, the
‫money was rolling in. ‫- Neil’s seen it all. ‫Ya know, he saw all the
‫transformations and then, ‫when Nirvana come out
‫and The Strip ended, ‫so everyone’s gonna
‫wear flannel shirts now. ‫- Then when the grunge
‫came, it wasn’t cool to ‫be rock stars anymore. ‫I hate my mother,
‫I hate my father, ‫life sucks, I have no money. ‫- It’s OK to be unhappy
‫when you’re poor, ‫but when you sell platinum
‫albums, if you’re still unhappy, ‫then you’re a fuckin’ idiot. ‫- I don’t even shoot
‫photos anymore. ‫- [Man] Well these, which is why ‫I don’t shoot music anymore. ‫Obviously why you don’t,
‫ya can’t make money at it. ‫- It’s rough, ya know,
‫I could make more money ‫going to the 7-11 on the corner ‫and mopping the floors
‫than shooting photos but– ‫- His work ethics are insane. ‫- Well I get outta bed, then
‫I fuckin’ feed the dogs, ‫hop in the shower,
‫take my vitamins, ‫then I start my
‫weights when I come out ‫and clean up dog shit, dog piss, ‫walk them, more
‫weights, more weights, ‫and then go to the studio. ‫Penny. ‫Want to see me ream
‫someone a new butt hole? ‫Being a photographer, only
‫30% is shooting the photos. ‫- Another huge part, huge part, ‫and you cannot learn
‫it from anywhere else, ‫is actually the business part. ‫- This big Russian guy,
‫we drink vodka together ‫and get drunk together. ‫(laughing) ‫- Huge part of this
‫full-time success ‫is actually meeting Zloz. ‫- Igor, ya know, that’s sort of
‫my friend ‫and probably the greatest living ‫live rock photographer
‫on this planet. ‫- He helped me a lot and
‫he’s still helping me a lot. ‫- [Neil] Dude, the guy’s
‫just fuckin’ incredible. ‫I’ll send you a link. ‫- [Man] That’s very high
‫praise coming from you. ‫- He’s helping tons
‫of photographers now. ‫And he loves doing it. ‫- I don’t know if he
‫realizes the respect ‫that people have for him. ‫- Neil never has
‫an air about him ‫that “Hey I’m Neil Zlozower”. ‫- He lets me use his studio
‫and I get paid for the shoots ‫and I’m like, “Neil,
‫I’ll pay you.” ‫He’s like, “Barker, I
‫want you to make money.” ‫- You know, I sit here,
‫I’m on the phone every day. ‫(phone ringing) ‫That I don’t go to. ‫Studio. ‫- [Man] Neil, good morning. ‫- He rings you up, Neil, ‫he’s on the phone and
‫he’s going, “Hold on!” ‫He’s like taking another call,
‫”I’ll be back in a minute.” ‫- OK, go do it,
‫I’ll call ya later. ‫I got another call too,
‫I’ll call ya later. ‫I’m doing my own invoices,
‫I’m writing my own checks. ‫- The guy knew how to make
‫a living in a very difficult ‫and I’d say desperate business. ‫- Now, no one shoots
‫a great photo. ‫What the photographers do
‫now is create an image. ‫- A lot of people his age,
‫once digital came around, ‫they were done. ‫They didn’t wanna figure it out. ‫- He goes, “You’re gonna
‫be digital one day. ‫”You’re gonna be
‫digital one day.” ‫I’m like, “Baret, I’m
‫not gonna be digital. ‫”I’ll never be digital.” ‫- When he had to
‫reinvent his business ‫and reinvent the wheel– ‫- Well, one day I went digital. ‫- He did it. ‫- 2009, I guess. ‫When I basically went
‫pretty much all digital. ‫I was shooting only
‫studio digital for a while ‫and I was still
‫shooting live on film. ‫People were like, “Oh,
‫you must get 10, $20,000 ‫”for a shot on the
‫cover of Rolling Stone.” ‫Yeah right, it’s not
‫even close to that. ‫- Yeah, there is just
‫such value in that archive ‫that Neil has. ‫I really want him to
‫get everything scanned. ‫- Well I’m not scanning
‫in all my work, ‫but I’m scanning, I
‫mean, that will take me ‫til five lifetimes to do. ‫I mean, you’re at
‫my studio here. ‫I have 19 four
‫drawer file cabinets ‫filled with transparencies
‫and black and white negs. ‫- You always need somewhere
‫to back all that stuff up ‫’cause if those electronics
‫fail, then you’re psh. ‫So the negatives
‫are very important. ‫The negatives are
‫really what counts. ‫I need to take care of those. ‫- I’ve moved on and
‫started my photo agency, ‫Atlas Icons, where I
‫license out my photos ‫for the last 45 years along
‫with other photographers. ‫- I’m really honored
‫to be in his collection ‫of people he’s photographed. ‫- What I do now, scanning
‫photos and cleaning up, ‫is the most monotonous,
‫tedious work you can imagine. ‫- All of his photos, from
‫when he started shooting ‫or at least the ones
‫that weren’t destroyed ‫or stolen or never returned, ‫are incredibly
‫documented, touched up. ‫He’s incredibly detail
‫oriented to a forensic degree. ‫- But I actually enjoy it. ‫I consider myself sorta
‫like a plastic surgeon ‫fixing things. ‫- [Man] It’s work, it’s
‫manual labor basically ‫and it’s data entry. ‫- [Neil] At night
‫while you’re shooting, ‫I’m going home and getting rid
‫of dust marks and scratches. ‫(upbeat music) ‫♪ Gonna take me to
‫the promised land ♪ ‫♪ Take me to the promised land ‫- My film’s been handled
‫so much in the past, ‫you gotta remember, this
‫shot here is from 1986. ‫So this thing’s probably
‫been sent to magazines ‫for the last 30
‫years that have been ‫running AC/DC
‫stories or whatever. ‫Back in the film days,
‫before there was scanning, ‫ya know, you’d send your
‫shit out, get it back, ‫you hold it up to the
‫light, it looked fine. ‫But it wasn’t til the
‫digital age where you start ‫scanning this and you can
‫see all the defects or flaws ‫and everything like that. ‫(upbeat rock music) ‫So if I have 100,000
‫photos up there, ‫100,000 photos
‫I’ve done this to. ‫- That’s Zlozower. ‫- Neil’s a great foodie,
‫which not many people know. ‫- I’m electric! ‫Yes I am! ‫I’m your electric man! ‫♪ I’m electric ‫♪ Yes I am ‫♪ I’m electric ‫♪ I’m your electric man ‫♪ Your electric man ‫♪ Electric man ‫♪ I’m your electric man ‫- Cookin’ oysters. ‫- They love it. ‫- You know, he’d go to like
‫Corpus Christi, he’d know, ‫where they go and get oysters. ‫- I think that Dave Lambardo
‫ate about 30 oysters. ‫- He is insane
‫with these oysters. ‫He goes out and he’ll
‫keep doing it all night. ‫- All he talks
‫about to me is food. ‫- God, if I had to
‫put up with him taking ‫three fricking hours
‫to find a restaurant ‫that we can eat at. ‫(upbeat rock music) ‫- Hello! ‫♪ I’m electric ‫♪ Yes I am ‫- Do not forget,
‫through all this whole ‫vortex of noise, ‫underneath it all, the one
‫thing that people forget ‫is he’s a great photographer ‫and that’s a fact. ‫He’s a great rock and
‫roll photographer, ‫that is a fact. ‫- Ya know, I’ve been doing
‫the same thing for 46 years. ‫I’m still trying to figure
‫out what I’m gonna do ‫when I grow up. ‫♪ Electric man ‫♪ Electric man ‫(upbeat rock music) ‫(heavy rock music) ‫♪ Deathbent, warped mind ‫♪ Tripped out, out of line ‫♪ Bodycount rise again ‫♪ Sick and hellbent ‫♪ Broke and twisted ‫♪ The end isn’t far behind ‫♪ Black Mass Reverends ‫♪ Black Mass Reverends ‫♪ Hate Machine ‫♪ Destroy all you seek ‫♪ Kill and rape ‫♪ Trample the weak ‫♪ Never ending stream of fear ‫♪ Sick and hellbent ‫♪ For the end is near ‫♪ Black Mass Reverends ‫♪ Black Mass Reverends ‫♪ Black Mass Reverends ‫(“Black Mass Reverends”
‫by Black Label Society) ‫♪ Black Mass Reverends ‫♪ Black Mass Reverends ‫♪ Black Mass Reverends ‫♪ Black Mass Reverends

10 thoughts on “IN YOUR FACE – The Neil Zlozower Story

  1. THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Been following Neil's work since early VH. Always loved his stuff and wish I could have been anywhere near as good. Thanks for such a great behind the scenes into a great photography influencer's life.

  2. Best Rock& Roll documentary ever!!! A must see! Such an honor to be part of a an ALL STAR line-up of ROCK GREATS!! Neil Zlozower ROCKS!!!

  3. I've watched this documentary 3 times and discover something new each time. Neil's work is of such historic significance to the world of music. Fascinating story about a fun man. Enjoy this film!

  4. What a great and funny way of showing Neil’s work. I wasn’t aware of who he was but I recognized him from the scene on the movie Rockstar. And Igor, who is in this movie, recommended me the documentary. Now I see why I was fully aware of Neil’s work but didn’t know his career.

    Thank you for the hour and a half well spent while watching this. This documentary is just great and seeing all the rockstars in a relax human environment and being so humble praising the guy who portrayed them to who they are now is priceless.

    I’ll be watching again soon over and over again.

  5. I have known the name Zlozower since 1985. I have seen the pictures in all the mags. Zloz is the m'er f'in man! Van Halen is an amazing band but his photos created a mystique about them that made you want to be them. The annoying grind of Neil's voice could trigger the most zen of grasshoppers.. His manic behavior and over the top antics make it impossible to look away. I will watch this again…. Oh, and a bunch of annoyed rock stars love him.

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